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Crash Twinsanity is a mobile phone game released on November 2004. It was developed by Kaolink.


The gameplay of the mobile Twinsanity is simple: to play Doc Amok until you drop. If you've played the console version, you should be familiar with the Doc Amok mechanics: Crash runs on one side, deactivating traps and pushing switches so that Cortex may pass through unharmed on the other side. Sometimes the opposite also happens, which means you'll have to wait for Cortex to push something. Crash has his usual spin attack to break crates, and there are Wumpa Fruits and lives to be collected. Mid-checkpoints are marked by a large tiki head. When both Crash and Cortex pass it, the game will remember your position if Crash or Cortex die.


The game has 6 levels in total;

  • Jungle 1
  • Jungle 2
  • Jungle 3
  • Ice 1
  • Ice 2
  • Ice 3

The environments of these levels are based on the console version, with the Jungle levels being based on Totem Hokum and the Ice levels being based off of Ice Climb.

There is one purple gem hidden in all levels but the last. You need all 5 gems to access the final level to beat the game.


  • Run - Press 4 to run left and 6 to run right.
  • Jump - Press 2 to jump upwards, 1 to jump leftwards and 3 to jump rightwards.
  • Spin - Hold down 5 to spin.
  • Pause - Press #.


As is to be expected, the game's plot is an extremely simplified version of part of the console game's story. Given the lack of cutscenes or any other form of storytelling, a short explanation of the plot can be found in the instructions menu:

"The Evil Twins want to make Cortex their slave! Cortex runs away in fear of his life and only Crash can save him! Collect the 5 gems to unlock the last level and defeat the Evil Twins!"

After completing Ice 3, another message is displayed as an ending;

"Well done! Crash and Cortex are safe and the Evil Twins have been defeated!"

Though the story mentions the Evil Twins, they are nowhere to be seen in this version.


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