Преузимање (31)
The Cut Test Level, is a test level from Crash Bandicoot. Its use was for Naughty Dog to test things quickly without the need to load a complete (and thus bigger) level.


There are three crates and a TNT Crate. Each crate contains a Tawna token. There is also a floating lab assistant and a spider in the stage. There are some Crash mug textures planted into the ground. If the player collects the Tawna tokens, the player will proceed to the bonus round. Also, Crash turns green on the hill to the left (as a lighting test), just like the hazardous waste in Toxic Waste and Cortex Power. The programmers were testing the lab assistant and spiders to see if they worked the way they were supposed to in this version of the level. Also not shown in-game, but skunk and monkey data is present in the level. It also contains an unused static plant, with green leaves pointing away and with a pink sphere as the flower. Its purpose is unknown.


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