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Crash and Spyro and Spyro and Crash were two browser-based flash games, hosted on Neopets in 2004 and 2007 respectively. Crash and Spyro was made as a cross-promotion for the release of Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage and Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy, while Spyro and Crash was to promote Crash of the Titans and The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. Despite being released years apart to promote different games, they are almost entirely identical, with only the game advertisements swapped out and minor changes made to the player sprites.

The games can no longer be accessed as originally intended due to their removal from the site, however they can still be played via Flashpoint Archive, an ongoing archival project for browser-based games.


The game is rather simple, involving throwing bombs to land on a target on the ground. The player can choose to play as Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon, which also changes the background but does not impact gameplay. The entire game is controlled by simply clicking - click once to start running, click a second time to start moving the shot angle meter, then click a third time to throw the bomb (or spit it out in Spyro's case). The spacebar can also be used instead of clicking. The bomb must be thrown before the character reaches the foul line, or you get a strike. Missing the target also gives a strike. The aim of the game is to hit the target over and over to get as many points as possible before reaching three strikes, which ends the game. The target is not visible until the bomb is thrown, meaning gameplay largely relies on trial and error.



  • The fanfare that plays after throwing a bomb resembles Sgt. Byrd's theme from Spyro: Year of the Dragon.
  • Crash's stage resembles Dragon Village from Spyro: A Hero's Tail, while Spyro's stage resembles N. Sanity Island from Crash Twinsanity. Why they were placed in levels from each other's series, not to mention from games that weren't even being promoted in either game, is unknown.
  • Crash and Spyro features a short loop of techno music in the background, which was replaced with silence in Spyro and Crash for unknown reasons.