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Deep Sea Driving (かいてい2まんかいてん lit. 20000 Rotations Undersea in Japanese) is the third race course in Crash Tag Team Racing. It is also the third and last race course located in Mystery Island. It is an underwater track.

Stage parameters


  • Total: 69
  • Gold: 60
  • Silver: 55
  • Bronze: 40
  • Time Limit: 1:15

Fast Lap:

  • Gold: 1:06
  • Silver: 1:09
  • Bronze: 1:12

Rolling Thunder:

  • Gold: 18
  • Silver: 15
  • Bronze: 12

Run And Gun:

  • Total: 36
  • Gold: 30
  • Silver: 25
  • Bronze: 15



The pirate ship, that is seen when players enter the oceanarium, can be turned into a shortcut in Adventure Mode. Belly flopping onto three pads and onto the huge "X" reveals a cannon. By spinning it, the cannon's fuse is set on fire and it shoots a cannonball into the pirate ship, causing it to sink. The sunken ship crashes down onto the track and a door/ramp is revealed before getting to the Poseidon/Trident hazard.


Poseidon/Trident - Poseidon slams his trident up and down and if players crash into it, the cars/clashed cars will explode instantly. The trident is then destroyed. However, it can be destroyed safely by shooting a power-up at it.


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