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This page is comprised of transcriptions of all the cutscenes in Crash Twinsanity.


  • Each cutscene is in chronological order of appearance in regular gameplay.
  • Cutscenes are sorted by the levels they appear in. If they appear in-between levels (the Evil Twins' first appearance for example), they will be grouped in with the previous level.
  • All cutscenes are marked with either a P or an I. The P signifies that the cutscene is a pre-rendered video, while the I shows that the cutscene is played out using the in-game engine.
    • In-game lines that aren't part of a cutscene are marked with an L.

N. Sanity Island[]

Opening (P)[]

Coco frolics across a clearing in front of the bandicoot house, chasing a butterfly.

Coco: "Haha, I'm gonna getcha! Heehee, c'mere...!"

Cortex points his ray gun around a tree, pausing to click through its settings.

  • Cortex: "Hmm... Hm."

He decides on "stun" mode and zaps Coco.

  • Coco: "(shocked yammering)"

Coco falls to the ground, paralyzed. The butterfly lands on her nose. Cortex approaches her.

  • Cortex: "Sleep, my insipid angel..."

The camera cuts to Crash, who is digging up a shoe on the beach. Cortex, now wearing a Coco disguise, peeks out from behind a tree.

  • Cortex: "(mimicking Coco) Crash? Crash! Where are you, big brother? There's something weird going on in the bay! Come see!"

Aku Aku tutorial (I)[]

Aku Aku: "It is I, Aku Aku. My duty is to protect you. You may summon me by breaking open these crates. Call me thrice, and I shall grant you special powers."

Call to adventure (I)[]

Cortex is standing by the entrance to the jungle in his Coco disguise. He beckons Crash and skips off into the level.

Jungle Bungle[]

Spinning tutorial (I)[]

Cortex, in his Coco disguise, turns and beckons Crash. He then skips over to a Skunk.

  • Cortex: "(mimicking Coco) Come on, follow me Crash! Stay close and do what I do!"

He spins and kills the skunk, then skips away.

Double Jump tutorial (I)[]

Cortex turns and beckons Crash. He turns away and double jumps over a hole.

Sliding tutorial (I)[]

[Cortex turns and beckons Crash. He then slides and kills a tribesman.]

  • Cortex: "(mimicking Coco) It's easy!"

He looks back.

  • Cortex: "(in his normal voice) All too easy..."

Body Slam tutorial (I)[]

Cortex turns and beckons Crash. He body slams a worm, driving it underground. The worm resurfaces a short distance away. Cortex runs over and bounces on the worm.

  • Cortex: "(mimicking Coco) Ally-oop, eheheh! (in his normal voice) It's true! Blondes do have more fun...!"

Crawling tutorial (I)[]

Cortex runs onto a thin strip of land with pits either side and turns to beckon Crash, but is knocked into the pit by a swinging log.

  • Cortex: "Agh! (mimicking Coco) I-I'm okay! (in his normal voice) The... spikes broke my fall..."

Complaining skunk (I)[]

  • Skunk: "AY-AY-AY! Yeah you! I've been doin' this for ten stinkin' years! Back an' forward, back an' forward! AN' I'M SICK OF IT!!! Well, I'm not gonna do it no more!"

A little gathering (I)[]

Cortex, standing on top of a ring shaped platform, turns to look at Crash for a moment. He then spins, shedding his Coco disguise.

  • Cortex: "Surprised to see me, Crash? Like the fleas in your fur, I keep coming back!"

Crash looks shocked, then hastily itches his cheek.

  • Cortex: "Three years I spent alone in the frozen Antarctic wastes! ... And I missed you. And so I've organized a little gathering, like a birthday party except... the exact opposite."

The camera pans to show a line-up of some of Crash's past foes: Dingodile, Pinstripe Potoroo, Tiny Tiger, Crunch Bandicoot, Nitros Oxide, Polar and Koala Kong. Ripper Roo bounces in and out of frame.

  • Cortex: "And look! All of your friends are here! You are so very popular... Let's start handing out the presents!"

Mecha-Bandicoot (L)[]

  • Cortex: "Get ready to meet your brand new, hydraulically operated, twin brother: MECHA-BANDICOOT! (aside) How was I, N. Gin?"

N. Gin: "Heheh Doctor Cortex, you were MAGNIFICENT!"

Cortex: "Of course I was, you fool! Initiate missile attack!"

Mecha-Bandicoot disarmed (I)[]

Mecha-Bandicoot, piloted by N. Gin, stomps on the platform in frustration as all of his weapons are destroyed. The platform collapses, and Mechabandicoot falls into the pit below. Cortex's hoverboard explodes. He collides with Crash, sending them both flying into the pit.

  • Cortex: "AAAAAAHHHH!"

Dingodile and Ripper Roo peek over the edge of the platform. Dingodile winces, then turns to Ripper Roo.

  • Dingodile: "Lunch?"

Ripper Roo nods rapidly, and the two withdraw back behind the platform together.

Cavern Catastrophe[]

Rollerbrawling (I)[]

Cortex screams with rage and pounces on Crash. The two enter a rollerbrawl and start rolling down a shaft.

The first Crystal (I)[]

Crash and Cortex fall to the ground, and Cortex is sent flying into the middle of a large clearing. He looks up and sees a power crystal, and shakes his head in surprise and grins.

  • Cortex: "Well, well... A power crystal...!"

He stands up and snatches up the crystal. He looks side to side suspiciously, then the ground starts rumbling. He looks down in fear as a part of the ground that he was standing on suddenly rises up on the tip of a massive drill. Doors on the sides of the drill open, and ants start pouring out.

