Crash driving in the original Classic Kart.

The Classic Kart is the kart model used by all the playable characters in Crash Team Racing. Each character drives in a kart with a distinct color to differentiate them from each other.

The Classic Kart is a basic kart, rimmed with gold or silver pipe-work that holds the body together, although in-game, the pipe-work is in the exact same color as the kart itself. This is merely done to get the game to perform well, as higher-detailed models for the karts, which fo use silver pipe-work, are featured in the Character Select screen for Adventure Mode, as well as cutscenes for the bosses. It also features two large, silver exhaust pipes.

The kart naturally returns in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, a remake of Crash Team Racing. Unlike in its first appearance, the kart is heavily customizable, as players can choose which body, wheels and colors their kart should use, and can even further decorate them with stickers and body-specific decals. The default set, branded "Classic", also has five new decals, and the game includes fifteen paint jobs that reflect the Classic Kart's original fifteen colors from Crash Team Racing.

The Classic Kart has received some minor changes, appearing as a mixture of the original artwork and the in-game models of Crash Team Racing. While the pipe-work for the karts are in a different color like in the old artwork, the tires are short and wide like in the old models. Additionally, a pentagonal emblem is placed on front of the kart, which is unique to the Nitro-Fueled redesign.

NF Retro Kart

The blue Retro Kart.

An extra variant known as the Retro Kart appears in the PlayStation 4 version of Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, which appears to be a polygonal version to emulate a nostalgic, retro-like feeling. However, the Classic Kart is only available as eight Kart Sets, separate from the other Kart customization options, with each being colored after the karts from the eight default characters. Despite this, its Retro Wheels can still be applied to any other body.

Kart Parts

These are all the available parts in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled that form the Classic Kart set.

Kart Part DefaultNF Classic Kart
Kart Body
BasicNF Classic Wheels
ExoticNF Retro Wheels
Unlock Condition None. PS4 exclusive.


Decal BasicWinged arrows decal
Winged Arrows
ExoticBlistering flames decal
Blistering Flames
ExoticLightning dash decal
Lightning Dash
ExoticRaining hearts decal
Raining Hearts
LegendaryMark of champions decal
Mark of Champions
Unlock Condition Earn 1 Relic in Adventure Mode. Earn 5 Relics in Adventure Mode. Earn 9 Relics in Adventure Mode. Purchased via the Pit Stop for CTRNF-Wumpa Coin 500. Earn 13 Relics in Adventure Mode.

Paint Jobs

Paint Job BasicBlue paint
BasicPurple paint
BasicViolet paint
BasicPink paint
BasicRed paint
Character Crash Bandicoot Pura Dr. N. Gin Coco Bandicoot Dr. Neo Cortex
Unlock Condition None.
Paint Job BasicOrange paint
BasicMustard paint
BasicYellow paint
BasicOlive paint
BasicGreen paint
Character Ripper Roo Komodo Joe Papu Papu Dingodile Tiny Tiger
Unlock Condition Defeat Ripper Roo in Adventure Mode. Defeat Komodo Joe in Adventure Mode. Defeat Papu Papu in Adventure Mode. None.
Paint Job BasicAqua paint
BasicLight blue paint
Light Blue
BasicWhite paint
BasicBlue grey paint
BasicCharcoal paint
Character Polar Dr. N. Tropy Penta Penguin Fake Crash Pinstripe
Unlock Condition None. Beat all of N. Tropy's times in Time Trial Mode. Unlocked via cheat code. Clear the Purple Gem Cup in Adventure Mode. Defeat Pinstripe in Adventure Mode.


Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled


  • The karts in Crash Team Racing actually uses 2D sprites for its wheels that always faces the front and change depending on the camera angle, a technique similarly used for the characters in Mario Kart 64. This trick is being used by the developers to minimize performance issues during races, as the character select screen of Adventure Mode and cutscenes do feature fully-modeled wheels.

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