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Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is a mobile game developed by King and available on the Google Play Store. It revolves around Crash Bandicoot roaming various locations in an endless runner style in order to collect Nitro fuel to defeat villains such as Doctor Nitrus Brio, DingodileScorporilla and Mr. Crumb[1].

The game was first soft-launched in select countries on April 22nd, 2020, and is currently only available in other select regions such as Canada.

A dedicated Twitter account for the game was registered in May 2020 but wasn't discovered until July 2020 when a teaser video of a TNT crate and the word "Loading..." was posted.[2]

On the 9th of July 2020, the official announcement trailer was uploaded to the Twitter account, and the game was fully added to the Apple App Store, being made available for pre-registration on both platforms. A Blue Hyena skin for Crash, like the one from Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, was billed as a bonus for pre-registering.[3]


In this episode, Dr. Neo Cortex dispatched mutagen henchmen across the multiverse to enslave all dimensions. With the help of his spirited sister Coco, Crash must strike and bash Cortex's minions back to their own worlds![4]


The game plays similarly to other endless running games like Temple Run or Sonic Dash. Crash runs forward automatically, but the player can control him by swiping their finger left or right to dodge in that direction, swipe downwards to Slide and tap to Spin. The main objective is to defeat Cortex's mutated minions, which is done by throwing a Serum at it after a short boss fight. Serums must be crafted at Coco's Base before fighting, which requires specific materials to create. Additionally, the player must wait a certain amount in real time before they can collect a created item. If the player is short on materials, they can play a Collection Run to obtain more by breaking Crates containing resources, or purchase missing items with Crystals.


The game features various areas from previous Crash titles.


  • Wumpa Fruit
  • Nitric Fungus
  • Chill Berry
  • Pop Blossom
  • Shell Shard
  • Glow Bark


  • Beta Part
  • Alpha Part


  • Nitro Serum
  • Nitro Bomb
  • Nitro Ray Gun
  • Nitro Bazooka
  • Frosty Serum
  • Frosty Bomb
  • Frosty Ray Gun
  • Frosty Bazooka



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