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Aku Aku

Crash Bash is a party game released for the PlayStation in November 2000, primarily intended as a multiplayer game, although it is also compatible with single player. It was the first home console game in the Crash Bandicoot series not to be produced by Naughty Dog. Instead, it was created and developed by Eurocom. It was the second game in the Crash series to be capable of using a multitap, following Crash Team Racing which was released in September 1999.


Aku Aku and Uka Uka

Uka Uka and Aku Aku

In a temple located in Hyperspace, Aku Aku and Uka Uka are arguing over whether good or evil is stronger. Uka Uka proposes a fight to settle the argument, but Aku Aku declines, stating that no malice can come between them. Uka Uka then proposes a contest where friends of the masks fight on their behalf, which Aku Aku agrees to.

Aku Aku summons Crash Bandicoot and Coco Bandicoot, while Uka Uka summons Neo Cortex, Tiny Tiger, N. Brio, Rilla Roo, Dingodile and Koala Kong. Aku Aku immediately protests and challenges Uka Uka's confidence by insisting the teams be fair. Uka Uka agrees and allows Aku Aku to choose two of his team; Aku Aku chooses Tiny and Dingodile.

The player goes through four warp rooms, winning Trophies and eventually earning Gems and Crystals, which Uka Uka finds incredibly useful. After Papu Papu, Bearminator, Komodo Brothers, and Nitros Oxide have all been defeated, the ending is determinant on which side the chosen character is competing for.

There are two endings:

  • If a member of Aku Aku's team wins, Aku Aku reveals that he knew his evil brother had a plan to steal the crystals and hides them away for safety. Uka Uka loses his temper and attacks Cortex and Brio for failing him. Suddenly, a hole in the temple opens up and a swirling vortex sucks Uka Uka out, with Aku Aku stating it as the penalty for disturbing the crystals.
  • If a member of Uka Uka's team wins, a sinister storm passes through the galaxy. Uka Uka reveals he planned to steal the crystals all along and harnesses their energy. Aku Aku pleads to Crash and Coco to run and save themselves, but Uka Uka proclaims that there is nowhere to hide from his wrath.

If co-op is played and one character is good and the other is evil, Aku Aku and Uka Uka will force the team to play a best-of-five Crate Crush match against each other, with the winning character's team winning.


Crash Bash is a party video game featuring eight playable characters with differing powers and skills. The game's storyline involves a contest of good vs. evil held between the twin witch doctor spirits, Aku Aku and Uka Uka. The gameplay consists of 28 different mini-games and three distinct modes of play: Adventure, Battle, and Tournament. Crash Bash includes multiplayer compatibility for up to four human players with the use of the PlayStation Multitap.

In the Adventure mode, one or two human players must win all 28 mini-games and retrieve trophies, gems and crystals by accomplishing certain challenges presented for each mini-game. The mini-games are accessed from a series of Warp Room hub areas, with the first Warp Room consisting of four mini-games. A trophy is won by achieving victory in three rounds of any given mini-game, after which the player can return to the mini-game and receive a gem or crystal by winning one round under special conditions. When a minimum number of trophies, gems and crystals have been won, the Warp Room's Boss Arena becomes accessible, in which the player must defeat a boss character by depleting his health. Winning a Warp Room's Boss Arena will grant entry to the next Warp Room. When three of the game's four Boss Arenas have been won, mini-game challenges become available in which the player can win gold or platinum Relics by defeating advanced computer-controlled opponents. The Adventure mode is completed when all trophies, gems, crystals and relics have been won.

The Battle mode is a quick match within any mini-game that has previously been won in the Adventure mode. The mini-games within this mode can be played as a free-for-all or in teams. In the Tournament mode, players compete in four consecutive mini-games and accumulate points. After all four mini-games have been played, the player who scores the most points wins the tournament. In both the Battle and Tournament modes, the number of rounds needed to win a mini-game can be adjusted between two and seven, and the skill level of computer-controlled opponents can be adjusted between easy, medium, and hard.


Playable Characters[]

Good Side (Aku Aku's Side)[]

Evil Side (Uka Uka's Side)[]

Neutral Side[]


The bosses are variants of other Mini Games.


Types of Minigames[]



Crash Ball, a Ballistix minigame

Taking place in a square shaped arena, the player must use their hover ship to block and deflect steel balls into the opponents' goals. The balls are released into the arena and gain speed as the level progresses.

Polar Push[]

Manic Panic

Manic Panic, a Polar Push minigame

The player rides a polar bear cub and tries to knock their opponents off the icy platform they are standing on. The polar bears have a stamina meter which quickly increases. Charging at another player takes half of it away. There is also a floating device that gives out power ups such as lightning or making a character huge, but can give negative effects such as a weight or shrink a player. In Melt Panic, however, the beam is controlled by Uka Uka, and always produces negative effects.

Pogo Pandemonium[]

Pogo A Gogo

Pogo-a-Gogo, a Pogo Pandemonium minigame

The objective of the game is to use jumping sticks (for example Crash and Coco use pogo sticks while Tiny and Koala use bouncy springs) to jump on squares and cover them with the character's assigned color and then turn the squares into points by breaking Purple ! crates. There are speedy boots to help go faster and missiles to stun an opponent. The player can also take control of an opponent's route and keep jumping around until the time runs out. In Pogo-a-Gogo, the way to gain points is different, as the player is required to encircle areas of their own section of the arena.

