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This article refers to the main version of Crash: Mind Over Mutant for the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Wii and the PlayStation Portable. For other uses, see Crash: Mind Over Mutant (disambiguation).

Crash: Mind Over Mutant is the sequel to Crash of the Titans, the fifteenth installment in the Crash Bandicoot series, and the seventh mainline series game. It was released for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360, & Wii.

The game's story centers on the arrival of a popular technological device that puts its users under the control of the device's creators and antagonists of the story Dr. Neo Cortex and N. Brio. Crash and his magical mask friend Aku Aku are the only ones unaffected by the device, and must free their friends from its control and put an end to Dr. Cortex's plot.


As a follow-up to Crash of the Titans, Crash: Mind Over Mutant uses many of the same mechanics of that game, with a few changes. Crash still has the ability to "jack" enemies (called mutants or sometimes titans) by defeating them in close-range combat and riding on their backs. He can also still earn attack upgrades by collecting mojo, but unlike before, each species of mutant Crash controls has their own unique mojo counters and levelling system as well. Crash can "level up" a maximum of twenty times; mutants, only five. In addition, Crash can now put a non-boss mutant in storage ("pocketing"), and can switch between his current and pocketed mutant at any time. Most mutants from the previous game return, and a few new ones have been added. Each one now has the ability to jump, and many of the returning mutants have gained new attacks. Special, stronger variants of the mutants called Heroes can be encountered and jacked later in the game.

As a whole, the style of the game is much more open than most previous instalments. Rather than having twenty linear platforming levels to complete in sequence, Mind Over Mutant features eight distinct locations for Crash to explore and travel between as the story progresses. Scattered throughout the map are Voodoo dolls, which unlock the game's concept art, and health upgrades. Completing the game's story also unlocks minigame rounds to test Crash's combat skills.


CMOM NVshadowplay

The first NV is developed.

Some time after the events of the previous game, Dr. Neo Cortex reconciles with his old colleague, Dr. N. Brio, who has invented the NV: a virtual-reality headset powered by bad mojo that transforms the wearer into a mindless, bloodthirsty creature. Cortex realizes the marketability of the device and has it mass-produced. It is advertised as a personal assistant and entertainment system, and soon arrives at the door of every Wumpa Island inhabitant free of charge.

NV Ratcicle

Crash vs. Ratcicle.

The bandicoots also receive these helmets, though Crash and Aku Aku are unimpressed (Crash's malfunctions, and Aku Aku's doesn't fit). Coco and Crunch are obsessed, however, and before long the devices turn them into slavering beasts. Crash and Aku Aku must travel to various locales and settlements across Wumpa Island to save Coco, Crunch, and the various mutants they encounter along the way. They must also track down old enemies that Cortex has either betrayed or abandoned (N. Gin, Nina, Uka Uka) and piece together the story of the NV's creation.

Eventually, they discover the source of the helmets in Cortex's space station, and there confront the doctor himself. Using N. Brio's mutagen, Cortex transforms himself into a mutant to fight Crash one-on-one, but is defeated when Crash jacks him and initiates the station's self-destruct. Cortex escapes in an escape pod, leaving Crash and Aku Aku stranded. The ship crash-lands on Wumpa Island. Miraculously, the two survive. They happily reunite with Crunch and Coco, and decide not to clean up any of the mess that's now piled up in their front yard.






  • Ratnicians - Having gone feral and vegetarian since Crash of the Titans, they now work for Doctor N. Gin.
  • Bratgirls - They were Nina's former minions after the events of Crash of the Titans and now attend the Evil Public School with her. They also supervise the NV-controlled Ratcicles in Ratcicle Kingdom.
  • Doom Monkeys - They now work for Dr. N. Brio in the Junkyard.
  • Znus - Bulbous, purple creatures that work for the Grimlies, armed with flashlights and eye lasers.
  • Slap-Es - Hand-shaped robots that share Dr. N. Cortex's memories and personal problems.




Main article: Crash: Mind Over Mutant/Missions

Story Missions[]

  1. Find Coco's Parts
  2. Find N. Gin
  3. Save Coco and Crunch
  4. Find Information on Nina
  5. Travel to the Ice Prison
  6. Find Information on Nina's School
  7. Return to Ratcicle Kingdom
  8. Return to Wumpa Island
  9. Reach the Desert
  10. Find RhinoRoller Village
  11. Defeat Spikes
  12. Get to Nina's School
  13. Protect Nina's School Project
  14. Defend Wumpa
  15. Travel to the Junkyard
  16. Find Crunch and N. Brio
  17. Save Crunch
  18. Travel to Mount Grimly
  19. Save Uka Uka
  20. Collect Uka's Bones: Uka's Vengeance
  21. Return to Uka Uka
  22. Return to the Doominator
  23. Defeat Cortex

Optional Missions[]

Each of these missions has an Xbox Achievement attached to it in the Xbox 360 version.