Crystal Crazy (I)[]

The drill recedes into the ground and Cortex falls back to the floor.

  • Cortex: "Yes! The crystal is mine!"

He holds it up triumphantly. Crash, looking dazed, slowly walks towards Cortex, reaching out and making grabby hands.

  • Cortex: "AH! Keep back, you weak-minded fool! Avert your gaze, or you'll go CRYSTAL CRAZY!"

Cortex's crystal-pulling protests (L)[]

  • Cortex: "Brainless bandicoot, let go!"
  • Cortex: "Give it to me!"
  • Cortex: "The crystal is mine!"
  • Cortex: "Meddling mammal!"

Throwing tutorial (I)[]

  • Cortex: "Throw me over there. Trust me! We're pals, right?"

The Evil Twins arrive (P)[]

Crash and Cortex slowly walk away from the exit of the caverns. They look down at themselves, happy to be in one piece. Cortex glares at Crash, tapping his foot. Before he can say anything, Victor and Moritz open a zipper through reality and fly out.

  • Moritz: "Whew, that feels good! I was burstin' in there!"
  • Victor: "Cower you fools, before the awesome might of: The Evil Twins!"


  • Cortex: "Aren't you two adorable? Let me see, I might have some choccie treats here for you."
  • Moritz: "Choccie treats?! Ooh, ooh!"

Moritz makes grabby hands at Cortex. Victor holds him back with a disapproving glare.

  • Victor: "We have some good news, and some bad."
  • Moritz: "The bad news: We're going to destroy your precious islands!"
  • Victor: "The good: You won't be around to see it..."

Cortex rolls his eyes.

  • Cortex: "How tiresome."
  • Victor: "Oh, you wanna play mind games?! Okay, tough guy!"

Using telekinesis, he pulls Cortex's brain out of his head. Cortex, now cross-eyed, screams weakly.

  • Victor: "Let's play mind games..."

He throws Cortex's brain at Cortex. It knocks him to the ground and lands in his lap.

  • Victor: "This is the part where you run away screaming..."

Cortex sits there, blinking and looking around blearily. Crash winces at him. Moritz flies forward a little and motions for him to leave.

  • Cortex: "AHHHH!"

Cortex, holding his brain, jumps to his feet and runs off down the beach.

  • Victor: "Heheh! Go on, run!"
  • Moritz: "Catch you later, brainiac!"

Totem Hokum[]

Humble bumble bee (I)[]

  • Cortex: "You have to help me, Crash! You heard them! They want to destroy our island home, humiliate and enslave you, and steal my brain! How I envy the simple life of the tribesfolk..."

[Papu Papu belly dances and makes the same sound as Aku Aku when collected. Two tribesfolk clap for him.]

  • Cortex: "Living in harmony with Mother Nature, the noble boar, the humble bumblebee..."

Bees begin stinging Cortex.

  • Cortex: "AHHHHH!"

Crash looks at the stung Cortex in shock.

Falling hive (I)[]

  • Cortex: "AHHHHH!"

A beehive falls on Cortex's head and gets stuck.

Unbearable (I)[]

A bear sees Cortex running covered in bees and honey, licks its lips and starts chasing him.

Out of the frying pan... (I)[]

Cortex runs into Papu Papu, bounces off his belly and lands on the ground. The beehive is knocked off and flies away along with the bees.

  • Papu Papu: "Babo-kangi!"

He points at Cortex nodding. Tribesfolk arrest Cortex.

Totem pole (I)[]

Cortex is tied up at top of a totem pole. He struggles with the ropes and reaches for a crystal fastened above his head, but can't reach it. He goes limp in resignation.

Down the river (I)[]

Crash knocks down the pole Cortex is tied to. Cortex screams in fear. He lands in the river, still tied up as he drifts towards a waterfall.

  • Cortex: "AHHHHHHH!"

Cortex falls down the waterfall, the sound of tribesfolk chanting can be heard.

Crash lands on the shore of the river and shakes himself like a dog.

  • Papu Papu: "Wubebe! Shan bubuje!"
  • Tribesmen: "Han-ja!"

The tribesmen start chasing Crash.

Farmer Ernest (I)[]

  • Farmer Ernest: "Oh, Crash. The farmer's market is tomorrow, and my wumpa trees won't grow, for my orchard is riddled with greedy worms. If you rid my land of these pests, I'll give you this power crystal."

Cortex shoots Ernest with his ray gun. He turns to the camera.

  • Cortex: "I'm an evil scientist, what did you expect? This isn't a game."

Awakening a Totem God (P)[]

Crash and Cortex enter a large clearing. A Totem god is slumbering in the center. The Evil Twins arrive from another zipper through reality, sitting in floating seats, carrying popcorn and drinks.

  • Victor: "Ahh... I tell ya, you boys have been doing swell, just swell. Anyhow, we've been taking in the sights of N. Sanity Island here. Nice digs! So much to see, so much to destroy! You got the native village, the lava caves, the Totem Gods..."
  • Moritz: "Yeah, back in the Tenth Dimension we don't have anything near as nice as the Totem Gods! The vivid colours, the intricate carving... y'know, it's almost as if they're alive! Heheheheh."
  • Victor: "Almost... EXACTLY as if they're alive...!"

The Totem God's eyes open, glowing bright green. His upper lip curls in a snarl.

The Totem God's defeat (P)[]

  • Victor: "Aw, nuts!"
  • Moritz: "There's nuts?"

