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Combine and Conquer!

The game's tagline

Crash Tag Team Racing is the third racing game in the Crash Bandicoot series, developed by Radical Entertainment and was released on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, GameCube, and Xbox in 2005.

The game's story centers on the exploits of the protagonist, Crash Bandicoot, who must win the ownership of a dilapidated theme park by finding its missing Power Gems before his nemesis, Doctor Neo Cortex, can do so.

Content from the game was later remade as part of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, released on June 21, 2019.


The gameplay of this game is very different from Crash Team Racing and Crash Nitro Kart, featuring heavy, full-sized cars in place of go-karts, with racing that places a greater emphasis on combat. This game's main highlight is the ability to merge two cars. As a result, one of the players shoots other cars, while the other one drives. Battle arenas return, along with the new addition of stunt arenas, which are designed for pulling off rolls and flips in the air to rack up points. Also, it is possible to explore the MotorWorld in Adventure Mode, where the player unlocks the game's many tracks, arenas, and minigames. While exploring the MotorWorld, Crash travels on foot and can do jobs for all the characters listed below in order to earn rewards such as new cars and weapon upgrades. He can go to each section of the MotorWorld and collect Wumpa Coins to buy outfits or crystals from Park Drones. When Crash collects enough Power Crystals he can unlock the Jump Pad leading to a Gem and unlocking the next area of the park.



The title screen from the European and American version of Crash Tag Team Racing

There are 11 major characters in the game, with 8 out of them playable. The major characters are:

  • Crash Bandicoot - More immature than before, enjoys annoying and attacking other people and creatures, especially chickens. He is trying to find the Power Gems in order to prevent Cortex from making a new base in the park.
  • Doctor Neo Cortex - Even shorter, he is trying to find the Power Gems in order to own the park and make a new base.
  • Coco Bandicoot - She is depicted to be more preppy with some "daddy's little girl" tendencies.
  • Nina Cortex - More gothic, she likes violence and sadness and also, like Crash, acts a bit immature at times. She remains silent in FMV cutscenes though is now far more talkative in character missions.
  • Crunch Bandicoot - Now has a personality very similar to Mr. T, including the Mr. Crunch costume.
  • Doctor N. Gin - Now he has gray skin and black hair. He also seems to be a masochist and very effeminate.
  • Pasadena O'Possum - A country girl who is loyal to Von Clutch and falls head over heels for Crash.
  • Ebenezer Von Clutch - An eccentric German-accented cyborg. He lost his Black Heart Power Gem (a gem that acts as a heart to him) and now proposes a challenge: whoever finds his gem, will be the new owner of his park.
  • Willie Wumpa Cheeks - The kooky Von Clutch mascot. Enjoys rhymes and riddles which tend to irritate others. Without anyone knowing, he was the one who stole Von Clutch's gem and escaped to Astro Land.
  • Chick Gizzard Lips - The chicken commentator who talks the most in his reports. He acts as serious as a human reporter.
  • Stew - Chick's co-commentator. He also keeps changing his hair or hat. He acts a little crazy in the cutscenes, saying wrong things at the wrong times.

Playable Characters[]

Character Unlock Condition Color Weapon
Crash Bandicoot
Unlocked by default Orange Wumpa Gun
Doctor Neo Cortex
Yellow Chargeable Energy Balls
Pasadena O'Possum
Complete the "Miss Demeanor" mission
Unlocked alongside Harm Aid
Purple Spinning Tornado Lightning
Crunch Bandicoot
Complete the mission, "Stay In Milk"
Unlocked alongside The Guzzler
Red Hot Rivet Gun
Coco Bandicoot
Complete the "Fusion Freak" mission
Unlocked alongside Nostalginator
Pink Sticky Lightning Gun
Nina Cortex
Complete the "Gothmobile" mission
Unlocked alongside Organ Grinder1/Tweenage Wasteland2
Blue Energy Shotgun
Doctor N. Gin
Complete the "Gigawatts Of Power" mission
Unlocked alongside Extreme Surplus
Gray Rocket Launcher
Ebenezer Von Clutch
Complete the "Der Ubermobile" mission
Unlocked alongside Zwergauto
Green Radioactive Bomblets


Each character in the game can don one special skin, togglable in the character select screen, which can be bought from park drones for wumpa coins. Crash is the exception, with eight skins instead.


