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Crash Dash is a minigame genre in Crash Bash. In it, the players take control of a hovercraft (except in Splash Dash, where players ride various sea creatures) and race around a circular arena ten times. There are four Crash Dash minigames: Dot Dash, Toxic Dash, Splash Dash and Dante's Dash. Crash Dash is often considered one of the hardest minigame genres as many players have difficulty with the controls.

The player has an energy gauge under their mug. By holding Square, the player accelerates and when they bump into another player while accelerating, they will get pushed away. Missiles also appear in two of the Crash Dash arenas (Dot Dash and Dante's Dash). When a player is hit by one of these, they will get pushed away, similar as to how they do when they get hit by an accelerating opponent.

In battle and tournament modes, the Crash Dash minigames are not available from the beginning, and can be unlocked when a player unlocks them in adventure mode.

Character Abilities

There are no character-specific abilities for this set of minigames. However, each character has a different colored hovercraft and each type rides a different animal in Splash Dash:

  • Crash Bandicoot / Coco Bandicoot / Fake Crash - Crash's hovercraft is blue, Coco's is pink and Fake Crash's is purple. In Splash Dash, each character rides a pink dolphin.
  • Doctor Neo Cortex / Doctor Nitrus Brio - Cortex's hovercraft is olive green while N. Brio's is aqua. In Splash Dash, both characters ride a robot fish.
  • Tiny Tiger / Koala Kong - Tiny's hovercraft is dark purple while Koala Kong's is brown. In Splash Dash, both characters ride a killer whale.
  • Dingodile / Rilla Roo - Dingodile's hovercraft is orange while Rilla Roo's is yellow. In Splash Dash, both characters ride a blue swordfish.


Dot Dash

This is a classic Crash Dash level without obstacles. There are wumpa fruit scattered in the circuit. By driving through wumpa fruit to pick it up, the indicator becomes green and the player can use this boost by pressing Square. There are also missiles and if a player is hit by one of these, the player is pushed away, like when they get hit by an accelerating opponent.

Toxic Dash

In this level there are some poisonous barrels in the edge of the circuit and if a player hits one of them, that player is pushed away. Sometimes a slime monster appears at the center of the circuit and leave three little slime monsters. If a player hits one of them, that player gets pushed away. There are also force fields that can be used to push nearby players away.

Dante's Dash

This is a normal level like Dot Dash. The only difference is that there is a volcano in the center. Sometimes the volcano erupts and leave sketches of lava in the circuit. If a player hits one of them, that player is pushed away.

Splash Dash

This is a particularly different Crash Dash level. Players ride sea creatures. Crash and Coco ride a pink dolphin; Cortex and Brio ride a robot fish; Tiny and Koala Kong ride a killer whale and Dingodile and Rilla Roo ride a blue swordfish. Sometimes at the center of the arena rods push out and turn, which players must jump over. This is the only Crash Dash arena in which players have the ability to jump.


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