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Crash Anywhere (どこでもクラッシュくん) is a game for the Japan-exclusive PlayStation peripheral, the PocketStation. To access it, the player must connect their PocketStation to a NTSC-J PlayStation with a Japanese copy of Crash Bandicoot: Warped in it. It takes up 12 out of 15 blocks of memory on the PocketStation.


This game contains several gamemodes.

クラッシュくん (Crash)[]

The game is a virtual pet, with Crash himself as the pet. Crash largely takes care of himself, playing different animations at different times of day using the PocketStation's internal clock, such as eating breakfast and brushing his teeth in the morning, or reading a book and going to sleep at night. The player can press a button to take photos of Crash when prompted, with the aim of the game being to collect wacky pictures of Crash's antics.

If the player registers an anniversary when they first play the game, Crash will celebrate your anniversary if you play on that day.

どこでもダンシン (Dancing Anywhere)[]

This is a simple rhythm game where the player must press the enter button when the arrows reach the square in the bottom left corner. Either Crash or Coco will dance in the middle of the screen, while 8-bit renditions of various songs play, including the Japanese Crash theme and music from Warped. The more accurate your timing is, the more points you earn. Missing too many arrows in a row will result in a game over.

There are seven different songs in total, with some being locked until you complete certain levels in Warped.

どこでもゴロゴロ (Rumbling Anywhere)[]

This is an auto-runner, resembling the boulder-chase stages from the console games. Crash is running from a boulder, and the player must use the arrow keys to move him left and right and press enter to jump to avoid obstacles and collect Apples. There are multiple moments where the path will fork. You receive a special photo at the end of the game, and the photo changes depending on the path you took. There are five different endings in total.

どこでも8 (8 Anywhere)[]

This is a simple tile-sliding puzzle, where the player must slide tiles around on a grid to make a picture. Completing the puzzle gives you the image from the puzzle as a photo. Earlier puzzles are 3x3, while later ones are 4x4.

どこでもアルバム (Album Anywhere)[]

Here you can look at all of the photos you have collected. The owner of each photo is noted - if you have named your save file on Warped it will use that name, but if you haven't it will just say "Crash-kun". You can also trade photos with other PocketStations using the infrared port. There are 88 photos to collect in total, with 1-62 earned from the virtual pet, 63-67 earned from Rumbling Anywhere, 68-74 from 8 Anywhere, and 75-88 from Dancing Anywhere.

どこでもアクアク (Aku Aku Anywhere)[]

Here you can see your progress from your Warped save file, including your file name, your completion percentage, and how many collectables you have. You can also look at statistics for each level, including time trial high scores. You can also review Aku Aku's advice that he gives during levels in the Japanese version.