Character Vehicle Tier Type Unlock Condition
Crash Bandicoot Trikee1 1 Race Unlocked by default
Retro Prime 2
Crash Tag Team Racing Yellow Horde
Yellow Horde
2 Stunt Complete the "Hen Pecked" mission
3 Battle Complete "The Biggest Male Chicken" mission
Dr. Neo Cortex ImperiumRender
1 Stunt Unlocked by default
Crash Tag Team Racing Deadinator
The Deadinator 1
2 Race Complete the "Mad With Power" mission
Futurosity 2
Crash Tag Team Racing Probulot 2000
Probulot 2000
3 Battle Complete the "Mass Helpinc" mission
Pasadena O'Possum HarmAidRender
Harm Aid
1 Complete the "Miss Demeanor" mission
Unlocked alongside Pasadena
Bad Girl 1
2 Race Complete the "Inbred Intricacies" mission
Ruckus 2
Le Chaux
3 Stunt Complete the "Red State Rewards" mission
Crunch Bandicoot Crash Tag Team Racing Guzzler
The Guzzler
1 Complete the mission, "Stay In Milk"
Unlocked alongside Crunch
Crash Tag Team Racing Overcompensator
2 Battle Complete the "Whackamoleaholic" mission
Crash Tag Team Racing Bone Machine
Bone Machine 1
3 Race Complete the mission, "Crunch Needs The Coins"
Crash Tag Team Racing Cuhalftr
Colostomator 2
Coco Bandicoot NostalginatorRender
1 Complete the "Fusion Freak" mission
Unlocked alongside Coco
Crash Tag Team Racing Bandibuggy
2 Stunt Complete the mission, "Help Coco"
Fairy Mobile
3 Battle Complete the "500 Donkey Power" mission
Nina Cortex OrganGrinder
Organ Grinder 1
1 Race Complete the "Gothmobile" mission
Unlocked alongside Nina
Crash Tag Team Racing Nina Car
Tweenage Wasteland 2
Crash Tag Team Racing Angsterator
2 Stunt Complete the mission, "Nina's First Job"
Crash Tag Team Racing Slave Driver
Slave Driver
3 Battle Complete the "Testy Troubles" mission
Dr. N. Gin Crash Tag Team Racing Extreme Surplus
Extreme Surplus
1 Complete the "Gigawatts Of Power" mission
Unlocked alongside N. Gin
Junkulon Prime
2 Race Complete the "Pretty Up" mission
Doom Buggy
3 Stunt Complete the "Slippery Slope" mission
Ebenezer Von Clutch ZwergautoRender
1 Complete the "Der Ubermobile" mission
Unlocked alongside Von Clutch
Der Pickle
2 Race Complete the "Der Hasselhoffer" mission
3 Battle Complete the "Von Clutch Uber Alles" mission
1 - Exclusive to console versions, but can be ported over to PSP via the PS2 version
2 - Exclusive to the PSP version, but can be ported over to PS2


Ebenezer Von Clutch, a German-accented cyborg, has created a highly dangerous racing theme park. However, the park's Power Gems and Von Clutch's Black Heart Power Gem have been stolen. He sets up a special event for his park in which anybody who finds his Black Heart Power Gem acquires the new ownership of his park, but nobody is interested, except for Pasadena O'Possum. During the last day that Von Clutch can keep on functioning without his Black Heart Power Gem, Doctor Neo Cortex, N. Gin, and Nina are chasing Crash, Coco, and Crunch Bandicoot near a roadway that leads to Von Clutch's MotorWorld. They crash through the gates of the MotorWorld, and Von Clutch persuades them to enter. At first, Von Clutch's proposal did not catch the Bandicoots' attention, but when Cortex decides to help just so he could acquire a new base for planning schemes to crush the Bandicoots, Crash, Coco, and Crunch have no choice but to find the Black Power Gem before Cortex and his companions do. At first, they must find the Power Gems needed to power other sections of the MotorWorld and one by one. Having entered the park, Crash sees the first gem on a statue gaining him access to the Mystery Island. There, he's finds the second gem on a small pillar, with perfect timing he swaps it with a small bag then proceeding to Happily Ever Faster. The third gem is guarded by a park employee dressed as a princess trapped in a tower, Crash tugs on his wig and the employee falls tower unconscious allowing Crash to take the gem and go to Tyrannosaurus Wrecks. Seeing a cow drop in from nowhere and press itself against the ledges, Crash used it as a bridge to get the fourth gem and move on to Tomb Town. Crash sees the fifth gem in the nose of an Egyptian Von Clutch statue, then he presses a nearby button which shakes the statue releasing the gem, having picked it up Crash heads for Astro Land.

