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Crash Bandicoot Desktop Character is a 1998 program developed by MDR Software. It is a desktop buddy, in a similar vein to programs such as Clippy, Bonzi Buddy or Shimeji, where Crash hangs out on your computer's desktop. It was made to promote Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, with the game's logo being used on the start-up splash screen.

It was considered lost for a while, until it was added to the Internet Archive by user ticky_ on the 18th of March, 2020. It can be downloaded here. Please note that it is incompatible with modern versions of Windows, requiring a Windows 9x OS (Windows 95, Windows 98) to run.


Crash does not have any practical features that other similar programs do, and is just meant as entertainment. You can move Crash around the screen by simply clicking and dragging him. When left alone, he will randomly dance and move around the screen. Right clicking on Crash opens a drop-down menu with several options.

  • "Start Dance" makes Crash start doing the Crash Dance and moving around the screen, with the Cortex Strikes Back Warp Room theme music playing in the background.
  • "Stop" makes Crash stop whatever he's doing and stand still until given another command.
  • "Random" makes Crash do a random dance move from the Crash dance, then return to his neutral state.
  • "Jiggle", "Foot Stomp", "Pelvic Thrust", "Turn Around" and "Behind You" make Crash do those respective dance moves, then return to his neutral state.
  • "Options" obviously opens the options menu. Here you can toggle if Crash is allowed to move around the screen, if the dancing animations vary in length or not, and if Crash continues dancing after being given a command. You can also turn music and sound effects on or off.
  • "About Crash" opens a window with credits and copyright information.
  • "Bye Bye" closes the program.



  • Crash does not have a walking animation, so he moves around the screen by pelvic thrusting.