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Craters on Uranus is the fifteenth and final race course in Crash Tag Team Racing and the third and last race track within Astro Land. It is the last track to be unlocked and it is the longest track in the game.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Kraters op Uranus (same as English)
French Cratères d'Uranus (same as English)
German Krater des Uranus (same as English)
Italian Cratere di Urano (same as English)
Japanese ウラノスうらおもて
Uranosu ura omote
Uranus Back and Front
Spanish Pista Tóxica Toxic Track


  • The observatory at the end of the course has an upper path that can be accessed if the player goes to a control panel in Astro Land overlooking the course and pressing the buttons, causing the telescope to knock a ramp down, allowing the players to reach it.
  • This course's name, when pronounced aloud, can be heard as "Craters on your anus". This is most likely a joke from the developers.
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