Back in the park, Cortex enters the scene with bandages on his head shouting in frustration, "Curses, some sinister force is upstaging my evil plan. Curses! Curses! CURSES!!" Coco finds a link between all the stolen Power Gems in which there was a trail of Wumpa Whip at the scene of every stolen Power Gem. Crash is drinking Wumpa Whip at the time, so everyone blames him regardless of the fact that he found the other gems in the first place. Willie Wumpa Cheeks gets out of frustration for their stupidity, then gives himself up and turns out that he is the perpetrator, but at first, nobody believed him (except Von Clutch who went into denial) until he revealed the Black Gem in his bag before running off towards Astro Land, indicating that Crash is innocent.

Crash soon finds him about to blast off with the Black Gem in a rocket (which is actually a Rocket Simulator attraction) and pulls a lever to stop it from supposedly taking off. Crunch picks Willie up by his nose and Pasadena demands that Willie return the Power Gem, but Willie refuses. Cortex then shoots Willie from a simple flying machine, turning him into a blob, and then targets the Bandicoots and fires the trigger, but Crunch pulls up a piece of metal from the ground to block the shots. Then, Crash throws a chicken into the motor of the machine, causing it to fly out of control and off the MotorWorld. The Bandicoots are given the park's ownership as the reward but Coco decides to return it to Von Clutch, only to learn from a devastated Pasadena that he had stopped functioning. Pasadena sadly puts her hands on Von Clutch's back, making two doors open in his chest while Crunch weeps. Meanwhile, Crash is drinking some Wumpa Whip from Willie's nose and accidentally gulps something. He coughs up the Black Gem, which somewhat lands conveniently inside Von Clutch. He comes back to life and starts singing, giving unlimited free passes to the MotorWorld to the Bandicoots from then on. Von Clutch pats Crash on the back numerous times. Crash then pats him on the back and the gem falls out of Von Clutch's body. He then rushes back to the car he had at the beginning, smiles and drives away by himself before anyone could take action against him, leaving Coco and Crunch standing there. Coco then slaps her head while Crunch shrugs at a shocked Pasadena.

Race Tracks[]

Hub area Track
Mystery island icon
Mystery Island
Tiki Turbo
Pirates of the Carburetor
Deep Sea Driving
Happily ever faster icon
Happily Ever Faster
Once Upon a Tire
Track and the Beanstalk
Tyrannosaurus wrecks icon
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
Fossil Fuel Injection
Labrea Car Pits
Tire & Ice
Tomb town icon
Tomb Town
Dead Heat
Crash Test Mummies
Pyramid Pass
Astro land icon
Astro Land
Rings of Uranus
Uranus' Mine
Craters on Uranus






Upon release, Crash Tag Team Racing received mixed to positive reviews.

TeamXbox's Matthew Fisher praised the clashing mechanics as an addition to the gameplay and the variety in the tracks and weapons. GameSpot's Alex Navarro echoed similar sentiments, stating that "the racing isn't exactly the star of the show, but Crash Tag Team Racing 's supplemental elements pull the whole thing together into a unique and most enjoyable experience." By contrast, Navarro criticized the PSP version's loading times, referring to them as "painful."

Greg Ford and Kathleen Sanders, two reviewers from Electronic Gaming Monthly, criticized the repetition of completing tracks and worlds to unlock new things and dismissed the game being for younger players. Ford, on the other hand, said that the gameplay's different elements were "inoffensively competent."

GameSpy's Hector Guzman praised the game's clashing mechanic, but criticized the platforming camera for its "horrific clumsiness." G4's Justin Speer felt that Crash Tag Team Racing was short and shallow despite the platforming and racing elements being decent. Nintendo World Report's Karl Castaneda criticized the racing, lack of weapon variety, vehicles, and the fetch-quests, labeling them as "bland." However, he found the game's Stunt mode to be entertaining. The overall difficulty was criticized for being too easy, and a lack of online multiplayer, especially in the PS2, Xbox, and PSP versions, was also criticized.