Victor glares at Moritz.

  • Victor: "Well, ya gave it your best shot. But even now our Vice-Versa Reversa Device is in operation, sucking the goodness out of this dimension and leaving behind the worst of all possible worlds! We just like making a mess."

They turn to leave back through the zipper.

  • Moritz: "See ya 'round, losers! Heheh... Say, is it lunch time yet?"

They leave.

  • Cortex: "Tenth Dimension... yes, YES! In the dark ocean of my intellect swims a magnificent whale of a plan! To the laboratory! We're not beaten yet! The game is on!"

Iceberg Lab[]

Arriving at the lab (I)[]

  • Cortex: "Before you rises a cathedral of diabolical genius! Scary, but in the wrong hands this iceberg lair could do much... goodness in the world. Of course, only I have the key. Observe."

He produces a remote and presses the button. Nothing happens. He presses it again. Still nothing. He looks at the camera for a second, embarrassed, and starts repeatedly slamming the button.

  • Cortex: "(frustrated scream) Follow me! I know... another way."

Crash scratches behind his ear, confused.

Ice Climb[]

Fish (I)[]

  • Cortex: "The check bounced? Are you sure? Well, the past few years have kind of been slow. Wrath of Cortex didn't do as well as we'd hoped and-"
  • Penguin: "(loud angry squawk)"
  • Cortex: "Fish?"

Cortex extends his hand, offering a fish to the penguin.

  • Penguin: "Grr..."

The camera alternates between showing the angry penguin, Cortex's face, the fish, Crash and the penguins standing in the background. Suddenly, the fish in Cortex's hand is replaced with his ray gun.

  • Penguin: "(alarmed squawk)"

Cortex fires his gun, killing the penguin. The rest of the penguins rocket away in fear.

Uka Uka is freed (again) (I)[]

Cortex flies through the ice, knocking Uka Uka to the ground and making a hole into the ice cavern. Crash jumps through the hole and lands on the ledge below. Uka Uka pulls himself out of the snow he'd gotten lodged in.

  • Uka Uka: "Free... AGAIN!"
  • Cortex: "Mighty Uka Uka...!"

Uka Uka looks down.

  • Uka Uka: "Who has released me from my icy tomb?! My, my... can it be? Crash and Cortex? I don't know whether to kiss you, or KILL YOU!"

Crash puckers his lips and makes kissy sounds, expecting the former.

Pieces of ice float upwards from the ground, forming a giant ice body for Uka Uka. Cortex makes a run for it, jumping down to the large metal platform below. Uka Uka makes a swipe at Crash, sending him flying down to the platform, then jumps down himself, beginning the boss.

Uka Uka teams up (I)[]

Uka Uka's ice body collapses. Uka Uka flies upwards and makes to leave.

  • Uka Uka: "I shall return!"
  • Aku Aku: "Uka Uka, wait!"

Uka Uka stops and turns back.

  • Aku Aku: "An evil greater than even yours threatens to destroy this world."
  • Uka Uka: "NOOOO! ...That's my job!"
  • Aku Aku: "Divided, we are but two magical masks. Join me, and together we shall defeat this evil infestation."
  • Uka Uka: "I like a challenge... I accept! This should be fun!"

The two masks swirl around each other and fly off.

  • Aku Aku: "The Aku-Uka brothers, together again!"

Party toys (P)[]

  • Cortex: "Come! We must make preparations for-"

There's the sound of a doorbell ringing. A metal door with an odd symbol on it has appeared in the room.

  • Cortex: "(to Crash) It's... probably for you."

Crash scratches his head and steps towards the door, but it opens with a blinding light. The Evil Twins emerge from the door, holding Aku Aku and Uka Uka in front of their faces.

  • Moritz: "Trick or treat, trick or treat! Hahahahaha!"

They toss the masks to the ground. Crash and Cortex look at each other.

  • Victor: "Fools! You thought these two party toys could defeat us?! We are masters of the infinite dimensions, with power over reality itself!"
  • Moritz: "And riches beyond imagination!"


  • Cortex: "...Riches?"
  • Victor: "Riches?! What's wrong with you?!"

He slaps Moritz.

  • Victor: "Always bringing up the riches... ...You don't remember us, do ya doctor?"
  • Cortex: "Should I?"
  • Victor: "You ruined our lives! Allow us to return the favor..."

Evil Twins foiled (P)[]

Crash grins and gives Cortex a thumbs up. Cortex nods approvingly, almost smiling.

  • Victor: "You see? This is why nobody likes you. A curse on you, Crash Bandicoot! A curse on you all! We shall return!"

They leave through the door, but Moritz pokes his head back through.

  • Moritz: "Oh, forget I mentioned the riches thing, huh?"

The door closes and folds in on itself, disappearing into nothing.

Teaming up (I)[]

  • Aku Aku: "Doctor Cortex, what have you done?"
  • Cortex: "I've ruined the lives of so many, I can't be expected to remember them all..."
  • Uka Uka: "Such a big head... such a tiny brain!"
  • Aku Aku: "If we deliver him to the Evil Twins, perhaps they will spare us..."
  • Cortex: "But they'll kill me!"
  • Uka Uka: "That's a risk I'M willing to take!"

Cortex turns to Crash.

  • Cortex: "Crash, I've been like a father to you! I created you, nursed you... uh... tried to destroy you. So, what do you say? With my mighty intellect, and your vacuous stupidity, we'll be unbeatable!"

Crash eagerly shakes Cortex's hand.

