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Cortexbot in mobile version of Crash of the Titans


The Cortexbot

The Cortexbot is a giant robot built by Dr. Cortex during the events of the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans. The giant robot was programmed to "boogie" all the time to get people's attention. It was stationed on a small island in the middle of N. Sanity Island, Wumpa Island and N-Trapment Island before Crash destroyed it.

The robot looks a lot like doctor Cortex himself, but with a more muscular body and a smaller head. It also has a giant golden necklace with a big "N" on it.

In the 100% ending for the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans, Nina replaces Cortex as the leader of the "Cortex Commandos" and, after disposing of Crash Bandicoot and his uncle, she and the rest of the minions activate the Cortexbot and march thowards Wumpa Island.


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