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Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is a linear 3D platforming video game published by Activision and developed by Toys for Bob. It is the eighth mainline title in the Crash Bandicoot series, though the fourth chronologically. It was originally released on October 2nd, 2020 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Later in March 12th, 2021, the game was ported to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and on March 26th, 2021 for PC on It was also added to the Steam storefront on October 18, 2022.


The game was first properly teased on June 18, 2020, where several video game news reporters were sent jigsaw puzzles that revealed a new, mysterious mask character.[1]

The next day (June 19), the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee filed a rating for the game, revealing its title, box art, and a short plot synopsis. Said box art also revealed the game's developer, Toys for Bob, as well as the game being slated for release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Four new masks can be seen on the artwork.

On June 21, a live-action teaser featuring the 100% ending of Warped and the title of the game was unveiled through the official Crash Bandicoot social media channels.[2] The announcement trailer came out on June 22nd, 4pm BST.

During Summer Games Fest, an official trailer was shown, showcasing new worlds and four new Quantum Masks, known as the Phase Mask Lani-Loli, the Dark Matter Mask Akano, the Time Mask Kupuna-Wa, and the Gravity Mask Ika-Ika. Using Lani-Loli, the player will be able to change phases of certain elements, while using Akano, the player can hover and glide over the platforms or even break and knock back things that the normal spin can't, using Kupuna-Wa, the player will be able to slow time to a crawl, and while using Ika-Ika, the player can reverse gravity to walk on ceilings.


Neo Cortex and N. Tropy are back at it again and launching an all-out assault on not just this universe, but the entire multiverse! Crash and Coco are here to save the day by reuniting the four quantum masks and bending the rules of reality.

Official PlayStation Store description.

Following their defeat at the hands of Crash Bandicoot in Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Uka Uka attempts to liberate himself and Doctors Neo Cortex and N. Tropy from their prison in the past. His latest effort rips open a hole in the fabric of space and time, and causes him to pass out. Cortex and N. Tropy swiftly escape, abandoning Uka Uka, and discover that the rift they use links their universe to the rest of the multiverse, and decide to make use of it to conquer all dimensions. To ensure success, the pair create a generator capable of opening other space-time rifts and recruit aid from Doctors N. Gin and N. Brio to provide an army in anticipation of their enemies' interference. Meanwhile, Aku Aku, Uka Uka's older twin brother, senses the disturbance in space and time and quickly rushes Crash to N. Sanity Peak. Upon arriving, he comes across Lani-Loli, whom Aku Aku recognizes as one of the Quantum Masks – four ancient witch doctor masks that have great power over space and time, and who would only appear if something has opened up the multiverse. Lani spots a rift and suspects there is trouble, leading to Crash and his sister Coco agreeing to follow him across the multiverse and find the other Quantum Masks, while combating the chaos Cortex is creating.

During their adventures, the pair meet an alternate version of Tawna, Crash's old girlfriend, who offers her help while undertaking an adventure of her own. At the same time, Dingodile, who was recently retired from villainy to run his own restaurant, finds himself caught up in the chaos when his business is burned down by a rival restaurant and he is sucked into another dimension by a spacial disruption. While Dingodile does not interact with Crash's adventure at first, his actions inadvertently assist Crash and Coco at various points in space and time. Crash and Coco find two more of the Quantum Masks, named Akano and Kupuna-Wa, and defeat N. Gin and N. Brio. After facing and defeating Cortex, N. Tropy betrays him and reveals that he and his new partner (later revealed to be an alternate version of N. Tropy from Tawna's universe) are going to remake the multiverse and subsequently erase Cortex, Crash, Coco and the Masks from existence. A furious Cortex agrees to team up with the bandicoots and the three rescue the last Quantum Mask, Ika-Ika, and eventually meet up with Dingodile and Tawna. Together, the team successfully tracks down and defeat the two N. Tropys and the Quantum Masks destroy the Rift Generator, sealing all the space-time disruptions.