The Psychetron (I)[]

  • Cortex: "This... is the Psychetron! Gateway to the infinite dimensions! Beyond our universe, somewhere between the Ninth and Eleventh Dimensions, lies the mysterious Tenth Dimension, and there we must go in order to confront the Evil Twins (aside) steal the riches, (normally) and restore the natural order of things! With me on top."

Cortex approaches the console.

  • Cortex: "We require six Power Crystals in order to make the leap, and we have... four. Hm, let's see... That isn't enough! All is lost! ...Unless...!"

Slip Slide Icecapades[]

Quick thinking (I)[]

Cortex is leaning over the balcony of the lookout. Crash walks up behind him.

  • Cortex: "There, to the sea I tell you! Our salvation floats upon the briny blue! We must reach N. Gin's battleship and quickly before it sets sail! But how? Think, Cortex, think...!"

Crash stares at Cortex's rear end. The camera alternates between zooming in on it and showing Crash's expression; first neutral, then surprised, then smirking with his tongue hanging out. He sneaks forwards, reaches out, and... kicks Cortex off the balcony. He then jumps off himself, beginning the level.

Henhouse (I)[]

Crash and Cortex fly through a henhouse with Cortex's name on a sign at the front. Chickens are heard squawking in shock.

Cortex: "Get them off of me! Shoo, shoo!"

Moulin Cortex (I)[]

Crash and Cortex fly through the Moulin Cortex, a club branded after Cortex. Women are heard screaming.

  • Cortex: "Coming through! Ladies... Excuse me, madam! Are those real?"
  • Cortex's mother: "WHAT IS IT?!"
  • Cortex "MOTHER?!"

Crashing down (I)[]

Dingodile is shown sitting in his house, reading. A giant snowball containing Crash and Cortex flies off the cliff and lands on the house, smashing it to pieces. Cortex flies out and lands face-down in the snow.

  • Cortex: "I've never been so humiliated... no amount of treasure could ever begin to compensate...!"

Dingodile climbs out of the wreckage of his house.

  • Dingodile: "Treasure, ay? Bonza...!"

High Seas Hi-Jinks[]

Boarding the ship (I)[]

N. Gin sees Crash entering the battleship from up on a platform. He shakes his fist at Crash.

  • N. Gin: "Oooooohhhh!"

He pulls a lever and walks away, clicking his heels.

Rusty Walrus (I)[]

N. Gin's crow's nest falls apart, sending Crash and N. Gin plummeting. Crash falls into a corridor on the battleship. Rusty Walrus breaks down a nearby door and spots Crash.

  • Rusty: "Ah, yummy! Fresh meat for my pot!"

Rusty chase lines (L)[]

  • Rusty: "Come back here, you naughty meat!"
  • Rusty: "I'll gut ya, I'll batter ya, and I'll gobble you down and burp 'til I'm happy!"

Sinking the ship (I)[]

Crash exits the battleship onto a small island full of TNT crates. He freezes and stares at the crates in dismay. N. Gin falls from the sky and lands head first onto a TNT crate. The TNT counts down, with the camera slowly zooming in on his face. A colossal explosion is triggered, making the ship sink and tossing Crash to an iceberg floating in the sea. N. Tropy and N. Brio are there, waiting for him.

  • N. Tropy: "The rats are leaving the sinking ship... Tell us where the treasure is, and we'll... let you go."

Crash looks up at N. Tropy, ears flopping.

  • N. Tropy: "Silence? Looks like we'll have to wring it out of him. N. Brio? Get changed."

Brio nods and drinks a beaker of mutagen. His body briefly twists and contorts, then he flips backwards into the water, coming back out as a giant frog monster. The boss fight begins.

Back to the lab (I)[]

N. Brio, still in his frog monster form, slams himself onto the side of the iceberg, sending Crash flying back to the mainland.

You monster (I)[]

Cortex is standing by the Psychetron's console holding crystals. Coco is suddenly heard from off-screen.

  • Coco: "You monster! Let my brother go!"

She jumps forward and delivers a swift kick between Cortex's legs, sending him flying back into the console and knocking the crystals out of his hands.

  • Cortex: "(strained) My crystals...!"

A stray beam shoots out of the Psychetron, paralyzing Coco again. Cortex examines the console.

  • Cortex: "Ruined! Thanks to perky here..."

Crash stares at Coco, concerned. He pokes her shoulder and she wobbles on the spot.

  • Cortex: "It must be repaired! And only one person can help! My niece, Nina Cortex."

A picture of Nina holding a bunny on the wall is shown.

  • Cortex: "Isn't she delightful? Obviously I've made a few modifications, here and there."

[The camera rotates to show a picture of Cortex's airship.]

  • Cortex: "Quickly! To my private dirigible!"

The camera rotates again to show a picture of the Academy of Evil.

Cortex's Airship (P)[]

Cortex rides a platform, taking him to the steering wheel of his ship.

  • Cortex: "I love my airship! It's the only way to fly!"
  • Victor: "Hey hey! So this is how the rich and the ugly fly?"
  • Moritz: "Oh, stewardess? May I have another bag of those spicy peanuts? Heheheheheh!"
  • Cortex: "I will-"
  • Moritz: "Booo-ring~!"
  • Cortex: "(sped up by the Evil Twin's powers) I shall crush you like the puny runts you are! You are nothing to me for I am the great and all-powerful Neo Cortex, you infantile vermin! How dare you mock, manhandle, and manipulate me?! Rest assured, I will take my terrible vengeance upon...!"