The game's graphics drew in positive remarks, noticing the cartoonish, colorful, and well-animated, but less than impressive landscapes. Fisher, who voiced this sentiment, said that "the overall look is only hampered by occasional bits of slowdown, and some lacking level design." IGN's Charles Onyett and Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson noted the game's high degree detail and extra moving parts, but Gibson noticed that some levels were dimly lit and Onyett criticized the graphics in the Die-O-Rama cutscenes compared to those in regular gameplay. Navarro praised the explosive car destruction as "one of the great joys in the game", but noticed that the Nintendo GameCube version had some frame-rate drops. Guzamn praised the cutscenes as "admirably animated", but described the overall visuals as "garish". Castaneda considered the presentation to be passable, elaborating that "The frame-rate is a tad buggy at times, but never during races, so it isn't much of a bother. The character models fit the cast well enough, but it still doesn't look that much better than the 32-bit version of the last game.

The game's overall audio received mostly negative remarks, but Gibson praised the sound effects and music as "great" and "excellent". The overall voice-acting received a more positive response. Navarro praised the comedic quality of the voice-acting despite the occasional obnoxiousness, and singled out the henchmen and the "woefully underutilized" chicken commentators Chick and Stew as "great fun". Castaneda was also impressed by the voice-acting, and claimed that the "clever writing and dynamite delivery will definitely make you laugh out loud a couple times". Guzman described the character banter as "rich, colorful, and amusing". Fisher felt that the voice work was merely decent, while Onyett found some of the character voices, particularly that of Pasadena O'Possum, to be annoying.

Version Differences[]

Console Differences[]

  • The PSP version has noticeably graphical downgrades. Certain visual effects are missing and many bits of scenery in hub worlds have been omitted.
  • The PSP version does not have a rear view mirror.
  • The PSP version has an exclusive Co-op Race mode, forcing players to remain clashed the entire race. This mode can be unlocked in the PS2 version by linking the two.
  • The PSP version also has soundtrack downgrades. The music for the main park does not transition according to areas, only changing when you enter a new hub world. The losing position themes for race tracks will also always play in third laps, regardless of your position.
  • One exclusive car for 5 characters (Crash, Cortex, Pasadena, Crunch, and Nina) and 2 extra battle arenas can be unlocked by connecting the PSP version to the PS2 version. The data for the PSP levels exists in the PS2 version by default and can be accessed via hacking.
  • The PSP version lacks a Split Screen multiplayer option, using Ad-Hoc wireless for the same interface as LAN multiplayer in the PS2 and Xbox verions. Since the characters and vehicles are chosen at random in this mode, skins and cars are not sold in the PSP Gift Shop.
  • The PSP version has lower score requirements for a Gold Trophy in all Minigames, except for the Bowling Minigames.
  • The PSP and GCN versions have an extra loading screen after the "Von Clutch Makes a Deal" cutscene.
  • The GCN version does not have LAN multiplayer.
  • The PS2 version only allows two players in Split Screen, while the Xbox and GCN versions allow up to four. Despite this, the box for the PS2 version erroneously states the game has Multi Tap support.
  • As a result of the above difference, Crunch's Guzzler and Coco's Nostalginator (as well as the characters themselves) are unlocked from the start in multiplayer on Xbox and GCN, where they must be purchased for 500 Wumpa Coins each on PS2.
  • When the loading screen appears, you can press the action buttons (X or Triangle on PS2, X and Circle for PSP, A and B on GCN) to cause a burp or fart sound effect to play, respectively. The sound can also be made lower and higher by moving the right Analog Stick up and down on the PS2 and the control stick on the GCN.
  • The PSP version also maintains all changes made in the PAL PS2 version.
  • When played on a PlayStation Vita, the PSP version cannot connect to the PlayStation 2 version over USB.

