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Crash Nitro Kart 2 (originally known as Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart[1]) is a mobile racing game that was released sometime in June of 2008. There are sixteen tracks and eight playable characters. There are also six game modes to choose from.

A 3D version of the game known as Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D was released shortly after in July 2008. The games are largely the same, sharing the same main menu music and very similar plots and character rosters, with earlier versions even reusing CNK2's character icons. The main differences between the two are differing track designs and the exclusion of Nina Cortex and Tiny Tiger from 3D's roster, as well as the addition of Dingodile and Polar in the iOS version.


Nitros Oxide returns to Earth and is attempting to turn the planet into a concrete parking lot. This time, however, he skips his "Survival of the Fastest" game and proceeds with his plan immediately, now with Cortex and Ripper Roo backing him up. The first step of his plan is to deforest the bamboo groves which happen to be the home of Yaya Panda. Yaya calls on Crash and Coco for help, and so the bandicoots set off to race for the fate of the planet once again.


With the exception of Tiny Tiger, all characters who were present in the PlayStation-era Crash games have reverted to that era's designs. Nina has also been given a redesign that resembles her appearance in Crash Tag Team Racing.

Character Description Unlock Condition
Our Bandicoot is a racer with a good balance of skills. Unlocked by default
Dr. Cortex
This evil genius has good acceleration, but lacks accuracy. Unlocked by default
She prefers maneuverability to speed. Complete challenges 1 and 2
Ripper Roo
A crazy racer with bursts of acceleration, but speed isn't his strong point. Complete challenges 3 and 4
She likes speed and accuracy, but her acceleration is gradual. Complete challenges 5 and 6
Nina Cortex
Her cyborg arms allow Cortex's niece to maneuver extremely well. Complete challenges 7 and 8
Tiny Tiger
Now tamed, he has retained his hunting instincts. His acceleration is incredible! Crush 50 karts in Monster Truck mode
This alien moves at the speed of light, but he's slow on acceleration. Complete Sudden Death mode


Quick Race[]

Quick Race consists of a single race on a randomly selected track with a random player character and kart.


Cup mode has players race a set of four tracks in a row, with points awarded for depending on where they place in each race. The racer with the most points overall wins. Like other racing games in the series, Cups consist of four races. There are four cups in the game;

Cup Tracks
Silver Piston Cup Zen Race, Yaya's Track, Totem Track, Tiny's Track
Silver Steering Wheel Cup Crash's Creek, Coco's Track, Rocky Falls, Canyon Ripper
Gold Piston Cup Spider Race, Cortex's Belvedere, Orichalch Track, Abyss Avenue
Gold Steering Wheel Cup Nina's Track, Toxic Tunnels, Oxide's Track, Star Track

Completing a cup awards the player with a star. Earning all 4 four stars from each cup allows the player to attempt Sudden Death mode.


Challenge mode is the main story mode of the game. It consists of eight missions to complete.

Mission Objective Character Course
Save Yaya! Use weapons to attack Oxide and make sure Yaya places 1st. 1576548371856 Zen Race
Wumpas galore! Collect more wumpa fruit than Oxide. 1576548371856 Crash's Creek
Nitroactive baths Hit Cortex with a missile 3 times, then win the race. 1576544900274 Nina's Track
The eternal second Cross the finish line ahead of Ripper Roo for all 3 laps. 1576520104622 Totem Track
Karts on the rocks Collect all of the C. R. A. S. H. letters to activate monster truck mode, then crush all 3 enemies at least once. 1576548371856 Rocky Falls
Underwater oil Win the race. 1576520104622 Orichalch Track
Carbon monOxide Make Oxide fall into a hole 3 times, then win the race. 1576544900274 Spider Race
The ultimate challenge Win the boss race against Oxide. 1576548371856 Oxide's Track

Coco, Yaya, Ripper Roo and Nina are unlocked as playable by completing missions. Completing all missions unlocks Monster Truck mode.


Arcade races are the main free racing mode, allowing players to race on any track they want with any character and kart combo. They are also the only method of unlocking new karts.

10 Wumpa Fruit spawn in pre-determined locations on each track. Collecting the fruits and placing 3rd or above in the race adds the fruit you've collected to a counter, which counts up to allow the player to unlock new karts. A maximum of 10 fruit total can be collected per track, meaning to unlock all karts, the player must get all 10 fruits on all 16 tracks.

Sudden Death[]

Players must race through all of the tracks in the game. If players do not finish in first or second, then they must restart from the beginning. In addition, the first character to complete their third lap causes the race to end, regardless of what position the player is in. There are 4 racers total including the player as opposed to the usual 6. Two of these are randomly selected from any character aside from the one the player is racing as, while the fourth is always Oxide. This mode is unlocked upon completion of all of the Cups.