He stops, trying to catch his breath.

  • Victor: "Yeah yeah, whatever. Skip to the good bit."

Academy of Evil[]

Secret Entrance (I)[]

  • Cortex: "Ah yes, the old alma mater. As a former student myself, I'm well acquainted with the many secrets that this institution holds."

He pulls a lever hidden on the side of a fountain. A staircase opens underneath him and he falls in, unceremoniously tumbling down the stairs.

Boiler Room Doom[]

Stuck in a pipe (I)[]

  • Cortex: "Aaaagggghhhh!!"

Cortex gets stuck in a pipe.

  • Cortex: "I'm stuck! The greatest evil scientist in the WORLD! Stuck in a pipe... How could things get any worse?"

Cortex farts.

Cortex: "...(mortified whine)"

Dingodile (I)[]

Crash and Cortex enter the room Dingodile is waiting in. Cortex jumps up onto a valve, posing dramatically.

  • Dingodile: "Cozy, ain't it? Rumor is you two chumps have got your mitts in some treasure, and I want a piece of that pie!"
  • Cortex: "...I have no idea what you just said."

Dingodile fires a blast at the valve Cortex was standing on, sending him flying through the roof. Crash is left to fight Dingodile alone.

Dingodile's defeat (I)[]

Dingodile collapses next to the circle he was standing on, unconscious. Crash walks up to him, standing on the circle. The circle suddenly rises up, revealing that it was a hovering platform the whole time.

Classroom Chaos[]

Cortex's turn (I)[]

Cortex flies into the corridor and lands face-first on the floor. Crash sidesteps to avoid him.

  • Cortex: "(weakly) ...geh... I'll... take it from here."

He jumps to his feet.

  • Cortex: "Get back to the airship. Make sure its mooring ropes are secure."

Nina (I)[]

Cortex arrives in Nina's dorm room, and sees what he thinks is Nina sleeping in her bed.

  • Cortex: "(in a sing-song tone, gradually getting louder) Sleep soundly, Nina, and don't fear the night, with its long claws that scratch and sharp teeth that bite. Under the covers, there's no need to hide, for your uncle's the monster, and he's on your side!"

A ragdoll head falls out of the bed, revealing that Nina wasn't in it.

  • Cortex: "AH!"

Nina jumps out from behind the bed and begins slowly dancing across the room towards Cortex.

  • Cortex: "GAH! Nina! My adorable young niece! My my, you're getting big! And sneaky... Put her there, little lady."

Cortex reaches out for Nina's hand. Nina grabs Cortex's hand and accidentally crushes it.

  • Cortex: "(grunts in pain) I... see they need some adjustment. Let me take a look."

Rooftop Rampage[]

The rampage begins (I)[]

Nina is shown standing at the door to the beginning of the level.

  • Cortex: "Now young lady, let's see what you've learned."

Catching the bus (I)[]

Cortex's airship is shown floating over the school, a school bus dangling below.

  • Cortex: "My airship! Without it, we're stranded! Tie it to something secure, I said... Hurry Nina, or you'll miss the bus!"

The bus catches you (I)[]

The bus is shown forebodingly rising up over a building, flying towards Nina.

The ants' arrival (I)[]

A portal appears and three ants emerge.

  • Cortex: "They found us...! To the airship, quickly!"

Nina runs off.

Madame Amberley (I)[]

Madame Amberley suddenly rises out of the mist, making Cortex jump.

  • Madame Amberley: "You are in detention!"

Cortex turns to Amberley, looking terrified.

  • Cortex: "Madame Amberley...!"
  • Madame Amberley: "So! Crybaby Cortex is all grown up! I see you've found employment as a barber."

Cortex looks down at himself.

  • Cortex: "I'm an evil scientist...!"
  • Madame Amberley: "A scientist, are we? Well, to me you'll always be a little worm!"

Madame Amberley battle lines (L)[]

  • Madame Amberley: "Are you going to cry, crybaby?" (when Cortex fails to stop all the bells)
  • Madame Amberley: "Daugh!" (getting hit)
  • Madame Amberley: "No!" (getting hit)
  • Madame Amberley: "AAAAAUUGHH!" (losing a hitpoint)

Madame Amberley defeated (I)[]

The final rope suspending Madame Amberley snaps. She plummets down into the mist with a screech.

The Evil Twins' origin (P)[]

  • Cortex: "Wait! I think... I remember now! The way it happened...!"

He makes a shadow hand puppet of a bird on the wall. His voice echoes as it fades in to a flashback sequence, showing Cortex at eight years old in the Academy of Evil. Young Cortex is at a small control console, fiddling with buttons and levers. Victor and Moritz, still normal parrots at this point, are in a cage behind him. Victor opens the door and attempts to leave the cage.

  • Young Cortex: "Victor! Moritz! Back in your cage, you naughty boys!"

Victor hastily jumps back into the cage, closing the door behind him and looking down, shuffling his feet.

  • Cortex: "I was eight years old, and the most popular student in the academy."

A dagger flies over Young Cortex's head as he ducks behind the console. He looks over his shoulder and shrugs, not seeing the dagger.

  • Cortex: "Ah, yes, how they loved me... It was my first experiment with the Evolvo-Ray, phase one in my plan to create an army of super-animals!"

Young Cortex returns to the front of the console and presses more buttons.

  • Cortex: "The test subjects: My two pet parrots, Victor and Moritz. The only creatures I didn't loathe... or eat."

Young Cortex pulls a large lever beside the cage. The Evolvo-Ray prototype whirs to life.