However, after taking a celebratory trip to a futuristic city, Cortex betrays the group and kidnaps Kupuna-Wa, using her to travel back in time before the events of his first bid for world domination in an attempt to avert Crash's creation. Ultimately, he is unsuccessful in both convincing his past self to abandon the experiment and repelling the present Crash, Coco and Aku Aku, who followed him from the future. As the Quantum Masks banish him to the end of the universe, the past Cortex proceeds with the experiment, preparing to brainwash the past Crash with the Cortex Vortex; the present Crash accidentally destroys the Vortex's power source, causing it to malfunction and fail to brainwash his past self, thereby ensuring his own creation. Dingodile rebuilds and reopens his diner, Cortex relaxes on a beach and enjoys the peace and quiet, and Crash, Coco, Tawna, Aku Aku and the Quantum Masks play video games at their home on N. Sanity Island. Following an epilogue narrated by Crash detailing the fates and whereabouts of the game's characters, Cortex's relaxation is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Uka Uka.


Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time is a platform game in which the player primarily controls either the titular character Crash or his sister Coco, who are tasked with saving the multiverse from domination by Doctors Neo Cortex and Nefarious Tropy. The player can switch between controlling Crash or Coco at any time within the level select screen. The game can be played in two different styles, which can be selected before the start of a new game and can be switched at any time in the options menu. The default play-style is "Modern", in which the player will always return to the latest checkpoint when the player character dies. In the other play-style, "Retro", the player is given a limited number of lives which will go down by one whenever Crash or Coco get hit by a enemy, or suffer any other type of damage, but more can be collected within the levels. After all lives are lost, the game is over, but the player can resume playing by restarting the current level. Neither the game's difficulty nor reward progress is affected by the differing play-styles.

Crash and Coco's basic maneuvers include jumping and double jumping, a spinning attack, crawling, sliding, and slamming onto the ground. They can also grind on, hang off and hop across rails, as well as run along designated walls. Scattered throughout the levels are a wide variety of crates serving different functions. Crates generally contain Wumpa Fruit, which grant an extra life if 100 are collected in the "Retro" play-style. Other crates contain an Aku Aku mask, which shields the player character from contact with a single enemy or hazard. Collecting three consecutive Aku Aku masks will grant the player character temporary invincibility from all dangers except falling down bottomless pits. While invincible, the player character can automatically kill enemies and break crates within a certain radius. Each level includes a total of twelve Gems, which can be obtained by fulfilling objectives such as collecting a certain amount of Wumpa Fruit, breaking all the level's crates, completing the level without dying more than three times, and finding the Gem in a hidden area. Earning a certain amount of Gems in a level unlocks a cosmetic skin for either Crash or Coco, for each a total of 26 skins can be unlocked.

Within each level is a Bonus area that is accessed via a platform bearing a yellow question mark. Each Bonus area consists of a short side-scrolling puzzle sequence in which the player must break all the crates within the area. Dying in a Bonus area will not deplete a life in the Retro play-style, and results in the player character respawning next to the Bonus platform within the level. Other Bonus areas can be unlocked by locating and collecting four colored Gems hidden in the game.

The game's levels are divided across ten Dimensions, each with their own theme. Aside from the main levels, every other Dimension includes a dedicated boss level. Completing any given level will unlock a Time Trial, in which the player must complete the level as quickly as possible. Time Trials are activated by collecting a stopwatch icon at the beginning of the level. While a Time Trial is active, all checkpoints are removed, thus requiring the player to start the level over if the player character dies. Clearing the Trouble Brewing level unlocks an N. Verted mode for each level, in which the level's path is inverted, a different visual effect depending on the level's Dimension is applied, and the Wumpa Fruit are rebranded as Bumpa Berries. Six of a level's twelve Gems are only accessible in the N. Verted mode. Some levels contain Flashback Tapes, which must be collected without dying. If the player character dies before collecting a Flashback Tape, it will disappear unless the player restarts the level from the beginning. Collecting a Flashback Tape unlocks a Flashback Level, a side-scrolling level that takes place before and during the first game.

