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Citadel City is the fourth hub in Crash Team Racing. It is also the final secondary hub world in the game. The boss for Citadel City is Pinstripe Potoroo, who can be challenged once all sixteen trophies are collected before the player faces Nitros Oxide.


On the lower level inside of the castle, N. Gin Labs is located in the corner near the entrance/exit ramp. Also on the lower level, Cortex Castle can be found in front of some stained-glass portraits. There is a wooden spiral ramp which leads to the upper level of the castle. On the deck, Pinstripe's challenge, and his home track Hot Air Skyway, can be found across from each other. On the other side of the castle hallway is Oxide's space station, where the track Oxide Station is housed.


Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic معقل الأشرار
maeqil al'ashrar
Castle of the Wicked
French Ville de la Citadelle (same as English)
German Zitadellenstadt (same as English)
Italian Cittadella Citadel
Japanese そらとぶようさい
Sora tobu yō sai
Flying Fort
Portuguese Cidadela Citadel
Spanish Ciudadela Citadel


  • In the original Crash Team Racing, the stained-glass portraits depict the boss characters from Warped, but in Nitro-Fueled they are all of Cortex.
  • Citadel City is the only hub world in CTR that has only one entrance/exit, connecting to Glacier Park.