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Crash Twinsanity: Bomb and Escape was a browser-based flash game hosted on Neopets in 2004. The game was made as a cross-promotion for the release of Crash Twinsanity.

The game can no longer be accessed as originally intended due to its removal from the site, however it can still be played via Flashpoint Archive, an ongoing archival project for browser-based games.


Bomb and Escape is a top-down puzzle game. The main goal is to blow up crates to clear a path to the exit door while avoiding enemies under a two minute time limit. Playing as Crash followed by Cortex, you can use the arrow keys to move and use the space bar to mark where you want Cortex to set off a bomb. Cortex will stop following you, move to the marked square and pull out a bomb - you have until the fuse burns down to move out of range to avoid getting caught in the blast radius. The bomb blast will hit four squares directly next to Cortex, destroying any crates and defeating any enemies in range. Wumpa fruit can also be found in crates and collected to increase your score. There are a total of 6 levels.

There are two different enemy types you will encounter to hinder your progress. First is Dingodile, who will randomly wander the screen, occasionally breaking crates. Running into Dingodile will cause you to lose a life. Second is the totem god, who is rooted in place and will throw large rocks at Crash when he stands within his line of sight. Cleverly timed bombs can be used to defeat enemies, but they can also be simply avoided.