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Cortex's Lair

Cortex's Lab was meant to be Cortex's base of operations in Crash Landed. It seems to be a floating base, similar to the Doominator from Crash of The Titans. It was revealed in a piece of concept art including information about the areas inside the base. This base is also run on solar power.


Lab 1

"Where Cortex is experimenting by crossing one or more animals."

This room can be seen in concept art. In the concept art, there are many cages containing the kidnapped bandicoots, which are being crossed with sharks. There is one bandicoot in a laser cage that might be about to be crossed with a shark. Also, in the picture, it is seen that some bandicoots are food for the hybrid creations.

Lab 2

"Where Cortex experiments with single animals."

Nothing is know about this lab, due to the fact that it was never seen in concept art.

Lab 3

"Flora experiments."

Like the second lab, this room has never had any concept art of it shown.

Control Room

The control room is located at the top of the base, which is a glass dome.


According to some concept art, the corridors of the base are dark and slimy. There were three untextured models of the corridor released, also showing a few tanks filled with water inside it.


An untextured 3D model of a corridor of Cortex's Lab

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