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This page is comprised of transcriptions of all the cutscenes in Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced.


  • Each cutscene is in chronological order of appearance in regular gameplay.
  • Being a Gameboy Advance game, this game doesn't have full voice acting, with all dialogue being shown via subtitles. These subtitles also contain some narration at times. In game, all of these subtitles are written in all upper case, however here they have been transcribed normally for ease of reading. Otherwise, everything is transcribed exactly as written in the subtitles down to the punctuation.
  • Again, due to the limitations of the console, the cutscenes play out as slideshows of images with some mouth movements rather than full-motion video. A new description is written for each time the image changes.


[In the midst of hyperspace, Uka Uka and N. Tropy are stood on the Hyperspace Temple.]

Narration: "Deep in the heart of hyperspace..."

[Uka Uka is shown up close.]

Uka Uka: "That incompetent Neo Cortex. He cannot do anything right! His last scheme to shrink the Earth failed miserably! You have been a great asset to the cause of evil over the years N. Tropy."

[The view switches to N. Tropy.]

N. Tropy: "Thank you, my lord."

[Back to Uka Uka.]

Uka Uka: "That is why I trust you with the task of aiding me in universal domination."

[Back to N. Tropy.]

N. Tropy: "Great Uka Uka, I am honored! And I have the perfect scheme."

Intro (Part 2)[]

[N. Tropy moves over to a circular blue vortex.]

N. Tropy: "Allow me to harness my powers of time and space to peer into the future..."

[Within the vortex, an image of N. Tropy standing with Crunch Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot and Coco Bandicoot is shown.]

N. Tropy: "Of course! Since those wretched bandicoots keep thwarting us, the solution is to get them on our side. And I know just the fellow for the job."

[Back to Uka Uka.]

Uka Uka: "A new recruit?"

[Back to N. Tropy by the vortex.]

N. Tropy: "Indeed. Meet my secret weapon."

[Without warning, N. Trance appears on the temple.]

N. Trance: "I am N. Trance, master of hypnotism!"

[The screen goes black, with text reading "Meanwhile..."]

[Outside the Bandicoot House, the bandicoot family are going about their day. Crash is sleeping, Crunch is lifting a weight, and Coco is on her laptop. Suddenly, Coco and Crunch are sucked into a blue vortex.]

Coco: "Crash, HEEEEEELP!"

[Aku Aku appears.]

Aku Aku: "Crash! Wake up! Coco and Crunch have been abducted! Find me a power crystal so I can look into what's going on! Hurry!"

Intro (Part 3)[]

Aku Aku: "Oh, no! Watch out Crash!"

[Aku Aku uses his powers to stop Crash from getting sucked into a vortex.]

Aku Aku: "I've got you Crash!"

[N. Tropy is still standing beside the vortex.]

N. Tropy: "Something is holding on to Crash. We need more power!"

[Aku Aku successfully keeps Crash from being sucked in.]

Aku Aku: "This vortex must be the work of N. Tropy."

[A bandicoot is successfully abducted, appearing in front of the vortex: Fake Crash.]

N. Tropy: "I've finally captured that infernal bandicoot!"

[Close up of N. Tropy.]

N. Tropy: "I finally got all you obnoxious bandicoots! Would you do the honors, N. Trance!"

[N. Trance approaches Coco, Crunch and Fake Crash where they stand near the vortex, preparing his clock arm.]

N. Trance: "With pleasure!"

[The screen goes black, with text reading "Somewhere else in Hyperspace..."]

[Crash and Aku Aku are now in Hyperspace.]

Aku Aku: "That took almost all the power I had, Crash. Good job getting the power crystal before you were pulled into the vortex. But, I'll need a lot more crystals if we are to put an end to N. Tropy's plans."

[A floating island in Hyperspace is shown.]

Aku Aku: "That floating island up ahead will allow us to go to different worlds and find crystals. Hopefully we can find Coco and Crunch and stop N. Tropy!"

Lagoony Tunes[]

[Aku Aku is shown in front of a blue sky.]

Aku Aku: "Crash, in this water world you will need to use your wakeboard to collect the power crystal. The waters are guarded by a vicious shark so be careful!"

