The Chimera is a large Titan that serves as the final boss of the Nintendo DS version of Crash: Mind Over Mutant. It is a combination of the elite Spike, Ee-Lectric, Anubis-Vicious, Psycho-Mandrake, and Rhinoroller.


In terms of general appearance, the Chimera shows body parts of the 5 mutants it was created from and its head. It consists of elite Spike's right arm, elite Anubis-Vicious' left arm, elite Rhinoroller's legs, elite Eel-ectric's tail and elite Psycho-Mandrake's petals on the back. His head is shown as a lion with buffalo horns, and his torso is a kind of machine with the "N" sign on the chest, and in the center has a core that changes color according to the chosen attack.


Crash Mind Over Mutant final boss(DS)

Crash Mind Over Mutant final boss(DS)


Chimera has the ability to use cosmic skills and use special attacks other Titans, that color according Orb his torso:

  • Yellow: Unleash spikes from the ground like the Spike.
  • Blue: Unleash a thunder as the Ee-Lectric.
  • Gray: Like the Anuvis-cious, will unleash an explosion of sand, which will only be activated if hit while protecting.
  • Green: Like the Psycho-Mandrake, will unleash a glow that lets paralyzed Crash, and then attack him with a psychic sword.
  • Red: As the Rhinoroller, jump loud and crashing to the ground leave Crash unconscious Crash if on the ground too.
  • Purple: Using several unique attacks, shoot orbs that will make Crash slower, will unleash an asteroid from the sky, and create a black hole with strong suction.


  • The Chimera is the second amalgam in the franchise: the first was the Mega-Mix.
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