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Diggin' It is the seventeenth level and the second level in the fourth warp room in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and the N. Sane Trilogy remake of the second game. Crash finds himself in a snowy environment similar to the boulder chase levels, but it's not boulders that are in the level - it's snow-dwelling bees. Bees will go down to a simple spin attack, so they're not a huge factor here. Crash should be far more careful of the unbeatable sentient statues. There are also mallet-wielding lumberjack lab assistants and red spitter plants, which spit grenade-like seeds and will only fall to a belly flop or a spin from underground.

Crash can dig into the patches of magenta soil throughout the latter half of the level. There's also a secret warp area here which transports Crash to the sixth warp room and reveals the alternative route in Road to Ruin, which is accessible by jumping on the platform that's in the middle of a pit. It is occupied by a spitter plant, shortly after the death route rejoins the regular route.

Crash can also access the second clear gem without completing the death route. This can be done by going down the left split path when the two rejoin, and jumping along the green grass to the left edge of the colossal pit. Crash can then backtrack to the gem, and leave via the exit platform, or backtrack the entire route and smash all the crates if necessary.


Translation of Aku Aku Hints in the Japanese Version[]


Viewing Level[]

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese ばくふん ちゅういほう
Baku fun chi ~yuuihou


  • There are hidden lives in the bonus round. To access them, Crash must jump off of an iron arrow crate, onto the top crate in a stack of five crates, then onto the top crate in a stack of seven crates, and onto some iron crates. These iron crates are completely out of view from the ground, and partially out of view while up high.
  • In a beta version of the game, the soil Crash digs into was grey instead of brown.
    • This is shown in the load/save icon.
  • This is one of five levels in this game where, after completing the bonus round, it is possible to die before the game is finished adding the bonus round crates to the crate total. This causes a glitch where it is possible to get credited with breaking more crates than there are in the level. The other levels in this game where this is possible are Snow Biz, Cold Hard Crash, Bee-Having, and Night Fight. In Crash Bandicoot: Warped, this is possible in Sphynxinator and Flaming Passion.