  • Cortex: "Everything was proceeding as planned, when suddenly..."

The Evolvo-Ray prototype fires with a flash of bright yellow light. Young Cortex shields his eyes, then looks back only to find the cage empty.

  • Cortex: "My parrots were gone! Lost, among the infinite dimensions! I was heartbroken."
  • Young Cortex: "...heheheheheh!"
  • Cortex: "How I missed those twins, and how I longed to see them again."

Young Cortex is now at a drawing board, drawing a crude picture. It shows the twins in their cage, then being zapped, then a large question mark.

  • Cortex: "But be careful what you wish for, young man!"
  • Young Cortex: "Back off, grandpa!"

The camera returns to the present, with Cortex.

  • Cortex: "For your wish will come true...!"

To a new dimension! (I)[]

Back at the Iceberg Lab, Nina is leaning against the Psychetron's console while Cortex types on it. She slams her fist into the side of it, fixing the Psychetron and startling Cortex. Cortex looks at the screen and uses the console.

  • Cortex: "Come now, as we explore a new dimension! ...It should have been two new dimensions, but we... ran out of time."

The Iceberg Lab is shown disappearing from its place on the iceberg, then re-appearing on a volcano in the Tenth Dimension.

Twinsanity Island[]

Evil Crash! (I)[]

Cortex has his arms wrapped around who he presumes to be Crash. He smiles gently and rubs the bandicoot's fur.

  • Cortex: "Your fur is so soft... and warm."

A growl is heard. Nina and Crash, who were standing behind Cortex, back away. Cortex looks up to see that he was holding Evil Crash.

  • Evil Crash: "Grr!"

Cortex jumps away and screams. Evil Crash runs past Cortex, snatches up Nina, and runs off.

  • Cortex: "Evil Crash! NO!"

Rock-Slide Rumble[]

Quick thinking, again (I)[]

Evil Crash, carrying Nina over his shoulder, jumps over the railing of the lookout. Cortex runs up to the railing and leans over it.

  • Cortex: "My daughte- err... niece! We must do something! Think, Cortex, think...!"

Crash stares at Cortex's rear end. The camera alternates between zooming in on it and showing Crash's expression; first neutral, then surprised, then smirking with his tongue hanging out. He walks forward, and... kicks Cortex off the balcony. He then jumps off himself, beginning the level.

Bandicoot Pursuit[]

An attempted heroic sacrifice (I)[]

Cortex arrives at the front of Evil Crash's house. Evil Crash has Nina tied up in a bundle.

  • Cortex: "There they are...!"

Cortex runs up to Evil Crash and poses dramatically.

  • Cortex: "Let her go! Take me instead!"

Evil Crash looks up at Cortex.

  • Cortex: "AAH!"

Cortex runs away, with Evil Crash giving chase.

Ant Agony[]

The stronghold (I)[]

  • Cortex: "Victor and Moritz's stronghold of evil...! This is where we wrong the rights, and sweep the past under the rug."

Cortex and Nina run into the stronghold, the door closing behind them.

The treasure room (I)[]

Crash, Cortex and Nina enter a room filled with piles of gold and gems.

  • Cortex: "Oh, my. I almost forgot! The treasure!"
  • ???: "OUR treasure..."

N. Tropy appears. He is accompanied by N. Gin and N. Brio.

  • N. Gin: "YES! We are rich!"
  • Cortex: "That treasure is stolen property!"
  • N. Tropy: "It's a little late to develop a conscience, doctor."
  • Cortex: "Personally, I don't care. But I think he might want his gems back?"

The camera cuts to Spyro the Dragon. He toasts N. Tropy, N. Gin and N. Brio with his flame breath.

  • Cortex: "Hahahahaha! Hmmm..."

Final confrontation (P)[]

Crash, Cortex and Nina cross the arena together, approaching the Twins, who are seated on their thrones.

  • Cortex: "Well, well, well. Apparently you two little rascals have been very busy since the last time we saw each other."
  • Victor: "Busy finding a way to meet you again!"

He flies down to Cortex.

  • Victor: "Your failed experiment sent two innocent parrots to the Tenth Dimension! The severe reversa-radioactive conditions here sharpened our skills, and warped our fragile eggshell minds."

Victor returns to his throne.

  • Victor: "Ingredients for a classic recipe in the evil villain cookbook!"

Beat. Cortex touches his chin in thought.

  • Moritz: "He-hee! Y'see, pops? When it comes to evil scientific prowess, we learned from the best."
  • Cortex: "True... Now... PLAYTIME IS OVER!"

Crash winces. Cortex points at a birdcage in the middle of the arena.


The twins chirp and hastily fly into the cage, closing the door behind them. Moritz shakes his head dizzily.

  • Victor: "What am I doing?! Curse my regimented upbringing...! That's it, Cortex! You wanna make up for lost time and play with your pets? So be it...!"

The Deathbot emerges (I)[]

[Using their reality-warping powers, the Twins transform the cage they were locked in into a massive four-legged mecha. Cortex is frozen in fear. Crash runs off. Nina steps forward confidently.]

Phase 2 (I)[]

The Deathbot warps again, this time growing a machine gun and a laser cannon. Nina is doubled over, panting in exhaustion. Cortex steels his nerves and steps forward, holding Nina back and wielding his ray gun.

Mechabandicoot returns (I)[]

Mechabandicoot, being piloted by Crash, lands in front of Cortex. Crash is shown in the cockpit, focused on the controls. The mech steps forward and makes a loud, metallic roar.