A feature new to the series is the Quantum Masks, four magical masks that are scattered throughout the game and grant Crash and Coco special powers to traverse obstacles during particular segments. Lani-Loli can phase objects in and out of tangibility, Akano grants the player character a violent dark matter spin that enables them to glide across the air and deflect projectiles, Kupuna-Wa can slow the flow of time, and Ika-Ika can reverse gravity. Aside from Crash and Coco, three other characters are controlled during certain levels: Cortex, Dingodile, and a version of Crash's former love interest Tawna from another dimension. Each character features their own unique move sets. Cortex makes use of a ray gun that can be used to transform enemies into solid or bouncy platforms, along with being able to perform a forward dash, Dingodile primarily makes use of a vacuum gun, which can be used to suck up and fire enemies and objects, and Tawna, while maintaining some moves used by Crash and Coco, makes use of a grappling hook to hit objects from long distances.


Button Movement
X Jump
X x2 Double Jump
Square Spin
Tap Square X3 To spin three times (after defeating Neo Cortex in The Past Unmasked)


There are 64 distinct levels in It's About Time. Most are divided among 10 different hub worlds, accessible through the Dimensional Map or the Level Stats of the pause menu. There are 4 types of level:

  • 29 "main path" levels, typically playable only as Crash or Coco. These must be completed to progress the story.
  • 5 boss fights, the final levels in every other dimension.
  • 9 "timeline" levels, which are alternate versions of main path levels. They include a brief segment playable as either Tawna, Dingodile, or Neo Cortex, followed by the rest of the main level as Crash/Coco with altered crate placements. While they provide context to events that occur in the story, they are not necessary to progress.
  • 21 "flashback" levels, unlocked by collecting a main level's flashback tape. These too are optional, and are accessible in every hub world. Eleven are exclusive to Crash and ten are to Coco.

Levels are played in sequential order (as opposed to the "Warp Room" style of gameplay common to previous Crash Bandicoot games); however, unlocking new playable characters opens previously locked timeline levels from earlier in the game.

Each non-flashback level has an N. Verted Mode, which mirrors the level, places a visual filter over it and has its own set of N. Verted Gems to collect.

Hub Level Character Earnable Relic Times Crates
N. Sanity Island
(Present Day)
Rude Awakening
Crash mug icon life cb4
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 1:40.98

Gold relic 1:20.45
Platinum relic 0:53.97
Toys for Bob relic 0:39.27

IAT Mother Clucker mug
6 clear gems
N. Sanity Peak
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 1:22.44

Gold relic 1:07.68
Platinum relic 0:43.81
Toys for Bob relic 0:31.52

IAT Big Horn Energy mug
6 clear gems
The Hazardous Wastes
A Real Grind
Crash mug icon life cb4
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 1:39.18

Gold relic 1:16.41
Platinum relic 0:59.11
Toys for Bob relic 0:44.61

IAT Rawkit Hed Crash mug
6 clear gems
Crash Compactor
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 1:17.13

Gold relic 1:06.87
Platinum relic 0:42.66
Toys for Bob relic 0:26.79

IAT Rawkit Hed Coco mug
6 clear gems
Hit the Road
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:52.60

Gold relic 2:03.55
Platinum relic 1:34.11
Toys for Bob relic 1:16.30

IAT Bright Now Crash mug
6 clear gems
Truck Stopped
Logo Tawna
Crash mug icon life cb4
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:04.08

Gold relic 1:43.77
Platinum relic 1:18.86
Toys for Bob relic 1:09.20

IAT Bright Now Coco mug
6 clear gems
Stage Dive
Crash mug icon life cb4
IAT Coco's classic-mugshot
Beat N. Verted
Salty Wharf
Booty Calls
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 1:43.94

Gold relic 1:29.16
Platinum relic 0:59.56
Toys for Bob relic 0:47.84

IAT Booty Seeker Crash mug
6 clear gems
Thar He Blows!
Dingodile IAT mug
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:06.44

