This is an article for beta elements in Crash Bash.

Beta Elements

The entire beta version can be played in any of the demos, because the entire game is present in it, and the cheat menu can be unlocked by doing this sequence: Left, Right, Left, Right (2), Left, Right (3), Left, Right (4), Left, Right (5).

Warp Rooms

  • There is a lack of detail in the warp rooms and their backgrounds. The warp rooms also go in a different order and the lack of backgrounds trigger a "Mirror Crash" graphical glitch.

The Sides


  • Some mini-games used different fonts and Crash had his Crash 3 icon.
  • A Pogo Pandemonium level (which probably became Pogo Painter) used to have the Crystal Challenge background, and characters had a different order to the colors they paint with. Oddly, there is wumpa fruit in the arena even though the mini-game has no health bars. Also, all characters had pogo sticks. More information about this can be found here.
  • In one of the mini-games, the Cortex billboard seen in the motorcycle levels in Crash 3 was there.


  • The Komodo Brothers' icons used to have Homer and Bart Simpson icons. However, they were the test versions as Eurocom made the icons for Komodo Moe and Komodo Joe.


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