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This page is a transcription of all cutscenes and lines in the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans.


  • All lines are listed in chronological order of appearance in regular gameplay, except for in-game lines from mutants and Coco's nonspecific lines, which have their own sections at the end of the page.
  • In-game lines that are context-dependent have their triggers indicated in parentheses.
  • Lines listed with bullet points play at random (rather than sequentially) when a given condition is met.

Wumpa Island[]

Tutorial level[]

Opening cutscene[]

Aku-Aku: "Ah, he's sleeping again."

Aku-Aku: "CRASH! Wake up!"

Crash: (Grumbles)

Aku-Aku: "Crash, you can't sleep now, Neo Cortex is at it again!"

Aku-Aku: "He's using the Mojo power of the islands to turn all the peaceful creatures into horrible monsters!"

Crash: (Grumbles)

Aku-Aku: "Crash! You MUST wake up and do something!"

Aku-Aku: "Cortex has captured me!"

Aku-Aku: "Soon, he will control all of the Tiki Masks and their Mojo power!"

Aku-Aku: "Crash, he has taken us to the top of Mount Wumpa."

Aku-Aku: "You must hurry."

Aku-Aku: "There's no telling what Cortex plans to do with the power of the Mojo."

Crash: (whines)

Neo Cortex's first tutorials (gameplay)[]

(At level beginning)
Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Oh brother! Not another tutorial!"

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "You'd better pay attention... if you want any chance of defeating me, Dr. Neo Cortex."

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "If you absolutely need help with Crash's moves, pause the game and select Moves List."

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Now don't bother me again!"

(Collecting your first Wumpa Fruit)
Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Collect Wumpa Fruit to replenish Crash's health!"

(Near Feather Crate)
Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Collect Aku-Aku feathers to protect Crash from damage!"

(Encountering Brat)
Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Use your fists and feet!"

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Haven't you pressed the X or Y buttons yet? Try it out."

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "How do you plan on defeating me if you can't even master a simple punch or kick?"

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Now leave me alone!"

(Encountering an On-Demand Item)
Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Touch On-Demand Items on the touch screen to activate them!"

First boss fight: Intro[]

Neo Cortex: "Oh please, put a sock in it Aku-Aku!"

Neo Cortex: "Crash will never make it here in time to save you."

Neo Cortex: "I've taken very careful precautions!"

Neo Cortex: "I waited until he fell asleep!"

Neo Cortex: "That pathetic hairball sleeps through anything."

Aku-Aku: "Don't be so sure, Cortex."

Aku-Aku: "That so-called 'pathetic hairball' has defeated you before and he'll do it again!"

Neo Cortex: "Hmph! We'll see about that!"

Neo Cortex: "HOW DID YOU!? I... WHAT... GAH!"

Crash: (hoo-hoo)

Aku-Aku: "I told you so!"

Neo Cortex: "I told you so, I told you so!"

Neo Cortex: "No matter. Mutants, eliminate this troublemaker so I can escape!"

First boss fight: Encountering Rhinostrich[]

Aku-Aku: "Crash, free me!"

Aku-Aku: "You need my help to defeat all these mutants!"

First boss fight: Freeing Aku-Aku[]

Aku-Aku: "Well done, Crash!"

Aku-Aku: "Now you must throw me onto the face of one of the mutants!"

Aku-Aku: "I'll give you control of it's unique powers."

Crash: (Wha-haa)

First boss fight: Victory[]

Neo Cortex: "I am so sick of losing!"

Neo Cortex: "Soon, Crash Bandicoot, we will see who makes a fool out of who? Or is it whom?"

Crash: (Who-hoo)

Aku-Aku: "Well done, Crash!"

Aku-Aku: "Now we must quickly visit each of the islands and collect the Mojo power there."

Aku-Aku: "Together, we'll use the power of your enemies against them!"

Crash: (hoo-hoo)

Wumpa Beach[]

Coco's warning[]

Crash: (huh)

Coco: "Crash! I'm so glad I caught up to you!"

Coco: "Someone has turned all the animals in Wumpa Village into terrible monsters!"

