The Cortex Commandos were a group of mutants created by Dr. Neo CortexDr. Nitrus Brio and possibly Dr. N. Gin for world domination. Crash Bandicoot was originally planned to be a leader, but was a failed experiment and he escaped from Cortex Castle and fell into the ocean.

They were mentioned and seen in the first game.

Brio said that he and Cortex were failures, but Cortex told him that Crash would be his general and Crash would lead the Cortex Commandos to world domination. This time Cortex would be triumphant.

In some later games, the Cortex Commandos split up. In Crash 2: Cortex Strikes Back, some of them (Ripper Roo, Tiny Tiger and the Komodo Brothers) side with Brio against Cortex. In Crash 3: Warped, Uka Uka mentors Tropy and Cortex and only use two of the commandos (Dingodile and Tiny Tiger) and continues to use them in Crash 4: The Wrath of Cortex. In Crash Twinsanity, some of them are on their own (Dingodile betrays Cortex). Even Cortex's partners (Dr. Nitrus Brio and Nefarious Tropy) betray him. By Crash of the Titans and Crash Mind Over Mutant, they are forgotten.

Cortex Commando members/Creators


  • According to Nitrus Brio, some of the Cortex Commandos are mistakes, possibly referencing Ripper Roo.
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