Gold relic 1:38.68
Platinum relic 0:47.79
Toys for Bob relic 0:24.06

IAT Booty Seeker Coco mug
6 clear gems
Hook, Line, and Sinker
Logo Tawna
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:01.37

Gold relic 1:44.30
Platinum relic 1:19.69
Toys for Bob relic 1:06.38

IAT Ze Artiste Crash mug
6 clear gems
Jetboard Jetty
Crash mug icon life cb4
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:07.54

Gold relic 1:37.16
Platinum relic 0:53.86
Toys for Bob relic 0:32.74

IAT Ze Artiste Coco mug
6 clear gems
Tranquility Falls
Give It a Spin
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:21.77

Gold relic 1:30.52
Platinum relic 1:15.58
Toys for Bob relic 1:00.22

IAT Pursona Crash mug
6 clear gems
Potion Commotion
Logo Tawna
Crash mug icon life cb4/ ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:01.86

Gold relic 1:28.80
Platinum relic 0:54.61
Toys for Bob relic 0:38.00

IAT Papercut Crash mug
6 clear gems
Draggin' On
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 3:23.83

Gold relic 2:25.03
Platinum relic 1:51.59
Toys for Bob relic 1:37.38

IAT Pursona Coco mug
6 clear gems
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:46.38

Gold relic 1:58.12
Platinum relic 1:28.76
Toys for Bob relic 1:16.76

IAT Papercut Coco mug
6 clear gems
Trouble Brewing
Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Crash Bandicoot Icon
Beat normally
IAT Warped Biker Crash mug
Beat N. Verted
Mosquito Marsh
(A Few Days Ago)
Off Beat
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 3:06:19

Gold relic 2:20.86
Platinum relic 1:09.16
Toys for Bob relic 0:41.27

IAT Party Gras Crash mug
6 clear gems
Home Cookin'
Dingodile IAT mug
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 3:29.80

Gold relic 2:36.46
Platinum relic 1:57.55
Toys for Bob relic 1:45.26

IAT Party Gras Coco mug
6 clear gems
Run It Bayou
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:42.61

Gold relic 2:30.33
Platinum relic 1:42.97
Toys for Bob relic 1:35.30

IAT Cat's Meow Crash mug
6 clear gems
No Dillo Dallying
Dingodile IAT mug
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 3:26.08

Gold relic 2:58.39
Platinum relic 1:30.16
Toys for Bob relic 1:17.11

IAT Cat's Meow Coco mug
6 clear gems
The 11th Dimension
Snow Way Out
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:33.75

Gold relic 2:07.08
Platinum relic 1:18.81
Toys for Bob relic 1:05.19

IAT Shreddin' the Gnar Crash mug
7 clear gems
Ship Happens
Logo Cortex IAT
Crash mug icon life cb4/ ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 3:15.67

Gold relic 2:16.08
Platinum relic 1:10.76
Toys for Bob relic 0:39.43

IAT Fuzzy Crusader Crash mug
7 clear gems
Stay Frosty
Crash mug icon life cb4/ ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:55.91

Gold relic 1:58.81
Platinum relic 0:53.50
Toys for Bob relic 0:41.40

IAT Shreddin' the Gnar Coco skin
7 clear gems
Bears Repeating
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:46.63

Gold relic 2:09.97
Platinum relic 1:29.01
Toys for Bob relic 1:10.55

IAT Fuzzy Crusader Coco mug
7 clear gems
Building Bridges
Logo Tawna
Crash mug icon life cb4/ ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:07.91

Gold relic 1:39.47
Platinum relic 1:05.44
Toys for Bob relic 0:56.15

Fake crash icon by danyq94
7 clear gems
4th Time's a Charm
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
Fake coco icon by danyq94
Beat N. Verted
Eggipus Dimension
(88 Million B.C.B)
Blast to the Past
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 1:28.44

Gold relic 1:18.79
Platinum relic 0:52.83
Toys for Bob relic 0:43.95

IAT Living Fossil Crash mug
8 clear gems
Fossil Fueled
Logo Cortex IAT
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:46.94

