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In Crash Twinsanity, concept art is unlocked by collecting gems hidden throughout each level. There are six gems to be found per level, each of a different color: blue, clear, green, purple, red, and yellow. A gem's color indicates the type of concept art it unlocks. Blue gems unlock concept art of boss characters. Clear gems unlock cutscenes and other animations. Green gems unlock concept art and renders of enemy characters. Purple gems unlock miscellaneous concept art. Red gems unlock cutscene storyboard drawings, and yellow gems unlock art of concepts that did not make it into the final game. With sixteen levels in the game, there are a total of 96 galleries, though some galleries contain multiple pieces of concept art.

Blue Gem/Boss Galleries[]

Clear Gem/Movies[]

Green Gem/Enemy Galleries[]

Purple Gem/Concept Galleries[]

Red Gem/Cutscene Storyboard Galleries[]

N. Sanity Isle[]

Jungle Bungle[]

Cavern Catastrophe[]

Totem Hokum[]

Iceberg Lab[]

Ice Climb[]

Slip-Slide Icecapades[]

High Seas Hi-Jinks[]

Academy of Evil[]

Boiler Room Doom[]

Classroom Chaos[]

Rooftop Rampage[]

Twinsanity Island[]

Rock-Slide Rumble[]

Bandicoot Pursuit[]

Ant Agony[]

Yellow Gem/Unseen Galleries[]