Regional Differences[]

  • The NTSC version included hidden commentary by the cast by halting the credits sequence. Other regions keep the ability to stop the credits, but the commentary option is omitted.
  • In the NTSC version, the FMV intro features dialogue on the news captions. This is edited out in the other regions.
  • The NTSC-J version uses the Japanese Crash skin by default, whose animations are fully completed. Most other unlockable skins were also redesigned to match the Japanese look.
  • The Die-O-Rama "The Smell of Money" is absent in the NTSC-J version.
  • The PAL PS2 version has a 25/30 second framerate, though other versions maintain 50/60 second framerate.
  • The PAL version features a few bug fixes and extra animations that were missing in the NTSC version.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese クラッシュ・バンディクー がっちゃんこワールド
Kurasshu bandikū gatchanko wārudo

This game was developed in English and was officially localized into Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Voice cast[]

Language Voice actor Character
English Amy Gross[a] Nina Cortex
Bill Farmer[a] Old Man
Park Drone
Chris Coppola[a] Park Drone
Adult Man
Charles Dennis[a] Park Drone
Chris Williams[a] Crunch Bandicoot
Danny Mann[a] Ebenezer Von Clutch
Debi Derryberry[a] Coco Bandicoot
Duane Shepard[a] Stew
Jess Harnell[a] Crash Bandicoot
Park Drone
Lex Lang[a] Neo Cortex
Nolan North[a] N. Gin
Quinton Flynn[a] Chick Gizzard Lips
Roger L. Jackson[a] Willie Wumpa Cheeks
Park Drone
Shanelle Workman[a] Pasadena O'Possum
Susan Silo[a] Old Woman
Mature Woman
Vanessa Marshall[a] Adult Woman
Andrew Dawson[1] Aku Aku
Italian Silvano Piccardi[2] Neo Cortex
Gianni Quillico[2] N. Gin
Renata Bertolas[2] Nina Cortex
Marco Balbi[2] Crunch Bandicoot
Luca Bottale[2] Ebenezer Von Clutch
Emanuela Pacotto[2] Pasadena O'Possum
Giorgio Melazzi[2] Willie Wumpa Cheeks
Luca Sandri[2] Chick Gizzard Lips
Marco Balzarotti[2] Stew
Japanese Shōzō Iizuka[b] Neo Cortex
Chihiro Kusaka
Eri Moritani
Satomi Arai
Kazuhiro Anzai
Takaya Kuroda
Mitsuru Ogata
Funaki Masado
Yoshiko Kamei
Iho Matsukubo
Hiroshi Ōtake
Himeno Keiji
Yasumichi Kushida
Keiichi Takahashi
Masafumi Kimura
Voice actors[c]