Monster Truck[]

This mode has the player racing around in a monster truck. The point of this mode is to smash as many enemies as possible in two minutes. Tiny is unlocked by crushing 50 enemies in one round in this mode. Once all of the missions in Challenge Mode are completed, this mode is unlocked.


There are eight karts in the game. Other than the first one, they are all locked. In order to unlock them, the player must collect a certain amount of Wumpa Fruit. Despite each kart belonging to a specific character, any character can race in any kart.

Kart Stats Unlock Condition
CNK2 Crash Kart
Crash's Kart
Acceleration - High
Speed - Med
Handling - Low
Unlocked by default
CNK2 Coco Kart
Coco's Kart
Acceleration - Med
Speed - High
Handling - Med
Unlocked with 35 wumpa fruit
CNK2 Cortex Kart
Cortex's Kart
Acceleration - Very High
Speed - Low
Handling - Med
Unlocked with 50 wumpa fruit
CNK2 Ripper Roo Kart
Ripper Roo's Kart
Acceleration - Med
Speed - High
Handling - Low
Unlocked with 70 wumpa fruit
CNK2 Yaya Kart
Yaya's Kart
Acceleration - Med
Speed - High
Handling - High
Unlocked with 100 wumpa fruit
CNK2 Nina Kart
Nina's Kart
Acceleration - Med
Speed - High
Handling - Very High
Unlocked with 120 wumpa fruit
CNK2 Tiny Kart
Tiny Tiger's Kart
Acceleration - Very High
Speed - High
Handling - Med
Unlocked with 135 wumpa fruit
CNK2 Oxide Kart
Oxide's Kart
Acceleration - High
Speed - Very High
Handling - Med
Unlocked with 160 wumpa fruit


Items can be obtained by breaking a ? Crate on the track. Items are either weapons used to hinder other players, or helpful items for the user's benefit.

Power-Up Description
CNK2 shield icon
Power Shield
Creates a yellow force field of electricity around the player, protecting them from other racer's weapons and some course hazards. It isn't broken by attacks, remaining until its time runs out or the racer falls into a pit. It cannot be launched and doesn't harm racers that bump into a racer using one.
CNK2 missile icon
When fired, the missile homes in on the racer ahead, sending them flying into the air, briefly stopping them and killing their speed on impact. When the player is holding a missile, it can be seen attached to the back of their kart. When a missile is homing in on the player, a yellow ! symbol appears on the back of their kart.
CNK2 rc icon
RC Car
A small remote controlled car, resembling Crash. When used it zips ahead to the person in first place and bursts their tyres, slowing them to a crawl for a few seconds. It's most similar to a Warp Orb or a Tornado Top, except for the fact it only affects the racer in first.
CNK2 aku aku icon
Kart Jacker
This item allows you to "jack" the kart of the racer immediately ahead of you. This swaps your positions on the track, swaps your kart for theirs, and even allows you to take whatever items they may have had at the time. For some reason, Aku Aku features as this item's icon.
CNK2 hourglass icon
Slows all other racers to a snail's pace for a few seconds, while leaving the user at the same speed. Functionally the same as an N. Tropy Clock.
CNK2 airplane icon
Airplane Wings
Gives the user's kart wings, allowing them to fly over hazards and pits while also giving them a speed boost for the duration of the power-up. Coco's Track and Star Track feature a barrier that grants this power-up upon going through it, allowing the racers to fly over a body of water. The effect can only be ended prematurely by being hit by a missile.
CNK2 hole icon
Creates a perfectly round cartoon hole in the track behind the player. If a racer falls in, they must be rescued by the robotic mask. Racers with Monster Truck mode active are too big to fall into these holes.
CNK2 boost icon
Gives the user a quick burst of speed. Can be picked up as a single item or in a set of 2.
CNK2 tyre spike icon
Tyre Spikes
Makes large metal spikes appear, poking out on either side of the user's back wheels. If the user rams into the side of another racer with this active, it bursts their tyres, significantly slowing them down for a few seconds.

There is also a tenth power-up which can't be obtained via crates. During most race modes, on every track, there are C. R. A. S. H. letters scattered around to collect, similarly to a CTR Challenge. Once all 5 letters are collected, monster truck mode is temporarily activated, giving the player an extended speed boost, invincibility and the ability to crush any opponents in their way. Monster truck mode automatically ends after a set brief time period, but it can end prematurely if the user falls into a pit.