The Evil Twins' defeat (I)[]

Crash, using Mechabandicoot's chainsaw arm, destroys the Deathbot. The Evil twins emerge from the wreckage and flee in terror.

  • Victor: "AHH! LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!"

One heck of an ending (P)[]

The Evil Twins are shown approaching Evil Crash's house in search of shelter. They enter and stand on the doorstep, looking around cautiously. Suddenly, the door slams shut behind them.

Victor turns around and knocks on the door, attempting to open it. Moritz sees their doom approaching and is unable to speak or look away in fear. He tries to tap Victor on the shoulder. Footsteps are heard as Evil Crash stalks towards the twins. Victor finally notices and turns around to see Evil Crash standing there.

  • Evil Crash: "rrr..."

Evil Crash grins maliciously and licks his lips as a scare chord plays. He sees the evil twins as two roast chickens.

  • Moritz: "Oh, boy! I love roast chicken!"
  • Victor: "Well, this is one heck of an ending."

Evil Crash closes the gap between himself and the twins, and swipes them up in his claws. The camera pans away. The twins are heard screaming. The camera shows a picture of Evil Crash wearing a Hawaiian shirt on the wall, shaking as Evil Crash devours the Twins.

Burying mistakes (P)[]

Cortex, Crash and Nina had returned to the Iceberg lab. Cortex is stood by the console. He chuckles softly.

  • Cortex: "You know Crash, for all these years I've been wrong about you."

Crash looks surprised for a moment, then grins gratefully. Cortex begins typing at the console.

Cortex: "Your creation was a mistake, and your existence has been a constant reminder of that mistake!"

The Psychetron whirs to life, creating a pink force field that traps Crash under it.

  • Cortex: "But I've learned something from all of this. I've learned you can't run away from your mistakes. But you can BURY THEM!"

He pulls a lever, and the Psychetron kicks to life. Crash looks up, afraid.


The Psychetron suddenly begins to collapse. A stray beam shoots out and hits Cortex, shrinking him down and depositing him inside Crash's head.

  • Coco: "(gasps)"
  • Nina: "Huh?"

Crash lightly smacks the side of his head, looking confused. The camera zooms inside his ear. Cortex is shown, close up to the camera.

  • Cortex: "Wha... Where am I...? What is this...?!"

He looks around, wide-eyed, realisation dawning on him. Hundreds of Crashes surround him. They all look at him, grinning. All the Crashes start doing the Crash Dance in sync at Cortex.

  • Cortex: "AAAAHHHHH!!!!!"

Cortex pulls his hair in frustration, then looks down, sobbing, as the Crashes continue to dance.

The camera zooms out of Crash's eye. Crash picks his ear, then grins at the camera. The camera irises in on Crash's face.

Therapy (P)[]

(Note - This cutscene is unlocked by collecting all gems and reaching 100% completion in the NTSC-U version of the game. In the PAL and NTSC-J versions, however, it was replaced with silent fighting animations of Crash for unknown reasons.)

Crash and Cortex are shown standing together in a therapist's office. Cortex crosses his arms.

  • Therapist (off-screen): "Okay. Now, the two of you have been asked to begin these therapy sessions so that we work through the conflict apparent in your relationship."

The camera focuses on Crash, who scratches his back.

  • Therapist: "This week, we're going to do a trust exercise."

Crash grins at Cortex. The camera focuses on Cortex.

  • Therapist: "Cortex, let's start with you. I would like you to fold your arms over your chest, close your eyes and fall backwards."

A record scratch plays and the camera zooms in on Cortex's shocked face. The camera returns focus to Crash.

  • Therapist: "Okay, Crash, your job is easy. Just catch Cortex as he falls."

Crash nods, smiling. Cortex glares at him.

  • Therapist: "We want Doctor Cortex here to know that he is in a safe place."

Crash makes an "okay" hand gesture.

  • Cortex: "I don't think this is going to work. He's an idiot! I don't even like him, let alone trust him!"

Crash tilts his head side to side, agreeing.

  • Cortex: "It's... just that I... have a fear of falling...!"

He grins nervously. His grin quickly disappears when the therapist remains silent. He turns his back to Crash. Crash holds out his hands, ready to catch Cortex.

  • Cortex: "Okay, fine! Let's do the silly exercise!"

Cortex closes his eyes and crosses his arms, preparing to fall. Suddenly a Wumpa Fruit falls out of a nearby fruit bowl and rolls across the floor in between Crash and Cortex.

  • Cortex: "I'm in a safe place... I'm in a safe place... I'm in a safe place..."

Crash notices the Wumpa Fruit and loses focus, following it as it rolls away. Cortex doesn't notice and falls backwards. He lands on the table that the fruit bowl was on, knocking it over and sending Wumpa Fruit flying. Crash takes a bite of the Wumpa Fruit that he chased, then looks over at Cortex, realising what he'd done. He shrugs and continues eating the Wumpa Fruit. Cortex dizzily sits up.

  • Cortex: "Oh, how I hate bandicoots..."

He faints and falls back down.

Demo Cutscenes[]

Note - These cutscenes are part of a 2004 demo disc version of the game. The demo has a few original cutscenes as a framing device for the demo. It also has most of the cutscenes from within the levels themselves, which feature a few differences from their equivalent in the final game. The demo also features an earlier version of the game's title, being called "Crash Bandicoot: TwinSanity" as opposed to simply "Crash Twinsanity" like in the final.

