Co-op mode is a recurring feature in the Crash Bandicoot series.

Main Series

Crash of The Titans

In this game there are two styles of co-op: Leapfrog and Piggyback. In leapfrog mode it starts off as Crash (controlled by the first player), but when he jumps, Carbon Crash (controlled by the second player) will take over. In piggyback mode, both Crash and Carbon Crash can play at the same time, but there are complications with this, such as Air Grind restrictions and the need to defeat and jack twice as many Titans. When Crash or Carbon Crash is not active, they are in the other's backpack.

Mind over Mutant

This game's co-op is far less complex because of less restrictions and the option of storing titans. It lays out like the piggyback mode of Crash of the Titans, only instead of jumping into a backpack, they become a warped and bizarre version of Aku Aku who shoots chickens.


Crash Bash

Crash Bash was the first game to have a full co-op story mode. The players would simply select a character and begin play. In the Warp Room only one player would appear, but both players would then be in the minigames. The two players would be a team and all minigames adapt to that.

Crash Boom Bang!

Crash Boom Bang! had two co-op modes: wireless and multi-cartridge. In wireless mode only one player has to have the game and the others can connect to that player's DS. However, only a selection of minigames are available. In the multi-cartridge mode all players must have the game but this unlocks a fully playable story mode.

Crash Tag Team Racing

This mode differs greatly from the main story mode. The players use a HUB screen to access races. The players then use the money earned to buy new cars, costumes, and tracks from the shop screen.

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