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Cortex Power is the nineteenth level (including boss fights) in Crash Bandicoot and the N. Sane Trilogy remake of the first game and is the second level on Cortex Island. This is Cortex's power plant, run by Pinstripe Potoroo and his minions. It is filled of toxic waste and dangerous machines. Including the blue gem path, this level has three routes to the end, all of which must be traversed to obtain the gem. Falling into the toxic waste in this level causes instant death.



Translation of Aku Aku Hints in the Japanese Version[]

  • What's on, in this sight of view? You can easily see the width of the ditches of chemical solution. Spiked robots are floating in places even higher than you. You can pass under them.
  • If you can't find the switch and press it, the final box bridge won't be completed. If you get hit on the way, return and press the switch. It's twice as fun.
    • Note that in the Japanese version, even if you die after hitting a checkpoint, you can still possibly get the gem if you backtrack, without having to exit the level and enter again.

Names in other languages[]

Language Name
Japanese コルテックスの はつでんしょ
Korutekkusu no hatsu den sho


  • The N. Sane Trilogy version of this level has an extra crate next to the life crate found on the path with many electric shockers on the floor.
    • The N. Sane Trilogy's box count is therefore 42, whereas it was 41 in the original.