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Crash Test Mummies (クラクラ・クレオパトロール lit. Dizzy Cleopatrol in Japanese) is the eleventh race course in Crash Tag Team Racing and the second race track placed within Tomb Town. It takes place within an Egyptian temple.

Track parameters


  • Total: 73
  • Gold: 65
  • Silver: 55
  • Bronze: 40
  • Time Limit: 1:15.00

Fast Lap:

  • Gold: 0:53.00
  • Silver: 0:56.00
  • Bronze: 0:59.00

Rolling Thunder:

  • Gold: 23
  • Silver: 18
  • Bronze: 13

Run and Gun:

  • Total: 42
  • Gold: 35
  • Silver: 30
  • Bronze: 20



  • Its English name is a pun on Crash Test Dummies, while its Japanese name is a pun on "Cleopatra" and "patrol".
  • The upper pathway near the end of the track can be accessed by going to a TNT Crate in Tomb Town, overlooking the track and blowing up a pillar, which forms a bridge to the upper road.
  • There are 3 short cuts, such as... On the first we can see a little stunt of track way,At the middle you can see like a many way.We can go up and down , If we go down just follow it and if we go up,We'll need to cross the broken bridge anduse the booster.And the last is from TNT crate in Tomb Town and we need to go into the pyramid on up, After that cross the maze,and last we can see TNT crate.Just destroy it and make the cabel give the TNT exploded and destroy the pillar into a shortcut.But if we want use the shortcut we need focus to the shortcut to go left correctly.If not we cannot go by pass it.It maybe can make stuck on middle of fence or go to ordinary way.
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