Machinery (PS4)

Cortex Island, also known as the Iron Island, is the third island in the Wumpa Archipelago that previously served as Dr. Cortex's primary base in the series. The island also holds a toxic waste refinery which quickly polluted the environment, leaving almost zero wildlife. It was also the least environmentally friendly of the three islands as well as the biggest one. The castle on the island was destroyed after the events of the first game, but was rebuilt and briefly used by Cortex in Crash Nitro Kart before being abandoned again. The island is also home to an ancient temple shaped like an animal's face. A part of the castle was left on Velo's planet in Crash Nitro Kart (though this is non-canon). Canonically, since the fire, the island is still supposedly abandoned, along with its two facilities, the Cortex Power Factory, run by Pinstripe Potoroo, and the Cortex Castle.

There were plans for Cortex Island to be played on in Crash Twinsanity and most likely the power factory and castle as well, but it was scrapped during development, being limited to purple gem concept art.

It is unknown what kind of state Cortex Island is in Crash of the Titans and Crash: Mind Over Mutant.

The island returns and serves its original purpose in the N. Sane Trilogy.



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