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This article refers to the Game Boy Advance version of Crash of the Titans. For other uses, see Crash of the Titans (disambiguation).

Crash of the Titans is a game developed by Amaze Entertainment and released for the Game Boy Advance in 2007. It is one of the three portable versions of Crash of the Titans, along with the Nintendo DS and mobile versions. It is the fifth and final installment in the Crash Bandicoot series for the Game Boy Advance. It features its own story merging the DS and console versions.


The story begins with Crash Bandicoot sleeping on a hammock outside his house, however he is interrupted by his father-figure guardian the witch-doctor mask Aku Aku, alerting him that he has taken the magic tiki power from the island to create terrible monsters, meanwhile Neo Cortex and Uka Uka is having a meeting with his lackeys, Dr. N. Gin, Nina Cortex, Tiny Tiger and Dingodile, he announces his plans to waste Wumpa Island with his massive Doominator robot, much to the approval of Uka Uka. However, Uka Uka alerts Cortex that for his plan to succeed, he must go and defeat Crash Bandicoot first. Uka then tells the others he has captured Aku as a trap to lure Crash to Cortex.

Aku Aku guides Crash through the beach, where him and Cortex meet. Cortex reveals capturing Aku Aku was a trap, and they engage in a combat fight, however Cortex is defeated and Aku Aku is freed. Alerting Crash he'll be back and stronger then before. Cortex returns as a failure, much to the dismay of Uka Uka. Uka then announce a plan to replace Cortex as punishment for his failure, and introduces Nina as a replacement to him. With Coco and Crunch still hostage, Crash sets of to save the day.

Crash continues with Aku by his side defeating any monster who gets in his way until they encounter Dingodile on guard. Dingodile stops them not knowing who they are, however quickly works out it is Crash and Aku Aku. Aku alerts Dingo of their new ability to control monsters, however he ignores and they engage in a fight. Once defeated, he is temporally jacked before being left behind. Crash and Aku then find a clue to their next location, Tiki Island, where Crunch is held by Tiny. They then set off and Crash surfs Aku Aku there.

They eventually encounter Tiny. Aku warns Tiny to step aside from Crash and him who have the power of the Tiki Masks, Tiny is infuriated and begins to shout the ways he will crush Crash, teasing that he will never find Crunch. He then attempts to defeat Crash, failing such as the others. They find Crunch imprisoned in a large tough cage, Crash then destroys it's power source freeing Crunch, with Aku being delighted to see him. Crash is upset to have not found Coco, so Crunch tells Crash that Nina holds her captive in her twisted treehouse forcing her to work on the Doominator. Aku then sails with Crash to reach there.

They arrive soon after, however instead of encountering Nina, they encounter N. Gin, who is upset that they invaded his sanctity of sanctimonious sanctum. Aku threatens N. Gin to surrender, N. Gin is annoyed by this and says he only serves Cortex, no one else. The latter causes a battle to engage between the three. N. Gin fails, and Crash and Aku exit the facility, setting course to Nina's Treehouse.

They arrive at the tree itself, and cross long paths, until they uncover Nina hidden deep within. Nina fiendishly teases the duo, which leads to Aku alerting Coco it'll be alright, this causes Nina to brag about her new position, and a battle engages, and Nina summons Spiderbot. After her defeat, Nina escapes with Coco to their final destination.

Uka is shocked to see Nina return so soon, he asks of her the chip for the Doominators brain, Nina however had left it behind while escaping. Uka Uka is furious and Claims all Cortexs are incompetent, Uka then releases he made a huge mistake firing Cortex, and fires Nina to replace her. The latter causes Nina to cry. He then commands his minions to take Nina from his sight, and bring Cortex to him for rehiring. Uka apologizes to Cortex claiming they need him after all and hires him and Nina to finish the job. He then tells Nina she was too young for the job, but that one day she will become an evil genius such as her uncle. Nina is pleased to be a family again and brings in an abnormal prototype brain chip, however alerting of strange behavior. Cortex is pleased by Nina's idea saying to bring it in to finalize it.

Crash hang glides to Cortex's base, meeting Cortex for the second time. He welcomes Crash to his base, but then decides to finish Crash once and for all, for real. Aku alerts Cortex of the angered Tiki spirits, but Cortex ignores. Crash then engages in a fight with Neo and Nina Cortex, they are both defeated and Coco is freed. Coco hugs Crash and compliments there efforts, causing Aku Aku to chant three cheers for bandicoots. Coco alerts Aku that Cortex and the gang got away, but Aku says not to worry for they are powerless now. They head home and meet up with Crunch, where Coco then decides to make pancakes to celebrate, Crash then says, "Pancakes? I thought you'd never ask!", Causing every one to fall of their feet in shock.


Crash rope climbing COTTGBA

Crash uses ropes to get over a pit

The gameplay is more of a merge of Crash's previous Game Boy titles with Crash of the Titans jacking ability. Crash is given the ability to punch, jump, double jump, drop attack and jack. Crash also features a health bar, if it drains, Crash dies. His health bar is refilled by collecting Wumpa Fruit. There are also no lives in this version.

The game itself features linear 2D gameplay where the focus is to break crates while jacking Titans. There are many new types of crates, along with the original Crash Bandicoot's, such as, the usual TNT, Nitro and ! crates. The inclusion of more crates helps separate it from it's other releases. The level is finished when the player reaches a signpost.

The Titans can be jacked after a certain amount of damage, they are then controllable by the player, each having unique gameplay per Titan, once defeated, Crash is knocked off and the Titan seizes existence. Crash is also given the ability to get off one at will, which he can use to advantage when knocking out a stronger Titan. There is also hidden collectable masks throughout each level, which are found scattered in large quantity. Power Crystals are also featured in this version, unlike the console, where they can be found in levels.

Crash is also able to climb horizontally and vertically using ropes, which can be found during levels in random places. The bosses are usually simple, to attack the character and then take control of them, such as Dingodile, N. Gin or the Spiderbot. There can also be midway interruptions due to the story and tutorials.

  • D-Pad: Move
  • A: Jump
  • B: Punch (specials with titans)
  • L/R: Jack
  • A (while in air): double jump



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  • There are a lot of notable differences from the console version.
    • Crash is missing his mojo tattoos in this version.
    • Tiny Tiger talks in third person in this one more like previous games.
    • Neo Cortex is the final boss instead of Nina.
    • Crunch is kidnapped alongside Coco instead of being frozen in ice.