Crash: (whimpers)

Coco: "You have to go to the village and save them!"

Neo Cortex's final tutorial (gameplay)[]

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Wha?"

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "What more do you want from me?"

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Do you want me to mention that you can upgrade abilities at the Evolution Kiosk?"

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Or that you can try your luck on the pachinko machine for additional rewards?"

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Well, I won't!"

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "You'll have to figure it out for yourself."

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "Ahhhh."

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "You did it again!"

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "This dreaded tutorial is now officially over."

Neo Cortex (voiceover): "I'll see you in the boss showdown!"

Versus Dingodile[]

Dingodile: Intro[]

Neo Cortex: "Crash knows I'm up to something, so we need to make this quick."

Neo Cortex: "If my super-amazing plan is going to work, I need each of you to do your part."

Neo Cortex: "You, begin construction on the parts I need."

Neo Cortex: "You, begin gathering fuel components."

Neo Cortex: "You, continue using the Mutate-O-Raygun 3000 to turn cute animals into loyal mutants!"

Neo Cortex: "You... uh... Do what you can to slow down Crash Bandicoot."

Neo Cortex: "Alright, let's get moving."

Neo Cortex: "I'll return to my mansion and continue work on my Mojo-Extraction Device."

Neo Cortex: "With it, I will drain these Masks dry!"

Neo Cortex: "Then the mighty CORTEXBOT will become operational!"

Neo Cortex: "Never again will the world mock Neo Periwinkle Cortex!"

Dingodile: Encounter[]

Dingodile: "G'day Crash! I know what you're thinkin'."

Dingodile: "'Oh look, it's Dingodile again... same old, same old.'"

Dingodile: "Well, mate, I have a shiny new gun!"

Dingodile: "And I'm tougher than ever."

Dingodile: Victory[]

Dingodile: "Dah, crikey!"

Dingodile: Loss[]

Dingodile: "Don't whinge at me Crash! You're all wet!"

Nina's level[]

Level begin[]

Nina: "Uncle wants me to use his Mutate-o-Raygun 3000 to turn all the creatures here into loyal minions."

Nina: "He must really trust me to let me do something so important to his plan."

Nina: "I'd better get started!"

Level end[]

Nina: "Wait a minute."

Nina: "I'm not battling Crash Bandicoot."

Nina: "I'm not guarding a valuable resource."

Nina: "I'm not hatching a cunning plan for world domination."

Nina: "I'm... a henchperson?"

Nina: "Euw!"


Nina: "I'm not going to let Uncle make me just another henchperson!"

Nina: "In fact, this whole plan is stupid. I'm going to..."

Nina: "Ah. I'm going to take over."

N. Sanity Island West[]

Versus N-Gin[]

N-Gin: Intro[]

Nina: "Think about it, N-Gin."

N-Gin: "You can't be serious!"

N-Gin: "You can't change the central evil plot like that."

N-Gin: "You're not even on the letterhead!"

N-Gin: "I knew you would come."

N-Gin: "You've made a terrible mess of my factory."

N-Gin: "Or maybe that was the mutants? No matter."

N-Gin: "I'm gonna clean this place up... with you!"

N-Gin: In-fight (gameplay)[]

N-Gin: "Uhh, my spleen!"

N-Gin: "Uhh, my liver!"

N-Gin: "I'll break you like I broke my dad's spleen."

N-Gin: Victory[]

N-Gin: (screams)

N-Gin: Loss[]

N-Gin: "Well, when life gives you lemons, launch forward torpedoes."

N-Trapment Island[]

Versus Tiny[]

Tiny: Intro[]

Tiny: "Crash! You made it through my excavation!"

Tiny: "Did it pump you up? I'M PUMPED!"

Tiny: "That girl came by. She didn't want to work out."

Tiny: "I'm not sure what she wanted, but she sure messed up my groove!"

Tiny: "Since you're here no, we're going to play 'Smash the Bandicoot'!"

Tiny: Victory[]

Tiny: "Ow, that smarts!"

