Unofficial title
No official name has been given to this subject in any licensed Crash Bandicoot media; as such, a descriptive name was chosen.

Uka Tree concept art.

The Unused Uka Tree Level is a cut level in Crash Twinsanity where Nina must climb a large tree while avoiding missiles from a blimp that has N. Gin's head. It can be seen in the concept art of the game. The level eventually made its debut appearance in Crash of the Titans.

A notable feature is that Nina is grappling onto a lizard, which would be the original item for Nina to grapple on. Another feature is that a cut plant enemy is walking on the platform below Nina. Note that Rusty Walrus is hanging from an anchor coming from the blimp/hot air balloon.


  • This would have marked the first time Nina set foot on one of the Wumpa Islands.
  • And also Rusty Walrus, N.Gin and Uka Uka to be on one of the Wumpa Islands.