See: Crash Tag Team Racing/Gallery


  • This is the first game in the series to feature skins as a concept.
  • The sound the coins make when picked up is recycled from The Simpsons: Hit & Run.
  • The game was also going to be like The Simpsons: Hit and Run, another game by Radical Entertainment, with a bunch of free roam levels and more activities.
  • Crash Tag Team Racing was chosen as the Best 2006 Video Game in the Nickelodeon magazine, and Crash was chosen as the Best Character, winning a total of 2 Golden Thumb Awards.
  • This is the first game in the Crash Bandicoot series to be rated higher than E in in the ESRB scale and higher than PEGI-3 in the PEGI scale.
    • However, Cortex still refers to the game as being rated E in one of his voice clips, likely due to the recording being made before the game was actually rated.
  • In each track of the game, except in the PlayStation Portable version, the music changes after two-thirds of the race. Each track has a final lap for racing in 1st & 2nd place, racing from 3rd to 5th place and racing in 6th to 8th place.
  • In Crash of the Titans, Tiny Tiger breaks the fourth wall by complaining that he wasn't invited to "the last game," referring to Tag Team Racing, though Boom Bang! was released in between Tag Team Racing and Crash of the Titans where Tiny does feature in.
  • In one cutscene, Von Clutch breaks the fourth wall by telling the Bandicoots, Cortex, N. Gin and Nina, "I have all your games!" They just look at each other, confused.
  • From here on out until Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, Crash "talks" through gibberish noises, courtesy of Jess Harnell, who was also Lo-Lo in Wrath of Cortex and Spyro in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.
  • Remixes of Crash Twinsanity's theme can be heard at certain times in the game.
    • Around the time the music in Happily Ever Faster or Deep Sea Driving end;
    • During Tomb Town;
    • "Critter Clobber" mini-game;
    • Ending cutscene "I Hate Chicken";
    • Credits.
  • The Tragic Kingdom battle arena plays the Rooftop Rampage theme from Twinsanity.
  • This would be the last console Crash game to be released in Japan until the release of the N. Sane Trilogy.
  • A Japanese model of Crash was made for their release. He still does the infamous Crash Dance, when standing still in adventure mode or in a race.
  • Enabling the Japanese Crash cheat code will cause the original Crash to have minor glitches like: Crash's pupils float above his head and his shadow shows him in the "T" position sticking his arms out. (the "T" position is a pose that 3D character models stand in when they have not been given any movements to perform.)
  • When Willie gives himself away, he's standing next to Nina, but when he tries to convince everyone that he's the culprit, he's standing in front of them. In the same scene, Coco is nowhere to be found.
  • Chick Gizzard Lips and Stew are parodies of Howard Cosell and George Foreman, respectively. They are sports commentators with the same kind of voices and speech patterns.
  • Many of the game's vehicles were re-used in Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D and Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2. In addition, Crash's Crikey greatly resembles the jeep from Wrath of Cortex.
  • Aku Aku makes a cameo appearance in one section of Tiki Turbo. When you pass through this section, the sound that plays in the first few games when an Aku Aku Mask is collected can be heard. However, he was intended to have more than just a cameo in the game, as he would have had appeared in the pause menu and at the end of a race.
  • In this game, the spelling of N. Gin's name has changed to N-Gin.
  • One of the things that Coco may say if damaged during a race is, "Aw, derriberries!" This is a reference to Debi Derriberry, who has done Coco's voice ever since Wrath of Cortex.
  • The clashing feature bears a strong resemblance to Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, as in this game, two characters occupy the same vehicle.
  • This was the first Crash game to have elements named after Wumpa Fruit, but not include them as a collectible directly.
  • There are a lot of references to The Simpsons: Hit & Run, which is another game developed by Radical Entertainment. The people walking around the park say many lines from that game, and one of the game's text hints is: "Have you played Hit & Run? Man, that was a great game." Pasadena O'Possum also says the line: "Man, this video game su-uuucks!" if she loses a race, which is also said by Homer Simpson in Hit & Run.
  • The Nega Crash outfit is based on Evil Crash from Twinsanity.
  • There were originally supposed to be more than eight playable characters.
  • There are a handful of Star Trek references in the game such as Nina's quote: "Warp factor 10" and the Star Crash outfit that resembles a Star Trek uniform.
  • A few more racing and free roam levels were going to be added, but then got cancelled.
  • Some of the game's music pieces are based on classical compositions and popular songs.
    • The music when racing in Tiki Turbo during normal mode is based on "He's A Pirate" from Pirates of the Caribbean film series.
    • The music when racing in Once Upon a Tire during 6th to 8th place is based on "Carnival of the Animals - VII. Aquarium" by Camille Saint-Saëns.
    • The music when racing in Evilocity during 3rd to 5th place is a spooky rendition of "Night on Bald Mountain" by Modest Mussorgsky.
    • The music when racing in Labrea Car Pits is based on "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky.
    • The music when racing in Tire & Ice is based on some Russian folk songs such as "Kalinka" when normal mode, and "Korobeiniki" (better known as "Type-A" from Tetris) when final lap at 1st and 2nd place,
      • Additionally when normal mode, "Hungarian Dance No. 5" by Johannes Brahms and "Trepak" from the famous ballet The Nutcracker by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky also included.
    • Finally, the music when at the end of Grand Prix, it is an a capella cover of "Pomp and Circumstance Marches" by Edward Elgar.
  • In the cutscene where Willie Wumpa Cheeks confesses his crime of stealing the Power Gems from the park and Von Clutch's Black Heart Power Gem, He says "And I would've succeeded too if it weren't for you meddling Bandicoots!", which is a reference to "And I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!", which is a famous line heard in the famous Hanna-Barbera & Warner Bros. Animation cartoon, Scooby-Doo.
  • With the exception of Willie, all characters who debuted in this game wouldn't appear again until Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.
  • This was the final game in the Crash Bandicoot series for the Nintendo GameCube, and the Xbox.
  • This is also the first Crash Bandicoot game on the PlayStation Portable.


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