Image No. Name Criteria
1 No Place Like Wumpa Collect 5 Wumpa Voodoo Dolls from Wumpa Island
2 Freezer Burn Collect 5 Ratcicle Voodoo Dolls from Ratcicle Kingdom
3 N is for Evil Collect 3 Purple Voodoo Dolls from Evil Public School
4 Hot Stuff Collect 5 RhinoRoller Voodoo Dolls from Wasteland
5 Don't Recycle! Collect 5 Sludge Voodoo Dolls from Junkyard
6 The Dark Side Collect 5 Grimly Voodoo Dolls from Mount Grimly
7 Crash Grab Collect 13 Crash Voodoo Dolls from throughout the game
8 Can U Dig It? Dig past the thorns on Wumpa Island
9 A Wumpa A Day... Collect a Golden Wumpa fruit
10 Duplex Crash1 Defeat an enemy in Co-op Mode
11 A Combo to Go1 Defeat 50 enemies in Co-op Mode
12 Big Shooter1 Use a Charge Shot while in Mask form in Co-op Mode
13 Cold Feat1 Have both players jack a Ratcicle at the same time
14 Easy Does It1 Complete the Co-op Puzzle on Wumpa Island
15 It Takes Two to Tango1 2 Complete the Co-op Puzzle in Wasteland
16 Over Easy1 Complete the Co-op Puzzle in Mount Grimly
17 Would you like fries with that? Obtain a 10x Mojo Multiplier combo
18 Break Them To It Gently Obtain a 15x Mojo Multiplier combo
19 Chuck is that you? Obtain a 20x Mojo Multiplier combo
20 Mutant Recycle3 Store any Titan
21 Multi-Tasking Store a Titan while another has already been stored
22 Stone Cold Crash Stun 5 Ratcicles as Crash
23 Spike the Punch Stun 5 Spikes as Crash
24 Follow Your Nose Stun 5 Sludges as Crash
25 Whack a Nerd Defeat 75 Ratnicians
26 Fashion Fury Defeat 75 Brat Girls
27 OO OO AH AH Defeat 75 Doom Monkeys
28 Shadow Boxing Defeat 75 Znu
29 Slap on the Wrist Defeat 75 Slap-E
30 Snow Blows Complete Level 10 of the Ratcicle Kingdom arena minigame
31 Rumble in the Jungle Complete Level 10 of the Wumpa Island arena minigame
32 Stand in the Sand Complete Level 10 of the Wasteland arena minigame
33 Kick in the Junkyard Complete Level 10 of the Junkyard arena minigame
34 Lark in the Dark Complete Level 10 of the Mount Grimly arena minigame
35 Girl Power Defeat Coco
36 Crunched Defeat Crunch
37 Neo is Getting Angry Defeat Cortex
38 Crash King Fully upgrade Crash
39 Ice on the Cake Fully upgrade Ratcicle
40 Shell Shocked Fully upgrade Magmadon
41 T to the K Fully upgrade TK
42 Roll It Up Fully upgrade RhinoRoller
43 Stick it to Them Fully upgrade Spike
44 Shoot the Works Fully upgrade Snipe
45 Goo Squared Fully upgrade Sludge
46 Night Fright Fully upgrade Grimly
47 P Stinking U Fully upgrade Stench
N/A 48 Two Bits4 Reach 25% completion
49 The Glass is Half Full Reach 50% completion
N/A 50 And a Hair Cut4 Reach 75% completion
N/A N/A Superstar4 Reach 100% completion


  1. These missions are absent in the PSP version due to the lack of multiplayer. As a result, Missions 17-50 are instead numbered 10-43.
  2. The Xbox Achievement for It Takes Two to Tango is called It Took Two to Tango
  3. The Xbox Achievement for Mutant Recycle is called Happy To See Me
  4. These missions do not have any associated Xbox Achievements

To reach 100% completion, the player must complete all Story Missions and Optional Missions, as well as fully upgrade Battler, Scorporilla and Yuktopus. Upgrading the Titan Heroes is not required.


The PS2 and Wii versions of Crash: Mind Over Mutant were met with average to generally positive reviews. IGN gave the game an overall average of 6.9 and said it was the first good Crash game in awhile but that the camera angle almost ruined the whole package. GamePro gave it 7.5 and said that the game's graphics were excellent and that the game play had overall improved since Crash of the Titans. It also was nominated for Nintendo Power's Best Platformer of the Year award in 2008.

