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Crash Bandicoot is a mobile phone platformer game released on April 8, 2003. It was developed by Kaolink.


Crash Bandicoot for the ExEn (Execution Engine) is a platformer in the side-scrolling vein. It takes much from the original games in the series, but even more from the GBA games. As usual, Crash can run, spin, jump, crawl, slide, and belly flop. There are Wumpa Fruits, Gems, and Crystals to be collected in the levels. Recognizable icons such as crates and enemies like carnivorous plants can be found through the game's 18 levels, which are divided into four different sections. Each level is quite short, but it adds to the challenge that you don't have any checkpoints or extra lives. If you get hurt then the level is restarted.


Run - Press 4 or 6 to run left or right.

Jump - Press 2.

High Jump - Crouch and then jump.

Spin - Press 5.

Crawl - Run while holding the crouch button.

Somersault - Press 1 or 3.

Slide - Press jump and press the crouch button.

Pause - Press #.


The objective is very simple, as outlined within the "Game" option in the menus.

Collect all the crystals to prevent Dr. Neo Cortex dominating the world!