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This page is comprised of transcriptions of all the cutscenes in Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage.


  • Each cutscene is in chronological order of appearance in regular gameplay.
  • Being a Game Boy Advance game, this game doesn't have full voice acting, with all dialogue being shown via subtitles. These subtitles also contain some narration at times. In game, all of these subtitles are written in all upper case, however here they have been transcribed normally for ease of reading. Otherwise, everything is transcribed exactly as written in the subtitles down to the punctuation.
  • Again, due to the limitations of the console, the cutscenes play out as slideshows of images rather than full-motion video, with only the occasional animated slide. A new description is written for each time the image changes.


[The game opens to Neo Cortex standing in a lab, arms crossed.]

Cortex: "So it's agreed, Ripto. We'll work together to rid ourselves of Spyro and Crash. My genetic modifications to your army of Riptocs will cause those two even more trouble!"

[The view turns to show Ripto, a smug look on his face.]

Ripto: "Yes, Cortex! And dressing them up as Crash and Spyro... HA HA HA! Our foes won't even realize they should be on the same side!"

[The image changes again to show Cortex with a crazed smile on his face, with Ripto triumphantly standing behind him.]

Cortex: "I'll activate the warp pads. Soon I... Er, we, shall conquer this measly planet!"

[Many Riptocs wearing Spyro masks are shown emerging from a warp pad in a jungle.]

Cortex: "HA HA HA HA HA!"

[Elsewhere in the jungle, Coco and Aku Aku are hanging out by a bridge.]

Aku Aku: "Coco, I sense something is wrong in the jungle again... And so soon since our last adventure."

[The camera changes to a close-up on Coco.]

Coco: "Yes, Aku Aku, something is definitely going on here. All these strange creatures are popping up everywhere!"

[Aku Aku floats into frame.]

Aku Aku: "I fear this is Cortex's work again. We need someone who can look into this... Someone brave and fearless who can get the job done! But all we have is Crash, so he'll have to do. CRAAAAAAAAASH!!!"

[Crash suddenly appears beside Coco and Aku Aku.]

Crash: "Woah!"

Aku Aku: "Crash, I'm afraid Cortex is up to his old tricks again. This time he's recruited new dragon-like creatures to steal the Power Crystals! They must be stopped!"

[The camera focuses on Coco again.]

Coco: "The warp pads all over the jungle lead to a Purple Power Crystal. We can't let Cortex get his hands on them! It's up to you to save the world again, Crash!"

Confronting Spyro[]

[Crash is stood on a rickety wooden boardwalk high above a river at the edge of the jungle, Aku Aku at his side. At the other side of the river, Spyro is perched on the parapets of a grey stone castle.]

Aku Aku: "I wonder where that last portal has brought us, Crash? I can see a castle over this chasm. Look, a purple dragon! I wonder if it's the same kind of strange creature terrorizing Wumpa Jungle?"

[Spyro glares down at Crash, spreading his wings threateningly.]

Spyro: "You must be another one of Ripto's creatures! You think you're just going to take over the world? How about taking on Spyro the Dragon, first!"

Spyro Defeated[]

[Back down on the jungle floor, Spyro squints at Crash and Aku Aku, confused.]

Spyro: "Wait! You're not like those other creatures back at Dragon Castles."

[Crash scratches his head, similarly bewildered.]

Aku Aku: "This is Crash Bandicoot, and I'm Aku Aku. I fear our enemy Neo Cortex is behind all of this."

[Spyro smiles, and Sparx appears beside him.]

Spyro: "I'm Spyro and this is Sparx. Wait, you say that Cortex is behind this? To me, this seems like the work of Ripto! Those creatures look an awful lot like his Riptocs."

[The camera focuses on Aku Aku, who frowns in concern.]

Aku Aku: "Oh no, it's worse than I expected. It appears that Cortex has teamed up with a villian as nefarious as himself - your enemy Ripto! The two of them working together may have enough power to take over this world!"

[The view zooms back out.]

Spyro: "I bet they wanted us to fight each other instead of going after them! If we team up, though, they won't stand a chance against us!"

[Crash and Spyro pose together, with Spyro looking determined and Crash giving a thumbs up.]

Spyro: "Come on, Crash, let's go!"

Meet the Professor[]

[In the snowy tundra of the Arctic Cliffs, Coco is collaborating with the Professor.]

Coco: "Hi Crash, I see you've managed to meet up with Spyro! I hope you two didn't get into a misunderstanding. This is the Professor - he's helping me to track down Ripto and Cortex so we can stop him!"

[The camera focuses on the Professor.]

Professor: "I hope those modified Riptocs aren't too tough for the both of you!"

[The view changes to Crash and Spyro.]

Spyro: "Don't worry, Crash and I have the situation covered! Crash, we better split up to cover more ground, okay?"

[Crash gives Spyro a thumbs up.]

Crash: "Woah!"

Spyro: "Alright, let's go!"

Confronting Tiny[]

[Crash and Aku Aku enter an icy cave. It's freezing, and both of them have icicles hanging from their noses.]

Aku Aku: "I think we're close, Crash. Coco and the Professor have almost located Ripto and Cortex."

[The camera turns to reveal Tiny Tiger hunched over in the cave.]

Tiny: "Brr... cold! Tiny smash Crash!"

Tiny Defeated[]

[Cortex and Ripto are standing in a castle, glaring at eachother.]

Ripto: "What happened? You said you could stop that bandicoot! He has 10 crystals now!"

Cortex: "Blast! I thought for once that Tiny wouldn't fail me!"

[Ripto smugly leans towards Cortex.]

Ripto: "Well, I should have known teaming up with you was a mistake! Your minions are weak! Just like you!"

