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The Deathbot is a robot which belongs to the Evil Twins. It serves as the final boss in Crash Twinsanity and has three phases.


Phase 1

The player plays as Nina in the first phase. She must climb and destroy six batteries which power the Deathbot. The Deathbot produces Ant Drones, swipes with it's claws and sprays fire if the player gets too close to it.

Phase 2

The player takes control of Cortex in the second phase. The player must destroy the Deathbot's machine gun and laser cannon by shooting them.

Phase 3

The player takes control of Crash piloting Mecha-Bandicoot in the third and final phase. There is a barrier circling the Deathbot with small gaps in it. Crash must use Mechabandicoot's missiles to hit the Deathbot through the small gaps. After all health is depleted, he saws the deathbot in half with Mechabandicoot's chainsaw arm.


The Deathbot can:

  • Generate ants.
  • Breath fire.
  • Fire lasers and machine gun bullets.
  • Slash at enemies with a plasma sword.



  • The boss battle against the Deathbot and the Evil Twins is the only time where Mecha Bandicoot is played as. However, it was originally going to be playable at the end of Ocean Commotion.
  • With the exception of the Lo-Lo boss fight in Wrath of Cortex and the Mutated Cortex boss fight in Crash: Mind Over Mutant, this boss fight holds the record for the most hit points for all the Crash games with 14 hit points.
  • In scrapped Twinsanity concept, the Evil Twins ride on a giant robot with an ant soldier's head on it and uses Vulcan rifle and bombs. It's possible that the concept is the old design of the Deathbot.
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