Crate Crush[]

Snow Bash

Snow Bash, a Crate Crush minigame

This style of minigame is an all out war with the players throwing crates at each other, dealing great amounts of damage. There are also TNTs and Nitro Crates to watch out for. Obviously, even touching a Nitro is deadly. The player can also hurt others by kicking. (ie; spinning with Crash or Brio blasting his ray gun.)

Tank Wars[]

Jungle Fox

Jungle Fox, a Tank Wars minigame

The player takes control of a tank and can fire their turret at opponents. Depending what character it is, the weaponry is different. (Like Koala and Tiny fire spiked canon balls while Cortex and Brio shoot plasma.)

Crash Dash[]

Toxic Dash

Toxic Dash, a Crash Dash minigame

In this minigame style, the players take control of a hovercraft similar to Oxide's one (Although in Splash Dash they ride various sea creatures) and race around a circular arena ten times. Crash Dash is often considered one of the hardest minigame genres as many players have difficulty with it.

Medieval Mayhem[]

Keg Kaboom

Keg Kaboom, a Medieval Mayhem minigame

Unlike all the other minigame genres, the minigames here are all very different and the only things they have in common is that they have a medieval setting and they are all point-based. The last three only appear on the fifth Warp Room.


Warp Room Minigame Theme Entry Requirements Crystal Challenge
Jungle Crashball Ballistix Available from beginning Win without the Extra Kick ability.
Polar Panic Polar Push Avoid the energy bolts from the beam generator.
Pogo Painter Pogo Pandemonium Win without stepping on the poisonous mushrooms.
Jungle Bash Crate Crush Avoid the Nitro Crates thrown from the idol.
Papu Pummel Boss Fight Crate Crush 4x Trophies N/A
Ice Beach Ball Ballistix Win the Papu Pummel boss fight Opponents' goals have intermittent shields.
Tilt Panic Polar Push Arena tilts more erratically; Walrus and fish do not appear.
Pogo-a-Gogo Pogo Pandemonium Get the most points out of a single netting. Higher nettings replace your previous score.
Space Bash Crate Crush Win without the ability to pick up Crates; Stone Crates do not appear.
Desert Fox Tank Wars Avoid the bombs thrown from the center.
Bearminator Boss Fight Polar Push 9x Trophies, 6x Gems, 3x Crystals N/A
Mine/Prehistoric N. Ballism Ballistix Win the Bearminator boss fight N. Gin will only attack the player's goal.
Melt Panic Polar Push Win without the ability to save yourself from falling.
El Pogo Loco Pogo Pandemonium Ripper Roo's TNTs become Nitros; win without getting hit by one.
Snow Bash Crate Crush Win with the Slippy Shoes handicap.
Metal Fox Tank Wars Mines fall from the sky; mine explosions kill the player in one hit.
Dot Dash Crash Dash Win without getting hit by any missiles.
Big Bad Fox Boss Fight Tank Wars 15x Trophies, 10x Gems, 7x Crystals N/A
Forest Sky Balls Ballistix Win the Big Bad Fox boss fight Win without touching any red marbles; these do not subtract from your score.
Manic Panic Polar Push Start the level on foot.
Pogo Padlock Pogo Pandemonium The player can only color squares by stealing them with missiles. Landing on their own squares does not remove them.
Drain Bash Crate Crush Kicking a ? Crate is instantly fatal for the player.
Jungle Fox Tank Wars The totem pole is now a turret that targets the player.
Toxic Dash Crash Dash If the player falls off or hits a sludge drop, they will briefly be slowed down.
Ring Ding Medieval Mayhem Win without touching anyone else's balloons; with two players, only one needs to meet this criteria.
Oxide Ride Boss Fight Ballistix 22x Trophies, 15x Gems, 12x Crystals N/A
Control Room Splash Dash Crash Dash Win the Oxide Ride boss fight Collect 17x Gold Relics The pistons move faster.
Dragon Drop Medieval Mayhem Collect 19x Crystals The player can only score from the flashing zone.
Mallet Mash Collect 21x Gold Relics Opponents produce shock waves with every swing.
Swamp Fox Tank Wars Collect 23x Crystals Win while avoiding the homing torpedo.
Keg Kaboom Medieval Mayhem Collect 25x Gems Win while avoiding the walking bomb.
Dante's Dash Crash Dash Collect 27x Trophies Avoid the swooping pterodactyl.
Secret (Muliplayer Only) Tie Breaker Crate Crush Complete Oxide Ride in a 2-Player save file with one good and one evil character. N/A


Radically different from the previous games in the series, this game is often compared to the Mario Party series for the Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Wii. Every level is a minigame with various tasks which need to be completed in order to obtain prizes. The ending differs depending on what side (good or evil) you decide to enter story mode with.

Naming of Minigames[]

In this game, a minigame's type (excluding boss fights) can be determined from the name of the minigame.