Tiny: Loss[]

Tiny: "Cool, maybe I'll get my own series now."

N-Sanity Island East[]

Versus Nina[]

Nina: Intro[]

Neo Cortex: "Soon, with the Mojo I've collected from the masks..."

Neo Cortex: "With the parts N-Gin has constructed for me..."

Neo Cortex: "With the fuel gathered by Tiny at the excavation..."

Neo Cortex: "And with my niece's mutants running rampant across the Islands..."

Neo Cortex: "I'll be able to complete the CORTEXBOT without Crash interfering!"

Neo Cortex: "Who is it?!"

Neo Cortex: "Oh, it's just my niece."

Neo Cortex: "Nina, how is the Mutate-o-Raygun 3000?"

Nina: "Uncle, this plan is stupid."

Neo Cortex: "What do you mean!?"

Neo Cortex: "With the CORTEXBOT, no one will be able to ignore me."

Nina: "Uncle, a giant dancing robot is hard to miss."

Nina: "But it's not EVIL enough."

Nina: "We should do something really, REALLY evil."

Neo Cortex: "But... my giant robot is an EXCELLENT dancer."

Neo Cortex: "Everyone will bow before its DANCE OF POWER."

Nina: "I don't want to hear about the robot anymore."

Nina: "I'm taking over the evil empire."

Nina: "You're too soft!"

Nina: "N-Gin and Tiny are both with me."

Neo Cortex: "Say what!? No, this is ridiculous!"

Neo Cortex: "You can't take over!"

Neo Cortex: "Please, you're my niece!"

Nina: "Well, at least I'm keeping it in the family."

Nina: "And I have the Mutate-O-Raygun 3000!"

Neo Cortex: "Muhahahahaha!"

Nina: "BLAST! He got away!"

Nina: "Crash, you're just in time!"

Nina: "I'll defeat you and put my evil plan into motion!"

Nina: "With you out of the way, there will be nothing to stop my evil takeover!"

Crash: (huh)

Nina: "Victory will be mine!"

Nina: Victory[]

Nina: "I'll deal with you later, Crash!"

Nina: "My uncle is getting away in the CORTEXBOT."

Crash: (oof)

Nina: "We'll settle this later!"

Nina: Loss[]

Nina: "Be gone insignificant one!"


Outside of Cortexbot[]

Nina: "I can't stop the CORTEXBOT by myself."

Nina: "We can't let Uncle rampage in his giant disco robot, can we?"

Crash: (ohhhh)

Nina: "Let's team up."

Nina: "You fight your way up to the left, I'll go right."

Nina: "We'll meet at the top, and settle this without a giant robot to worry about, kay?"

Crash: (hooo)

Versus Cortex[]

Cortex: Intro[]

Nina: "Uncle!"

Nina: "It is time to put a stop to this!"

Crash: (hee-hee)

Neo Cortex: "Crash, you're siding with her!?"

Neo Cortex: "I thought we had an arrangement!"

Neo Cortex: "Oh sure, I keep trying to kill you."

Neo Cortex: "But why dwell on the past?"

Neo Cortex: "I don't see why you want to bring in someone new."

Nina: "You got yourself caught in the middle, Unc!"

Neo Cortex: "You're too evil for him, and not evil enough for me!"

Nina: "First we'll defeat you, then I'll defeat Crash myself!"

Crash: (ha-haa)

Crash: (grumbles)

Neo Cortex: "Hmm, that doesn't sound all bad."

Neo Cortex: "And, well... I can't possibly take you both on at once."

Neo Cortex: "OK, I give up."

Neo Cortex: "Just make it quick."

Nina: "Great! Crash, you grab my uncle."

Nina: "I'll shoot 'im with the Mutate-O-Raygun 3000. Watch me."

Cortex: Regular ending intro[]

Neo Cortex: "Oh, super."

Neo Cortex: "She led you here, convinced you to help her, and then managed to shoot herself!"

Neo Cortex: "You know, that didn't come from my side of the family."

Neo Cortex: "Since we couldn't remutate you with the Mutate-O-Raygun 3000..."

