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Crash, Cortex and Koala Kong on the train in concept art by Keith Webb

The Cut Train Express Level is a cut level for Crash Twinsanity that was meant to feature both Koala Kong and N. Brio and take place on a massive speeding train.[1]

The level would have taken place in the Tenth Dimension and the train would be speeding towards an area known as the Crate Factory. It was never finalized if the train would belong to Brio or Kong, but Kong was going to be the one piloting the train. The name of the train was going to be either The Koala Kong X-press or The N-Brio Express, depending on the owner.

The level would have begun by Crash and Cortex finding a 2-person handcar and then driving it towards the screen while escaping boulders and eventually the N. Brio monster. They would eventually reach the end of the train driven by Kong and then proceed to make their way towards the front while Brio slowly devoured the train behind them. After reaching the front of the train, a boss fight with Kong would have taken place.[1]

The level was scrapped fairly early on as it was quickly deemed a bit too complicated to implement and the idea was left on the self for a potential sequel.


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