The Cavern level is an unused level from the first Crash Bandicoot. It takes place inside a cavern like the one in Cavern Catastrophe from Crash Twinsanity. It was one of the shortest levels in the game, but likely only because it was largely incomplete and was planned to be considerably longer.


The level is very short and has no enemies. It starts with Crash falling down a hole and heading into a cavern. There are crystals and pools of acid everywhere; however, the acid isn't programmed to hurt the player yet. Platforms from later levels, such as Cortex Power, hover over one of the pools. The level ends with a crevice that leads to the Cliff Level. The walls also hurt Crash if he touches them.




  • The level looks like the N. Brio bonus rounds, featured in some of the levels.
  • The cavern also bears a resemblance to the cavern seen at the beginning of Crash Bandicoot 2 where Cortex discovers the Crystals.
  • The acid in this level is the same as the toxic waste in Cortex Power and Toxic Waste.
  • The level had been planned to be on N. Sanity Island, as the following Cliff Level contains Wumpa Island and Cortex Island in the background.
  • If one hacks the game, it's possible to find fruit scattered across the level. The only reason it doesn't show up is because it's the prototype fruit that was cut very early into the game's development.

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