Neo Cortex: "...We're going to have to do this the old-fashioned way."

Neo Cortex: "With an overly elaborate scheme using an ill-conceived robot and more mutants!"

Crash: (exasperated)

Cortex: Regular ending victory[]

Neo Cortex: "This is not what I wanted to happen!"

Neo Cortex: "Uhhh, I'm out of here!"

Neo Cortex: "Noooooooooooooo! No!"

Neo Cortex: (coughing)

Neo Cortex: "My CORTEXBOT will boogie no more!"

Coco: "Okay wait, he built a giant dancing robot?"

Coco: "And it used the Tiki Mojo as power?"

Coco: "And you had to climb into its brain to smash it?"

Coco: "Ha, sounds like an adventure!"

Crash: (yaa-haa)

Coco: "Well, whatever happened to Nina?"

Crash (confused sounds)

Coco: "I guess we'll find out next time!"

Cortex: Regular ending loss[]

Neo Cortex: "It took fourteen tries, but I finally beat you Crash!"

Cortex: 100% ending intro[]

Neo Cortex: "Ohh. You did it, Nina!"

Neo Cortex: "You defeated Crash Bandicoot! Yoo-hoo!"

Neo Cortex: "None of my other henchmen have ever been able to do that. Not too shabby!"



Nina: "I did not go to Evil Technical College to be a flunky!"

Nina: "You're not evil enough to be my superior, Unc!"

Nina: "I'm taking over, and I'll use this Mutate-O-Raygun to do it!"

Cortex: 100% ending victory[]

Neo Cortex: "This is not what I wanted to happen!"

Neo Cortex: "Uhhh, I'm out of here!"

Neo Cortex: "Noooooooooooooo! No!"

Neo Cortex: (coughing)

Neo Cortex: "My CORTEXBOT will boogie no more!"

Nina: "N-Gin, get the robot back to working order!"

N-Gin: "Yes, ma'am!"

Nina: "Now we're going to do something really fun!"

Nina: "To Wumpa Island!"

Nina: "We've got some pristine nature to smash!"

Nina, Tiny, N-Gin: (laughs)

Cortex: 100% ending loss[]

Neo Cortex: "I won? Quick, somebody take a screenshot!"

Mutant quotes (gameplay)[]

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  • "Frostbite"
  • "Do you want ice with that?"


  • "Sorry I can't talk right now, I'm too busy flexing."


  • "Hippoposterous!"

B. Honda[]

  • "My mind and fashion sense are in perfect harmony."
  • "I'll make you toe the line!"


  • It's stompin' time!"
  • "I try to lose weight, but it keeps finding me."


  • "I need more juice!"
  • "I have lightning reflexes!"
  • "Who pulled the plug?"

Tiki M.[]

  • "Get off my back pipsqueak."


  • "We all have a right to be ugly, but pal — you abuse it."


  • "I'm on fire today!"


  • "You dirty rat!"
  • "I'm going batty!"
  • "Who let the Brats out!?"
  • "I got flim-flam'd."


  • "Whoah, I'm feeling a little jumpy!"
  • "Who did you get permission to look like that?"


  • "Yeehaa!"


  • "I'm goin' hog wild!"

Joe Blow[]

  • "Just be happy I don't have gas!"
  • "I'm so mad my eyes are bulging!"

K. Modo[]

  • "Holy halitosis!"


  • "I feel a tingling sensation - It's my Monkey-Sense!"
  • "I am going bananas!"


  • "I just want to stick my head in the ground."
  • "Watch out for my horn... nose... missile thing."

Witch Doctor[]

  • "A pinch of arsenic, some parsley and glue."

Coco's nonspecific lines (gameplay)[]

Level complete[]

(Destroyed all crates)
Coco: "You destroyed all the crates for this level!"

(Fulfilled Mojo quota)
Coco: "You reached the Mojo goal for this level."

(Found all Tiki Masks)
Coco: "You found all the Tiki Masks for this level."

At the Evolution Kiosk[]

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  • Coco: "Want to spend some Mojo, Crash"?