The Cut Crate Factory Level is a cut level from Crash Twinsanity. The level would have taken place in a large factory in the Tenth Dimension where the series' trademark Crates are created on long conveyor belts. The factory would have been located on the Tenth Dimensional counterpart of Cortex Island and would have been in place of Cortex Castle.[1] The train in the Cut Train Express Level was also to be heading towards the Crate Factory.

A new type of crate was to be introduced here; a Time Crate, that would either stop or slow down time, allowing Crash to pass certain otherwise impassable obstacles. A race against N. Tropy, the master of time, would have taken place at the end of the level, with Crash having to utilize the new crates to slow N. Tropy throughout the race. After the race, N. Tropy would be running at such a speed that he would not be able to be stop and would end up running straight through the factory's walls into a huge pile of crates blocking a waterfall. This would have resulted in the water beginning to flow again, filling the Tenth Dimension ocean that would have been completely dry up to that point and allowing further progress through the game.[1]


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