Gold relic 2:09.55
Platinum relic 1:20.86
Toys for Bob relic 0:52.90

IAT Living Fossil Coco mug
8 clear gems
Dino Dash
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:39.69

Gold relic 2:14.35
Platinum relic 1:35.70
Toys for Bob relic 1:12.38

IAT Floater Crash mug
8 clear gems
Rock Blocked
Dingodile IAT mug
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 3:19.27

Gold relic 2:44.80
Platinum relic 1:43.50
Toys for Bob relic 1:34.44

IAT Floater Coco mug
8 clear gems
Bermugula's Orbit
Out for Launch
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:18.80

Gold relic 1:42.20
Platinum relic 1:20.01
Toys for Bob relic 0:59.45

IAT Geometry Warrior Crash mug
9 clear gems
Shipping Error
Logo Cortex IAT
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 3:29.27

Gold relic 3:08.49
Platinum relic 2:06.62
Toys for Bob relic 1:32.05

IAT Interstellar Buccaneer Crash mug
9 clear gems
Stowing Away
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:52.80

Gold relic 1:56.72
Platinum relic 1:13.37
Toys for Bob relic 0:51.38

IAT Geometry Warrior Coco mug
9 clear gems
Crash Landed
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 3:08.83

Gold relic 2:35.82
Platinum relic 1:43.15
Toys for Bob relic 1:17.84

IAT Interstellar Buccaneer Coco mug
9 clear gems
A Hole in Space
IAT Warped Biker Coco mug
Beat N. Verted
The Sn@xx Dimension
Food Run
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:32.25

Gold relic 2:05.69
Platinum relic 1:44.63
Toys for Bob relic 1:26.91

IAT Future Past Crash mug
10 clear gems
Rush Hour
Dingodile IAT mug
Logo Tawna
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 4:58.04

Gold relic 4:32.23
Platinum relic 3:40.61
Toys for Bob relic 3:15.47

IAT Future Past Coco mug
10 clear gems
The Crate Escape
Logo Cortex IAT
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 3:01.02

Gold relic 2:22.33
Platinum relic 1:47.51
Toys for Bob relic 1:29.19

IAT Willy the Wombat mug
10 clear gems
Cortex Island
Nitro Processing
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 3:54.10

Gold relic 2:50.77
Platinum relic 2:15.69
Toys for Bob relic 2:01.00

IAT Crate Crusher 9000 Crash mug
11 clear gems
Toxic Tunnels
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 3:25.39

Gold relic 2:32.50
Platinum relic 2:01.66
Toys for Bob relic 1:47.31

IAT Crate Crusher 9000 Coco mug
11 clear gems
Cortex Castle
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:55.58

Gold relic 2:34.49
Platinum relic 1:59.87
Toys for Bob relic 1:34.19

IAT Subject -299 mug
12 clear gems
Seeing Double
Logo Cortex IAT
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
ClearGemIAT NvertedGem
Sapphire relic 2:47.97

Gold relic 2:25.39
Platinum relic 1:25.11
Toys for Bob relic 1:08.77

IAT Subject -372 mug
12 clear gems
The Past Unmasked
Crash mug icon life cb4 / ICON COCO
IAT Wanda the Wombat mug
Beat N. Verted

