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Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 (CBNK2) is a racing game for iOS devices. Being the eighteenth installment in the Crash Bandicoot series, the game is a sequel to Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D, which was also on iOS devices. The game features 10 playable characters and 12 tracks. All of the characters have gone back to their Twinsanity appearance. Like the previous installment, everyone's cars are recycled from Crash Tag Team Racing, though modified to look like actual karts.

Game modes[]



A cup consists of three tracks, played in succession. After each track, points are awarded depending on how well you place. At the end of the cup, the scores are summarized and whoever has the most points is declared the winner. By placing well in cups, you have the chance to unlock new game modes and tracks.



Mission mode will take you through all twelve tracks in turn. Each track has a specific objective to accomplish. You can only advance to the next track by completing the objective, and by finishing third or better in the race. By successfully completing objectives and placing highly in races, you'll raise your rating and unlock additional characters and karts.



The rules of the eliminator mode are as simple as they are brutal: each lap, the last placed character is kicked from the race and the last character remaining is the winner.

Time attack[]

Time attack

In time attack, it's just you against the clock, trying to get best total time possible. The very best time is stored as a ghost race, an exact replication of the movements of the kart throughout the level, showing you your position relative to the best run race. The best total race times for each track are stored in the Records section.



In collector mode, some crystals are placed in each track. The objective is to gather as many as possible: the player who crosses the finishing line with the most wins. You'll also need to keep track of a timer. Fail to reach the goal before the timer hits zero and you lose! You can snag crystals from others by hitting them with bombs, TNT, or missiles.



In arcade mode, you'll race through all twelve tracks, one after the other but you'll only have a certain time allotted to complete all of them. If the timer counting down reaches zero, the game is over, however, to aid you there are time extension points, restoring a position of the timer, in each track, and you'll receive a few additional seconds between tracks.



In skill mode, you will be awarded points for wild jumps, long drifts and for shaving as much time off your total as possible. The best scores for each track are stored in the records section.


Multiplayer lets you race against other players, all over the world, in collector, eliminator, and versus races. To play a multiplayer game, either create your own game room and act as game host, or join an existing game room as a guest. The game host selects the track and game mode. All players can select character and kart.

Playable Characters[]


There are 12 tracks, which are divided into 4 cups.

Cup 1[]

Cup 2[]

Cup 3[]

Cup 4[]


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  • The game is unavailable on current iPhones, as the game is no longer available for purchase in the App Store, as well as having stopped getting updates resulting in frequent game crashes on iOS 8 and higher, rendering the game unplayable and unobtainable through conventional means.
    • The game is still available and fully playable through a downgrading the version of iOS to iOS 7 or lower and potentially jailbreaking the device to allow the user to install the corresponding .ipa file.