Globe Trottin'[]

[Aku Aku is shown in front of a blue sky.]

Aku Aku: "Crash, these Mayan ruins can only be traversed by using one of your favorite toys, the Atlasphere. Look out for nitro traps and ledges."

Crunch freed[]

[Crash approaches the newly released Crunch, who is now standing dizzily with cartoon birds circling his head.]

Crunch: "Oohh man... brainwashed again! Thanks for saving me Crash."

[Crash and Aku Aku return to Hyperspace.]

Aku Aku: "Good news Crash. The crystals you've collected have allowed me to open up a new area of the island. We can get to new worlds from there."

Barrel Roll[]

[Aku Aku is shown in front of a blue sky.]

Aku Aku: "Now it is your turn to use the Atlasphere, Crunch. But be careful! N. Tropy has added some new dangers."

Coco freed[]

[Crash approaches the newly released Coco, who is now standing dizzily with 1s and 0s circling her head.]

Coco: "Oh, Crash, thank you. How did you break out of N. Trance's hypnosis?"

[Crash and Aku Aku are in Hyperspace again.]

Aku Aku: "Something strange happened when you were being pulled into the vortex, Crash. Coco saw someone in N. Tropy's secret base that looked like you. I'll try to find out who while you go collect more crystals."

Run from the Sun[]

[Aku Aku is shown in front of a starry sky.]

Aku Aku: "The next power crystal is located in space, Coco. You must use your space suit and rocket tug to retrieve it. N. Tropy has sent a huge fireball that will destroy the crystal if you do not move fast enough, but I have created turbo gates to help you stay ahead of the danger."

Fake Crash freed[]

[Within the vortex at the Hyperspace Temple, Crash can be seen with the newly released Fake Crash.]

N. Tropy: "N. Trance, you blundering idiot! That was not Crash! It was some sort of... Fake Crash!"

[Close up on N. Trance.]

N. Trance: "How was I supposed to know? He fooled you too. Besides, they will never find our hideout. Not in a million years!"

[Meanwhile, Crash and Aku Aku had returned to Hyperspace.]

Aku Aku: "Good job Crash! With a few more crystals, I'll be able to open the vortex to N. Tropy's hideout!"

Base breach[]

[Glowing sparks appear in front of the vortex before Crash and Aku Aku teleport in.]

Aku Aku: "Yes! We've made it to N. Tropy's secret base."

[Close up on N. Tropy.]

N. Tropy: "N. Trance, you fool! They have found us! Destroy them!"

[Back to N. Trance.]

N. Trance: "It should have taken a million years to find us... how?"

[Back to Aku Aku and Crash.]

Aku Aku: "Time does not pass in the vortex... I had all the time I needed to find you!"

[Back to N. Tropy.]

N. Tropy: "You have one last chance to stop them. Do not disappoint me again!"

[Back to N. Trance.]

N. Trance: "Destroy all bandicoots!"

N. Trance defeated[]

[N. Tropy stands in front of the vortex.]

N. Tropy: "NOOOO! I can't defeat all these wretched bandicoots myself!"

[N. Tropy disappears into the vortex with a flash of light.]

N. Tropy: "But mark my words. I'll be baaaack!"

[Aku Aku is shown floating in space.]

Aku Aku: "Good job Crash! You've rescued the other bandicoots from N. Tropy and defeated N. Trance! Too bad N. Tropy got away. If only we had all of the gem shards, I could re-open his space vortex and you could go after him!"

[The screen goes black, with text reading "The end??"]

True ending - N. Tropy defeated[]

[Crunch, Crash and Coco pose in front of the newly defeated N. Tropy. Aku Aku floats by Fake Crash, who has a camera, preparing to take a picture.]

Aku Aku: "Congratulations everyone, for defeating N. Tropy and capturing him! Let's take a picture to celebrate!"

[The image of N. Tropy, Crunch, Crash and Coco in the vortex re-appears.]

[Uka Uka has returned to the Hyperspace Temple. He sees the image within the vortex.]

Uka Uka: "That's it! No more underlings! Next time you will face a real adversary!"

[The screen goes black, with text reading "The end... for now..."]