Intro (I)[]

[The camera slowly moves down a hallway in the iceberg lab. One by one, doors open to allow the camera through. The first door has Cortex's N symbol on it. The second has plates attached to it that say "VIVENDI UNIVERSAL Games PRESENTS". The third and final door has Traveller's Tales Oxford's logo on it. As it opens, the main room is finally revealed. A large, imposing swivel chair is in the middle of the room, on a raised platform, facing away from the camera. A logo appears - Crash Bandicoot: TwinSanity. The logo disappears and the camera approaches the chair as Cortex's voice is heard.]

Cortex: "Yes, Grandma, I'm eating properly... Yes, I've... I-I've really got to go. Yes... I'll see you soon! Bye-bye! ... ...Kill her."

[The chair spins to face the camera, revealing Cortex lounging in it.]

Cortex: "Welcome, freeloaders, geeks and nerds, to my iceberg lair! I am Doctor Neo Cortex, star of the Crash Bandicoot video game franchise! Join me as we play excerpts from the latest instalment: Crash Bandicoot: TwinSanity! ...First, a word from our sponsors."

Jungle Bungle Intro(I)[]

[Crash is stood in front of the warp that leads to Jungle Bungle - A bright blue portal with the level's icon above it.]

Cortex: "In this scene, Doctor Cortex uses a clever ruse in order to lure Crash into a trap. But nothing goes to plan where Crash is concerned. In fact, it's a real Jungle Bungle~!"

Spinning tutorial (I)[]

[Cortex, in his Coco disguise, turns and beckons Crash. He then skips over to a Skunk.]

Cortex: "(mimicking Coco) Come on, follow me Crash! Stay close and do what I do!"

[He spins and kills the skunk, then skips away.]

Double Jump tutorial (I)[]

[Cortex turns and beckons Crash. He turns away and double jumps over a hole.]

Cortex: "(mimicking Coco) Ally-oop!"

Slide attack tutorial (I)[]

[Cortex turns and beckons Crash. He then slides and kills a tribesman.]

Cortex: "(mimicking Coco) It's easy!"

[He turns and smirks at the camera.]

Cortex: "(in his normal voice) All too easy...!"

Body Slam tutorial (I)[]

[Cortex turns and beckons Crash. He body slams a worm, driving it underground. The worm resurfaces a short distance away. Cortex runs over and bounces on the worm.]

Cortex: "(mimicking Coco) Ally-oop!"

Crawling tutorial (I)[]

[Cortex runs onto a thin strip of land with pits either side and turns to beckon Crash, but is knocked into the pit by a swinging log.]

Cortex: "Agh! (Mimicking Coco) I-I'm okay! (in his normal voice) The... spikes broke my fall..."

Confrontation (I)[]

[Cortex, now holding his ray gun, is standing on top of a ring shaped platform. He turns to look at Crash for a moment, then spins, shedding his Coco disguise.]

Cortex: "Surprised to see me, Crash?"

[He jumps onto his hoverboard in front of the platform. With a menacing hum, Mecha-Bandicoot, piloted by N. Gin, rises up from behind the platform. It jumps up onto it, lets out a metallic roar, then jumps down to the middle.]

Cavern Catastrophe Intro (I)[]

[Crash is stood in front of the warp that leads to Cavern Catastrophe - A bright blue portal with the level's icon above it.]

Cortex: "His plans once more thwarted by that moronic marsupial, Doctor Cortex takes on Crash in a no-holds-barred fist fight, mano a bandicooto! Little do they know the perils that await them, in Cavern Catastrophe!"

Rollerbrawling (I)[]

[Cortex screams with rage and pounces on Crash. The two enter a rollerbrawl and start rolling down a shaft.]

Throwing tutorial (I)[]

[Crash and Cortex fall out of the end of the shaft and land on the ground in the cavern below. Crash lands on his back and quickly gets up, while Cortex gets flung further forward and lands on his feet. He turns back to Crash and motions to a far platform.]

Cortex: "Throw me over there. Trust me! We're pals, right?"

The first Crystal (I)[]

[Crash and Cortex fall to the ground, and Cortex is sent flying into the middle of a large clearing. Crash lands closer to the tiki they fell through, and quickly climbs to his feet. Cortex looks up, sees a power crystal and shakes his head in surprise.]

Cortex: "Well, well... A power crystal...!"

[He stands up and snatches up the crystal. He looks side to side suspiciously, then the ground starts rumbling. He looks down in fear as a part of the ground that he was standing on suddenly rises up on the tip of a massive drill. Crash runs away a little to avoid getting clipped by the side of the drill. Doors on the sides of the drill open, and ants start pouring out.]

Totem Hokum Intro (I)[]

[Crash is stood in front of the warp that leads to Totem Hokum - A bright blue portal with the level's icon above it.]

Cortex: "Poor Doctor Cortex! His plans in ruins! Just when he's on his knees, Mother Nature kicks him in the-! ...You-know-where. Crash must race to keep his sworn enemy safe from harm... Why? Find out as we endure Totem Hokum!"

Humble bumble bee (I)[]

Cortex: You have to help me, Crash! You heard them! They want to destroy our island home, humiliate and enslave you, and steal my brain...! How I envy the simple life of the tribesfolk...

[Papu Papu belly dances and makes the same sound as Aku Aku when collected. Two tribesfolk clap for him.]

Cortex: "Living in harmony... with Mother Nature... the noble boar, the humble bumblebee...!"

[Bees begin stinging Cortex.]

Cortex: "AUEUHHHHH!"

Scream (I)[]

Cortex: "AUEUHHHHH!"