Other Levels







Trophy Name Image Trophy Value Description Criteria
Master Marsupial
IMG 4262
Get EVERY trophy Earn every other Trophy in the game.
Beat 'Em Any Which Way
IMG 4263
Beat any boss in N. Verted mode Defeat any boss in N. Verted Mode.
Backwards & Forwards
IMG 4264
Complete ALL levels in N. Verted mode Finish every level in N. Verted mode.
IMG 4263
Beat a level in N. Verted mode Finish a level in N. Verted Mode.
Taking the Side Road
IMG 4263
Complete a Bonus Path Complete any Bonus Round.
The Whole Picture
IMG 4264
Complete all Timelines Complete all timeline levels.
Putting Things in Perspective
IMG 4263
Complete any Timeline Complete any Timeline level.
Fleet of Feet
IMG 4263
Play a game of Checkpoint Race Play a round of checkpoint race in multiplayer mode.
Settle the Score
IMG 4263
Play a game of Crate Combo Play a round of crate combo in multiplayer mode.
What Has Been, Will Be Again
IMG 4261
Defeat Dr. Neo Cortex… again. Complete The Past Unmasked.
The Fourth Time
IMG 4263
Defeat Dr. Neo Cortex Complete 4th Time's a Charm.
Master Mixologist
IMG 4263
Defeat N. Brio Complete Trouble Brewing.
Beaten With His Own Drum
IMG 4263
Defeat N. Gin and his Weapon of Mass Percussion Complete Stage Dive.
IMG 4264
Defeat the Doctor N. Tropys Complete A Hole in Space.
IMG 4264
Watch the 100% bonus ending Earn 100% Completion and watch the bonus ending.
IMG 4261
Watch the 106% bonus ending Earn 106% completion and watch the true ending.
Sapphire-er Acquirer
IMG 4263
Find the hidden Blue Gem Collect the Blue gem in Draggin' On.
Like a Rhinestone Bandicoot
IMG 4263
Earn half of the Clear Gems Collect 114 Clear Gems.
King of Bling
IMG 4264
Earn ALL of the Clear Gems Collect all 228 Clear Gems.
gnilB fo gniK
IMG 4264
Earn ALL N. Verted Gems Collect all 228 N. Verted Gems.
Emerald Gemerald
IMG 4263
Find the hidden Green Gem Collect the Green gem in Hit the Road or Truck Stopped.
Ruby Red
IMG 4263
Find the hidden Red Gem Collect the Red gem in N. Sanity Peak.
Topaz Pizazz
IMG 4263
Find the hidden Yellow Gem Collect the Yellow gem in Run It Bayou.
Altitude Sickness
IMG 4263
Crouch or slide into a double jump Do a slide jump combined with a Double Jump.
Silent Protagonist
IMG 4263
Meet 'Akano Finish the level Jetboard Jetty.
Ups and Downs
IMG 4263
Meet Ika-Ika Finish the level Dino Dash.
Reality-Shattering Proportions
IMG 4263
Meet Lani-Loli Finish the level N. Sanity Peak.
I Can See Through Time
IMG 4263
Meet Kupuna-Wa Finish the level Run It Bayou.
No It's MY Turn
IMG 4263
Complete a level with Pass N. Play enabled Finish a level with Pass N. Play enabled.
Ladies First
IMG 4263
Complete a level as Coco Finish a level as Coco.
Sudden But Inevitable
IMG 4263
Betrayed! By your worst enemy. Finish the level The Crate Escape.
Model Test Subject
IMG 4263
Earn any Flashback Relic Earn any Flashback Relic.
Closing the Experiment Log
IMG 4264
Earn ALL of the platinum Flashback Relics Earn all 38 Platinum Flashback Relics.
IMG 4264
Earn ALL N. Sanely Perfect Relics Earn all 38 N. Sanely Perfect Relics.
So-Called Perfectionist
IMG 4263
Earn any N. Sanely Perfect Relic Earn any N. Sanely Perfect Relic.
Faster Than a Tortoise
IMG 4263
Earn any Time Trial Relic Earn any Time Trial Relic.
Faster Than Sound
IMG 4264
Earn ALL of the platinum Time Trial Relics Earn every Platinum Relic.
All Gussied Up
IMG 4263
Try on a Skin Equip any skin with Crash or Coco.
IMG 4263
Pull off a Triple Spin Successfully do a complete Triple Spin.
IMG 4263
Defeat an enemy with Triple Spin Defeat any enemy with a Triple Spin.
N. Vincible
IMG 4263
Beat a story level without dying Finish a story level without dying.
A/V Club Founder
IMG 4263
Acquire a Flashback Tape Collect any Flashback Tape.
Tree Droppings
IMG 4263
Find the source of the Bumpa Berries Spin one of the overhanging branches on the sides of the tree at the beginning of the level Off-Balance.
Here Kitty Kitty
IMG 4263
Scare the cat hiding from a party Spin the dumpster just after the third checkpoint in the level Off Beat.
Give 'Em a Broadside!
IMG 4263
Aim and fire! Spin the two cannons at the end of the Dingodile segment of Thar He Blows!.
Bad Signs
IMG 4263
Do some target practice Shoot the purple bat targets with a TNT barrel or crate in the level Home Cookin'.
Junkyard Jams
IMG 4263
Make music in an unlikely place Spin 3 barrels at the start of the level and 3 more outside the bonus round in Hit the Road.
IMG 4263
Grabbed a bushel of Bumpa Collect every Bumpa Berry in the intro to A Hole in Space.
Silence the Scientist
IMG 4263
Shut N. Brio up Destroy one of N. Brio's potions in Give It a Spin, Draggin' On or Off-Balance.
Megaphoning It In
IMG 4263
Shut N. Gin up Destroy one of N. Gin's speakers in A Real Grind, Crash Compactor or Hit the Road.
Hammer it Home
IMG 4263
Make some noise! Spin all the gongs in Draggin' On.
Channel Surfer
IMG 4263
Spend some time surfin' the waves Spin the TV in Rude Awakening.


