Chickens are creatures that appear throughout select games in the Crash Bandicoot series.

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

This game was the first Crash title that Chickens appeared in. They can be found in the Medieval levels, where they flee if Crash comes too close. However, they can be defeated by shooting them with the Fruit Bazooka; they will then burst into feathers.

Crash Twinsanity


The chicken model in Twinsanity

The chickens can be found in Crash Twinsanity in the first level, where they come out of a chicken coop in fencing packed with Nitro Crates. Like the chickens that appeared in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, they will run away if Crash comes too close. Crash can chase them into the Nitro crates, causing them to explode and enables him to obtain the gem on a ledge above the coop.

They are encountered again after the player gets out of Cavern Catastrophe, in a large group on a beach. After this appearance, they can be later be found at Farmer Ernest's farm, in a flock. They are last seen in Slip Slide Icecapades, where Crash and Cortex slide into a chicken-serving restaurant, under the name Cortez, and three are standing in the back; they can be hit by being slid into, knocking them into the surrounding pit.

Crash Tag Team Racing


In Crash Tag Team Racing.

Chickens play a major role in this game and have many various appearances in the game, with two mutant chickens named Chick and Stew being main characters. In each area (except the Midway), Crash can find a chicken in a hidden location and choose a mission to collect all the chickens throughout the area, which is called a Chicken Challenge. They are seen in two Die-O-Ramas: in Poultry's Revenge, Crash puts one of these chickens into a cannon and turns around, crouches down, and plugs his ears, only to have the chicken fly out the back and turn the cannon around and shoots Crash. In Crash Cubes, Crash throws a chicken into an ice making machine and it pops out, encased in an ice cube, only to have Crash sucked in.

The chickens are seen in the intro, where Cortex, Nina and N. Gin are chasing Crash, Crunch, and Coco in cars when Coco throws two chickens behind their car and they hit Cortex. They are also seen in the ending, when Crash throws a chicken into the turbine of Cortex's spaceship, shredding it into feathers, causing the spaceship to malfunction. They are also targets in a bird-shooting mini-game, and Crash takes one out of his pocket to kill in suspended animation. In addition to this, they appear as bomb-style weapons used by the driver of a car during races. The chickens in this game bear a striking resemblance to the ones from Twinsanity, but with dotted eyes and ruffled feathers.

Crash: Mind Over Mutant

Chickens appear as exploding projectiles in this game in co-op mode while one player is in mask form and can be fired from the backpack.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

Chickens reappear in the N. Sane Trilogy remaster of the third game where they reprise the same role they had in the original version of the third game. Shooting five chickens with the Bazooka in a single level will unlock the Trigger Clicking Good achievement.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Chickens appear in the background of several tracks, such as in a cooking pot surrounded by dancing Tribesmen in Papu's Pyramid or being chased and chasing a tiger on a rope bridge in Tiger Temple. In addition, a mural depicting a chicken surrounded by 5 slots can be found in front of the entrance to Tiger Temple in The Lost Ruins hub in Adventure mode. At the start of the Neon Circus Grand Prix, a chicken named King Chicken can be unlocked as a playable character through the Adventure Mode by finding Golden Eggs hidden across the hubworlds and bringing them to the Chicken mural in the Lost Ruins hub.

Full list of appearances:

  • Crash Cove: on a large crate floating in the middle of the cove, surrounded by sharks.
  • Mystery Caves: in the third lap, a chicken is hurled down a waterfall and crashes in the water with the first two turtles.
  • Tiger Temple: being chased and chasing a tiger on rope bridges over the track.
  • Papu's Pyramid: a chicken is in a cooking pot surrounded by dancing Shield Natives next to the starting point. Another is is sitting in a school of Venus Fly Traps being taught how to snatch karts, next to the turn at the end of the highest section of the track.
  • Dingo Canyon: on a table in front of a Lumberjack Lab Assistant inside Dingo's Diner.
  • Blizzard Bluff: launched on the slide above the starting line instead of a penguin, and crashing into a wood panel.
  • Hot Air Skyway: inside the second vault near the end of the track, just before the tunnel.
  • Cortex Castle: several in suspended cages throughout the track. A large chicken is also in one of the cells atop the slope next to the long hall with two spiders.
  • Oxide Station: can be found moving in space where the first view outside is. (Can be hard to find, as it is in constant motion.)
  • Clockwork Wumpa: a large chicken is sitting among a pile Wumpa Fruits in an alcove on the right of the first moving gear hazard.
  • Hyper Spaceway: two large chickens are held separately behind laser bars near the second shortcut; one before on the upper right and one after on the left.
  • Twilight Tour: found above the "SOLD" sign at the start of the Arabian half of the track.
  • Prehistoric Playground: a huge T-Rex chicken falls from the ceiling on the second lap in the large cave before the end of the track.
  • Spyro Circuit: a chicken is standing next to a tree in the Artisans outside area, near the ramp before the end of the track.
  • Nina's Nightmare: a chicken is standing in a witch's cauldron on the right side of the track, past the ruined barn before the pumpkin forest.
  • Koala Carnival: a chicken is propulsed by a cannon right after the pyrotechnics hazard segment.
  • Gingerbread Joyride: a chicken appears like a mechanical cuckoo out of the facade of a house and crows, in the first turn of the race.



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