There are sixteen tracks total, with two in each of the eight worlds. Each character has their own home track.

Course Map World
Yaya's Track Yaya's track map The bamboo forest
Zen Race Zen race map The bamboo forest
Totem Track Totem track map Up in the woods
Tiny's Track Tiny track map Up in the woods
Crash's Creek Crash's creek map The sandcastles
Coco's Track Coco's track map The sandcastles
Rocky Falls Rocky falls map The long canyon
Canyon Ripper Canyon ripper map The long canyon
Spider Race Spider race map Arachneland
Cortex's Belvedere Cortex's belvedere map Arachneland
Orichalch Track Orichalch track map Atlantis
Abyss Avenue Abyss avenue map Atlantis
Nina's Track Nina's track map The nitroactive sewers
Toxic Tunnels Toxic tunnels map The nitroactive sewers
Oxide's Track Oxide's track map Oxide's world
Star Track Star track map Oxide's world


There are no spoken voice clips, with the game's only audio being music, but there is some written dialogue attributed to specific characters.

Nitros Oxide[]

  • "I'll transform this world into a parking lot!" (Challenge mode intro)
  • "Yaya will never defeat me!" (Selecting the Save Yaya! mission)
  • "An ocean of nitro!" (Selecting the Wumpas Galore! mission)
  • "Cortex is the best!" (Selecting the Nitroactive Baths mission)
  • "Do you suffer from vertigo?" (Selecting the The Eternal Second mission)
  • "A perfect place for an ambush!" (Selecting the Karts on the Rocks mission)
  • "I'm the best, who dares to doubt it?" (Selecting the Underwater Oil mission)
  • "Coco will not stop me!" (Selecting the Carbon monOxide mission)
  • "At last! A duel to decide the winner." (Selecting the The Ultimate Challenge mission)

Unnamed Robotic Mask[]

  • "Welcome to Crash Nitro Kart 2. You can press "#" at any time to skip this tutorial. The kart accelerates automatically. Use 4 or 6 (or the directional pad) to turn left or right. Use 8 to brake and 2 to jump (or use the directional pad). Use 5 (or the central button of the directional pad) to activate a bonus." (Beginner's tutorial)
  • "Yaya has challenged Oxide to stop him from razing her forest. Don't let Oxide defeat Yaya." (Save Yaya! tutorial)
  • "Oxide feeds wumpas to his machine he created to change the oceans into nitro fuel. Collect more wumpas than him!" (Wumpas Galore! tutorial)
  • "Here is where Cortex refines Oxide's nitro fuel. Coco, blow Cortex up 3 times to bring him back down to Earth!" (Nitroactive Baths tutorial)
  • "Ripper Roo spreads panic among the Bandicoots to avenge Cortex. Cross the line at least 3 times ahead of him." (The Eternal Second tutorial)
  • "Foil the ambush: collect the letters C.R.A.S.H. and crush the villains flat as pancakes!" (Karts on the Rocks tutorial)
  • "Do not let the oceans become nitroactive! Get to Atlantis before the villains, and sabotage their machine." (Underwater Oil tutorial)
  • "Oxide's dimensional portal is here. Make him fall into a hole 3 times to stun him." (Carbon monOxide tutorial)
  • "Crash avoided Oxide's portal thanks to Coco. The winner of this race will decide the fate of the Earth!" (The Ultimate Challenge tutorial)
  • "Welcome on the Sudden death mode! [sic] 16 races await you. Be brave and arrive at least in second to qualify!" (Sudden Death mode tutorial)
  • "Crush maximum opponents in 2 minutes!" (Monster Truck mode tutorial)

Doctor Neo Cortex[]

  • "...And it won't be free of charge for you!" (Challenge mode intro)

Yaya Panda[]

  • "Crash! Only you can prevent this!" (Challenge mode intro)


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  • Ripper Roo wears a white T-shirt in this game as opposed to his usual strait-jacket, with his arms and hands being clearly visible holding the steering wheel when turning.
  • In certain worlds, hats are placed on the characters' heads during races.
    • In The Bamboo Forest, all characters are inexplicably wearing large straw hats.
    • In Atlantis and Oxide's World, all characters wear bubble-like space helmets to allow them to breathe.
  • An early mockup screenshot shows that the game was planned to have a snow themed world, featuring snowmen and icy water as obstacles. No such world appears in the final game.
  • Oddly enough, the game's promotional art uses the Crash of the Titans/Mind Over Mutant designs of Crash and Cortex, but the game itself uses the classic designs for the characters' mugs and in-game sprites.