The game features a rudimentary series of cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. The former, titled "Pass N. Play" is a retro-styled "pass the controller" mode where-in two players work together to complete a stage, with the controller being passed to the next player upon the previous one dying.

The latter is referred to as "Bandicoot Battle" which contains two rule sets: Checkpoint Race and Crate Combo, both of which can be played by up to four players, with players 1 and 2 controlling Crash and Coco, and players 3 and 4 controlling their Fake counterparts.

Checkpoint Race sees both players racing from checkpoint to checkpoint for the fastest time. Crate Combo, however, sees the players attempting to rack up a crate combo from checkpoint to checkpoint. In both modes, whoever wins the most checkpoints by the end being declared the overall winner. Additionally, much like Pass N. Play, each player completes their sessions separately, with the main difference being that players 2, 3 and 4 can use their own controllers, rather than needing to share a singular one.


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Names in other languages

Language Name
Japanese クラッシュ・バンディクー4 とんでもマルチバース
Kurasshu Bandikū 4: Tondemo Maruchibāsu
Polish Crash Bandicoot 4: Najwyższy Czas
Russian Crash Bandicoot 4: Это вопрос времени
Crash Bandicoot 4: Ėto vopros vremeni

This game was developed in English and was officially localized into Arabic, European Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin American Spanish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.

The Polish and Russian versions were not dubbed, featuring the original English audio with subtitles.

