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Crash Landed also known as I am Crash Bandicoot is a cancelled Crash game that was being developed by Radical Entertainment for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii. Development of the game began in 2009, but was abandoned two years later in favor of focusing on sister project Prototype 2. The game would have centered around Crash Bandicoot attempting to free his imprisoned bandicoot friends from Doctor Neo Cortex and his henchman, Dingodile. A Nintendo DS version was pitched by Renegade Kid, but ultimately rejected with competition from other developers who wanted to work on the DS version. A kart-racing spinoff was also being developed alongside Crash Landed.

Story & Setting

After being mutated by Cortex, Crash would have gotten involved with the task of rescuing his fellow bandicoots. Unlike Crash, these bandicoots weren't evolved by scientific contraptions yet, so they were mostly defenseless critters. They were internally referred to as "bandicutes" and some of the concept art shows that they would sometimes get trapped in very dangerous areas until Crash freed them. Besides Cortex, Dingodile would have been a major villain in the game; part of an unfinished cutscene shows him firing a bunch of bandicoots out of a cannon.



Crash would have traveled across many luscious and organic islands. On these islands, Crash would have had to save trapped bandicoots and defeat enemies, such as the Firefly Queen on "Black Rock Island". Many levels and locations were planned to six main locations such as a jungle, a beach, some caves, a swamp and Cortex's lab.

Life System

Crash would have had lives like the other games. He would have three hit points before he lost a life. As Crash lost bars on his health meter, his icon would appear beaten up.

Invention System

To make gadgets and weapons, Crash would have had to find items and combine them to make new items such as a "frogzooka".


Crash would have been able to ride creatures such as a warthog.

Weapons and Gadgets

Crash would come equipped with a variety of weapons and gadgets such as:

  • Frogzooka
  • Boombat
  • Glow Top
  • Fertilizer Gun
  • Bottle Rocket-Launcher
  • Jet Pack
  • Jet Ski



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