  • Levels with "ball" in their names are Ballistix minigames.
  • Levels with "panic" in their names are Polar Push minigames.
  • Levels with "pogo" in their names are Pogo Pandemonium minigames.
  • Levels with "bash" in their names are Crate Crush minigames.
  • Levels with "fox" in their names are Tank Wars minigames.  This additionally applies to the boss fight Big Bad Fox.
  • Levels with "dash" in their names are Crash Dash minigames.
  • The Medieval Mayhem minigames are the only type without any common word in their names.  These minigames are Ring Ding, Dragon Drop, Mallet Mash, and Keg Kaboom.  However, the names of these levels still show that they are Medieval Mayhem minigames, since these are the only minigames without any of the words "ball", "panic", "pogo", "bash", "fox", or "dash" in their names.
    • Additionally, all the Medieval Mayhem minigames' names are either rhyming words or alliterations.


Crash Bash received fairly positive reviews from critics upon release. GamesRadar described the game as "more four-player fun than even Ron Jeremy could offer." Human Tornado of GamePro noted that the collection of minigames were "tailor made for up to four player competition" and went on to say that it is "not to say that Crash Bash can't be played alone, but when there's a room full of people, Crash Bash suddenly becomes ten times more fun." Shawn Sparks of Game Revolution praised the "solid" graphics, amount of minigames and "great" multiplayer, and said that "the sheer variety of games will entertain most any party for hours on end (or at least until the beer runs out.)" IGN concluded that "it's not original and it's not deep, but it's packed with tons of silly games and it's a social magnet amongst the geek elite." Ryan Davis of GameSpot described Crash Bash as "utterly run of the mill, completely middle of the road. Its flaws may not be glaring, but there isn't a single aspect of the game that truly shines through."


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Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese クラッシュ・バンディクー カーニバル
Kurasshu Bandiku Kanibaru

This game was developed in English and was officially localized into French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Voice cast[]

Language Voice actor Character
English Cornell John[a] Aku Aku (cutscenes)
Uka Uka
Andrew Dawson[2] Aku Aku (gameplay sound effects)
Brendan O'Brien (voice actor)[b] Crash Bandicoot
Italian Silvano Piccardi[3] Aku Aku
Giorgio Melazzi[3] Uka Uka
Japanese Kappei Yamaguchi[c] Crash Bandicoot
Fake Crash
Haruna Ikezawa[c] Coco Bandicoot
Shōzō Iizuka[c] Neo Cortex
Mitsuru Ogata[c] N. Brio
Rilla Roo
Fumihiko Tachiki[c] Tiny Tiger
Keisuke Ishida[c] Dingodile
Kenichi Ogata[c] Aku Aku
Ryūzaburō Ōtomo[c] Uka Uka
Satomi Kōrogi[c] Polar


  • Demos, found on demo discs and Spyro: Year of the Dragon, contain full versions of the game. The rest of it, besides the demo content, is simply locked, but can be accessed through the use of a cheat code. There are many differences between the game's demo release and the original game.
    • Interestingly, Homer and Bart Simpson were used as placeholder sprites for the Komodo Brothers.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, in Battle or Tournament mode, holding down R1 + R2 + Left + Down at the same time on the character select screen, unlocks Fake Crash as a playable character. The cheat code does not work on the American or European versions.
  • There are many maps throughout the game which are references to Crash Bandicoot: Warped, such as Space Bash (a reference to the future-themed levels) and Keg Kaboom (a reference to the Medieval-themed levels). Some of the music is also remixed from Crash Bandicoot: Warped. Some other Crash games are referenced, though not as often. For example, Toxic Dash is a reference to the Toxic Waste level from the original Crash Bandicoot.
    • Some instruments used for the music in some minigames were direct rips from Crash Bandicoot: Warped. Examples include the main theme, Jungle Bash and Space Bash.
  • At one point during the development of the game, Rilla Roo was named Kanga Rilla.
  • In the first boss battle with Papu Papu, it can be noticed that he wears a yellow ornament in his hair, just like he did in promotional artwork for the first Crash Bandicoot game.
  • This game was the Komodo Brothers' last appearance in a Crash game until the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.
  • This is the first game in the series to be produced outside the US.
  • This is the first Crash Bandicoot party game.
  • Aku Aku saying he's unable to fight Uka Uka himself because the ancients forbid it is in direct contrast with the events of Warped, wherein the two had fought right on-screen during the final battle.
  • This was the last Crash Bandicoot game for the original PlayStation.
  • The game has the highest percentage in the series (not counting the maximum percentage of each game of the original trilogy combined in N. Sane Trilogy) with the total of 200% (or 201% in multiplayer when one player chooses a good character and the other player chooses an evil character).
  • Crash and Coco are the only two player characters who can change facial expressions during gameplay. In the Polar Push minigames, when either of the bandicoots are shocked by lightning, frozen in ice, or trapped in a snowball, they will take on a panicked expression.
  • A glitch in the Japanese version causes Fake Crash's model to lose most of his facial textures when he loses his bear mount in Manic Panic, causing him to look very odd.
  • The Gold Relics have a green center instead of red in this game.


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