Voice cast

Language Voice actor Character
English Andrew Morgado[3] Fake Crash (NPC cameo)
Additional voices
Cherise Boothe[4] Kupuna-Wa
Chris Fries[a] Additional voices
Corey Burton[b] N. Gin
Nitros Oxide
Eden Riegel[5] Coco Bandicoot
Fake Coco[c]
Edward Bosco[a] Additional voices
Fred Tatasciore Dingodile[b]
Greg Eagles[b] Aku Aku
Jon Lipow[a] Additional voices
Jon Olson[a] Additional voices
JP Karliak[7] N. Tropy
Keith Silverstein[a] Additional voices
Lex Lang[8] Neo Cortex
Misty Lee[b] Polar
Richard Steven Horvitz[9] Lani-Loli
Roger Craig Smith[10] N. Brio
Salli Saffioti[a] Additional voices
Sarah Tancer[a] Additional voices
Scott Whyte[11] Crash Bandicoot
Fake Crash (player skin)[d]
Ursula Taherian[12] Tawna
Yuri Lowenthal[a] Additional voices
Zeno Robinson[6] Ika-Ika
Brazilian Portuguese Alex Barone[13] Crash Bandicoot
Luiza Caspary[14] Coco Bandicoot
Michelle Guidice[15] Tawna
Ricardo Rossatto[16] Neo Cortex
Milton Levy[17] N. Tropy
Lia Mello[18] female N. Tropy
Fred Mascarenhas[19] N. Gin
Claudia Victoria[20] Lani-Loli
Italian Pino Piravano[21] Crash Bandicoot
Renzo Ferrini[21] Aku Aku
Martina Tamburello[21] Coco Bandicoot
Chiara Francese[21] Tawna
Silvano Piccardi[21] Neo Cortex
Andrea De Nisco[21] Dingodile
Matteo Zanotti[21] Lani-Loli
Elisabetta Cesone[21] Kupuna-Wa
Gianni Gaude[21] Ika-Ika
Ruggero Andreozzi[21] Ika-Ika
Antonello Governale[21] N. Tropy
Marina Thovez[21] N. Tropy (F)
Oliviero Corbetta[21] N. Gin
N. Brio
Luca Sandri[21] Nitros Oxide
Japanese Haruna Ikezawa[22] Coco Bandicoot
Akiko Toda[22] Tawna
Kenichi Ogata[22] Aku Aku
Masaaki Itatori[22] Neo Cortex
Shunsuke Sakuya[22] N. Gin
Masaru Ikeda[22] N. Tropy
Keisuke Ishida[22] Dingodile
Setsuo Itō[22] Lani-Loli
Keiko Domon[22] Kupuna-Wa
Noriaki Sugiyama[22] Ika-Ika
Hiroshi Nakamura[22] Akano
Latin American Spanish Circe Luna[23] Coco Bandicoot
Carla Castañeda[24] Tawna Bandicoot (It's About Time)
Gerardo Vásquez[25] Aku Aku
Ferso Velázquez[26] Lani-Loli


  • The game was initially planned to be open world, but the idea was quickly dropped as Toys for Bob wanted to "stay authentic to the classic experience."[27]
  • In Tawna's epilogue for the 100% ending, the narrator tells that she explored El Dorado, Shangri-La and Atlantis, and involved with Shmathan Trake, which is a reference to Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series and his previous adventures in Drake's Fortune, Among Thieves and Drake's Deception.
  • The subtitle is a reference to the 12 year timespan between the release of Crash: Mind Over Mutant (2008) and It's About Time (2020). The former game was the last mainline Crash Bandicoot title to be developed prior to the hiatus.[28]
  • It's About Time is the second game to be titled Crash Bandicoot 4, after The Wrath of Cortex's Japanese release.
  • The game was dedicated to the memory of Aku Aku's original voice actor Mel Winkler, who passed away earlier in the year of its release.
  • This is the first game since Crash Nitro Kart where Crash is voiced by someone other than Jess Harnell.
  • This is the first, and so far only, game in the series where the Japanese cover doesn't use the Japanese Crash design. However, the box art was still altered to give the characters a fifth finger.
  • This is the first game in the series to be localized in Polish.
  • In the game's opening cinematic, there are twenty-two tally marks etched in stone in Cortex and N. Tropy's prison, the number of years that passed between the release of Warped and It's About Time.
  • This is the only Crash Bandicoot game to feature enemies in bonus rounds, which also feature their own Nitro Switch Crate.
  • One of the achievements is named "Twinsanity", named after Crash Twinsanity.
  • It's About Time is the first ever Crash Bandicoot game to be released on the PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X/S video game consoles.
  • In the 100% ending illustration for Tawna, a case for "Spyro Reignited Trilogy" can be seen amidst a stack of game cases.
  • There are 18,482 crates in total, including N. Verted and Flashback Tape stages, which is the largest total number of crates in any Crash Bandicoot game.
  • Paul Yan stated in interviews for the game that the previous post-Naughty Dog Crash sequels may have taken place in alternate timelines than this entry's.[29][30][31][32] He'd later rescind this at GDC 2021 by stating that those games come after It's About Time in its chronological timeline.[33]


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