[Cortex angrily steps closer to Ripto.]

Cortex: "Shut up, you scaly-faced shrimp!"

[Ripto gets even closer, getting in Cortex's face.]

Ripto: "Who are you calling a shrimp, you bulbous-headed small fry!"

[Cortex turns away in frustration.]

Cortex: "Enough! I have someone better in mind who can get the job done. NIIINAAA!!!"

[Nina appears, a wild look in her eyes.]

Nina: "Yay! Nina wants to play!"

[Cortex steps over to Nina.]

Cortex: "Niece, I have a very important job for you..."

Blinky's warning[]

[Near the peak of Fire Mountains, Spyro and Crash encounter a young mole.]

Spyro: "Blinky! What's up?"

[Blinky is poking his head out of a hole in the ground.]

Blinky: "Spyro! Crash! Nina has kidnapped the Professor and Coco!"

[Spyro frowns.]

Spyro: "This can't be good."

Blinky: "All their research has been destroyed! We have no idea where Ripto and Cortex are hiding!"

[Sparx appears beside Spyro.]

Sparx: "We have to save our friends!"

[Spyro turns to Crash.]

Spyro: "Follow me, Crash!"

Confronting Nina[]

[Crash and Spyro arrive at the castle where Coco and the Professor are being held. Spyro's jaw drops in horror.]

Coco: "Get us out of here!"

Professor: "Spyro! Help!"

Spyro: "Look, Crash! It's the Professor and Coco!"

[Nina jumps out in front of the tiny cages that Coco and the Professor are trapped in.]

Nina: "Purple puppy! Nina wants to play!"

[Spyro frowns in determination, while Crash just looks confused.]

Spyro: "Crash! Distract Nina so I can get the Professor and Coco to safety!"

Nina Defeated[]

[Nina, now locked in one of the cages, begins to cry loudly.]

Nina: "Waah! No fair!"

[Crash and Spyro smile at eachother.]

Spyro: "Good job, Crash!"

A New Plan[]

[Now safely escaped from the castle, Coco and the Professor are regrouping. Coco frowns sadly.]

Coco: "Our work is ruined. We were so close to discovering their hideout!"

[Crash, Spyro and Sparx appear behind them.]

Spyro: "What can we do?"

[The two scientists turn to face them.]

Professor: "I'm afraid it's up to you two. We'll have to continue to locate the crystals. The two of them will be twice as persistent now!"

[Coco puts a hand on her chin and frowns in thought.]

Coco: "If we can lure the two of them out, maybe we can put a tracer on them and follow them back to their base. Then we can stop them for good! Crash, you'll need to travel to Dragon Castles and locate the Crystals there, first. Spyro, can you head to our home, Wumpa Jungle, and keep those Riptocs in check?"

[Crash, Spyro and Sparx smile confidently.]

Sparx: "You can count on us!"

Confronting Ripto[]

[On the ramparts of Dragon Castles, Ripto glares smugly at Crash.]

Ripto: "Ha! So it's you, Bandicoot. Spyro may have beaten me in the past, but I won't be defeated by a creature like you!"

[Lightning strikes, turning the sky an unnatural magenta colour. The land goes dark, and several towers in the background behind to crumble.]

Ripto: "Prepare to be defeated!"

Ripto Defeated[]

[Ripto furiously points down at Crash.]

Ripto: "ARRGH! You may have beaten me, but that doesn't mean you've stopped my plan!"

[Ripto disappears in a puff of smoke.]

[Back at the Professor's lab, Crash frowns in anxiety. Coco, Aku Aku, the Professor, Spyro and Agent 9 are there with him.]

Coco: "Don't worry, Crash. We want him to to get away so we can follow him to his base. You did remember to put the tracer on him, right?"

[Crash's face goes blank.]

Crash: "..."

[Coco frowns at Crash, exasperated.]

Coco: "Crash! Don't tell me you forgot!"

[Spyro steps up to Coco, the Professor behind him.]

Spyro: "Don't worry, Coco! I got into a battle with Cortex and managed to place the tracer on him before he got away."

[Coco calms down and smiles at Spyro.]

Coco: "Good job, Spyro! We're getting a signal now! It seems their base is located in outer space!"

Professor: "Oh dear, I'm afraid that's out of reach!"

Coco: "Wait, I have an idea. Crash, if you can collect all 20 of the Clear Gems, I can fix this portal and allow you and Spyro to reach Ripto and Cortex's base. Then the two of you can put a stop to them for good!"

[Spyro turns to Crash.]

Spyro: "Sounds like a plan! Are you up for it, Crash?"

Confronting Cortex and Ripto[]

[Finally, the gang arrives at Tech Park.]

Coco: "Good job, guys! We've made it to Ripto and Cortex's base! Go get 'em!"

[Crash and Spyro confidently leap forward.]

Spyro: "You're finished, Ripto! And you too, Cortex!"

[The villains glare down at Crash and Spyro.]

Cortex: "Ah, Spyro and Crash! I can't believe you've made it this far. No matter, this is where it ends!"

Ripto: "Prepare for defeat! This time I mean it!"

Cortex and Ripto Defeated[]

[Spyro smiles triumphantly, the Professor and Sparx at his side.]

Spyro: "We did it!"

[Crash, Aku Aku and Coco are similarly triumphant.]

Aku Aku: "Hopefully we won't be hearing from those two again. But if the case ever arrives..."

Spyro: "You can count on me and Sparx to help out!"

Aku Aku: "Great! A brave dragon like you is a great asset as a friend. Right, Crash?"

[Crash jumps forward and hugs Spyro, wrapping an arm around the dragon's neck while giving a thumbs up.]

Crash: "Woah!"