The reviews for the Xbox 360 version of Crash: Mind over Mutant were slightly less positive. Christopher Ewen of GameZone liked the series' transition into a free-roaming gameplay environment, but felt the game was too easy. Matt Casamassina of IGN found it to be like Crash of the Titans. Andy Eddy of TeamXbox liked the strong voice acting, but noted the uninspired gameplay, which was "not very consistent in its fun generation." Justin Calvert of GameSpot claimed the game "has too much backtracking and too many camera problems to make it recommendable." OXM concluded "there's very little about Mind over Mutant [sic] that makes it worth your $50 or the four hours it takes to complete." Eurogamer's Dan Pearson criticized the game's fixed camera, extensive backtracking, useless mission log, and dated concepts. Andrew Reiner of Game Informer proclaimed that the game's "unpredictable framerates, extensive backtracking, and the guarantee of one death caused by faulty camera positioning for every platforming segment" made it "a mess of a game, and a new low point for the once-loved marsupial."



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Names in other languages[]

Language Name
French Crash: Génération Mutant
German Crash: Herrscher der Mutanten
Italian Crash: Il dominio sui mutanti
Russian Крэш: Повелитель Мутантов
Krėsh: Povelitelʹ Mutantov
Spanish Crash ¡Guerra al Coco-Maníaco!

This game was developed in English and was officially localized into Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Voice cast[]

Language Voice actor Character
English Amy Gross[a] Nina Cortex
Carlos Alazraqui[b] Additional voices
Cedric Yarbrough[c] Additional voices
Chris Williams[a] Crunch Bandicoot
Tiny Tiger
Billy West[b] Additional voices
Debi Derryberry[a] Coco Bandicoot
Greg Eagles[a] Aku Aku
Grey DeLisle[d] Additional voices
John DiMaggio[a] Uka Uka
Jess Harnell[a] Crash Bandicoot
Kathryn Feller[b] Additional voices
Lee Tockar[b] Additional voices
Lex Lang[a] Neo Cortex
Mark Hamill[b][1] Znu
Additional voices
Nolan North[a] N. Gin
Quinton Flynn[b] Additional voices
Richard Steven Horvitz[b] Additional voices
Rik Kiviaho[e] Additional voices
Rodger Bumpass[f] Additional voices
Tabitha St. Germain[b] Additional voices
Tania Gunadi[b] Additional voices
Tara Strong[b] Additional voices
Tom Kenny[b] Additional voices
Maurice LaMarche[1] N. Brio
Italian Mago Forest[2] Neo Cortex
Giorgio Melazzi[2] Aku Aku
Antonio Paiola[2] Uka Uka
Luca Sandri[2] N. Brio
Laura Merli[2] Coco Bandicoot
Marco Balbi[2] Crunch Bandicoot
Renata Bertolas[2] Nina Cortex
Gianni Quillico[2] N. Gin


  • The game was originally titled Crash: Invasion of the Bandicoot Snatchers early in development.[3][4] This name is a reference to the 1956 horror movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  • Before the game came out, the PSP version was supposed to have multiplayer face-offs just like in Crash of the Titans. They are not present in the final version and neither are the areas that were created.
  • The PlayStation 2 and PSP versions of the game lack of a playable Coco for player 2 due to hardware limitations, as Crash and Coco with multiple enemies on screen, each with their own individual animations would have been too much for the PlayStation 2 and PSP to handle. In these versions, Carbon Crash becomes player 2.
  • This is the only game in the series to include 2D animated cutscenes.
  • The drawings in the concept art, as well as those seen inside Crash's house and in the Evil Public School, were drawn by the winners of a contest held by Kidzworld in collaboration with Radical Entertainment. Besides having their drawings included in the game, the winners also received a free copy of the game and appeared in the game's credits.[5]
  • Originally, the save points used to be blue crystals instead of tiki statues.[6]
  • Tiny Tiger and Ripper Roo were mentioned in some way: Tiny made no physical appearance but his voice was heard in the credits, and there is unused text in the game's files for a Ripper Roo villager.[7]
  • Just like Crash of the Titans, this game was also localized into Russian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.
  • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has two skins based on this game, a skin called Evil Coco which uses her outfit from the game and has the NV on her head, but without the goggles. And Evil Crunch which also uses his design from this game also having the NV on his head.
  • Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! also has a Coco skin called Mind Over Mutant which is based on this game.


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