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This is a list of all Special Karts from Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.


Special Karts are karts bodies with pre-set elements such as wheels, paint jobs and stickers, that cannot be customized. They have their own menu in the kart select screen separate from individual elements. Special Karts are only available from special editions and promotional events.

List of Special Karts[]

Body Unlock Condition Nitro Boost (GP)
DefaultNF Retro Kart
Blue Retro Kart
PS4 exclusive None
DefaultNF Pink Retro Kart
Pink Retro Kart
PS4 exclusive None
DefaultNF Red Retro Kart
Red Retro Kart
PS4 exclusive None
DefaultNF Indigo Retro Kart
Indigo Retro Kart
PS4 exclusive None
DefaultNF Purple Retro Kart
Purple Retro Kart
PS4 exclusive None
DefaultNF Aqua Retro Kart
Aqua Retro Kart
PS4 exclusive None
DefaultNF Green Retro Kart
Green Retro Kart
PS4 exclusive None
DefaultNF Olive Retro Kart
Olive Retro Kart
PS4 exclusive None
DefaultNF Firehawk Kart
USA and Europe limited DLC None
DefaultNF Xfinity Flash Kart
Xfinity Flash Kart
Xfinity Customer Exclusive (activation code can be redeemed twice) None


Retro Karts[]

CTRNF-PS4 Retro 01s

Retro Karts are low-poly models of the Classic Kart Body with the same textures as the original karts of the main roster of Crash Team Racing. Their Wheels can be equipped independently on other kart bodies, but their unique Paint Jobs cannot be used elsewhere. They are only available on the PlayStation 4 version of Nitro-Fueled and come with "Retro" skins of Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot and Doctor Neo Cortex and the Retro Stadium track.[1]


Firehawk DLC

The Firehawk kart is modeled after a classic military plane and behaves like a hover kart. It can be purchased as DLC for a limited time as part of the annual Call of Duty Endowment charity event held by Activision. It was introduced at the beginning of the Spooky Grand Prix.[2]

Xfinity Flash[]

Xfinity kart artwork

The Xfinity Flash is modeled after a race car and has its own set of Legendary-tier wheels, which behaves similarly to the Neon Wheels. A code could be claimed by any Comcast Xfinity customer from February 21st, a day after the beginning of the Gasmoxia Grand Prix to March 15th, 2020. Each code can be used twice to redeem the kart, regardless of region-lock. These codes can only be redeemed up to May 31st.



  • Special Karts can be glitched to be equipped with a different Paint Job.
  • The Firehawk model was reused with neon colors for a flying ride in the background of Koala Carnival. This same new model was then introduced with the Post-Grand Prix content as the Neon Hawk kart, available in the Pit Stop.