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Unused Hoverboard Level concept art

The Cut Hoverboard Level is a cut level from Crash Twinsanity. This level would have been played in the Tenth Dimension and Crash and Cortex were going to use Cortex's Hoverboard to go through the level. This would have been the only part of the entire game (and the series overall) where Cortex's hoverboard would be playable.

Originally, the ocean of the Tenth Dimension was going to be completely dried up for some unknown reason, and so traveling the areas between the 10th Dimensional Wumpa Islands would have been done by Cortex on the hoverboard with Crash perched on his shoulders. This would have lasted until water would be restored at the conclusion of the Crate Factory level.[1]

Concept art for the level can be viewed in the game's concept art gallery. As shown, Crash and Cortex are being chased by Flying Swordfish enemies through the dry ocean bed in the Tenth Dimension in daytime.



  • There are a few unused hints that would have likely been in this level.
    • Tap Square to shoot laser bolts. Hold Square for a charged shot.
    • Use the left analogue stick to steer the hoverboard. Hold L1 to hover higher and slower.
  • The controllable hoverboard was partly coded into the game. There's a glitch that allows players to ride it after entering the Cortex and Mecha-Bandicoot boss fight.


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