Cortex Chaos is a game that never got past the concept stage. It would have taken place after the events of Crash Twinsanity; Dr. Cortex would have been kicked out of the mad scientist group for "fraternising" with Crash. He would then take revenge on the group.


The game would most likely start with Cortex going to the mad scientist group for a meeting. Upon arriving there, the villains would tell him that he can't be a member for teaming up with Crash. They would then kick Cortex out and he would have to get his revenge on them. The game would introduce more new doctors, each with an N at the start of their names. The only ones known right now are: N. Tombed (a doctor that would be a huge Egyptian enemy), N. Tertain (a clown), and N. Tangled (a doctor that has possibly fused himself with plant DNA or studies plants and added a formula to them, giving them the ability to live on their own). More doctors were supposed to be made, but who they are and what they look like are unknown, even to the creators of the game.


The game would have two ways of being played. The first would have Cortex using little clones of himself (possibly humanoid or robotic) to help him by picking up objects and tossing them, building bridges and ladders for Cortex to climb, and collect objects. The second way would have Cortex using different weapons to protect himself. The weapons would be most likely long ranged since a concept art of the weapons are all guns. How the levels would be made and look like are unknown. Each of the levels would have based around the members of the evil scientist group: N. Tropy, N. Trance, N. Brio, N. Gin, and N. Oxide for example.



  • All of the members of the mad scientist group would have had an N at the beginning of their names.
  • It is unknown if Crash would appear in the game as either an ally or a foe.
  • Nina would have appeared in the game but what she would do is unknown or if she would even help Cortex.
  • The title The All-New Cortex Show was considered for the game.
  • Universal Studios originally owned the game's rights, but it is unsure if the game will be developed by them or by another company working with them. It is said that Universal wants to keep the idea "on the back burner" for a later date, giving the idea that the game will be created by them.
  • According to an interview with Keith Webb, one of the game's developers, if the Go! Go! Kokopolo series makes enough money, he will buy the rights and he and the developers he is working with now will create this game as well as Crash Twinsanity 2 .