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In Crash of the Titans, concept art can be unlocked by obtaining a chapter's Voodoo doll. There's a total of 20 concept art collections in the game.

Episode 1: A New Hop[]

Episode 2: A Succumbing to Age Story[]

Episode 3: A Zero's Journey[]

Episode 4: The Temple of Zoom[]

Episode 5: The Emerald Pity[]

Episode 6: Don't Eat the Yellow Brick Load[]

Episode 7: The Blizzard of Claws[]

Episode 8: Life's a Beach[]

Episode 9: Operation Overboard[]

Episode 10: A Sludge Too Far[]

Episode 11: Shock and Awesome[]

Episode 12: Weapons of Mass Construction[]

Episode 13: Doomraker[]

Episode 14: Family Tree[]

Episode 15: Calamityville Horror[]

Episode 16: Timber Trials[]

Episode 17: Adolt Edumacation[]

Episode 18: War of the Whirls[]

Episode 19: Minority Rapport[]

Episode 20: Revengeance 2: The Revengicide[]