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Come onto my boat furry man, I can take you to the other place.

Capu Capu, Crash Twinsanity

Capu Capu[1] is a cut character from Crash Twinsanity.


Crash Twinsanity

Capu Capu is a member of Papu Papu's tribe and owns an N. Sanity Island tour boat that can take Crash to the Iceberg Lab or N. Sanity Island. On the boat, a minigame would have occured where Crash has to see how many piranhas jumping from the water he can spin away. It would later get revealed that the all the piranhas would end up on a small island where Crunch and Fake Crash were stranded on, and chomp away at them as they run in terror.[2]

He is still the owner of the boat that Crash rides in the finished game, but he has no model or voice, the only remnant of his character being subtitles that say "Come onto my boat furry man, I can take you to the other place." when Crash approaches the boat.



Very little information on Capu Capu is available, including his characterisation. He seems kinder compared to Papu Papu, not being aggressive towards Crash and offering to transport him across a sea for no charge. He can also be inferred to be lazy, with his concept art showing him sleeping at the front of the boat while other tribesman row the boat for him.

Physical Appearance

Capu Capu is a large man with a prominent black beard and a wide nose. He wears armbands with a jagged pattern, a vest with a similar pattern on it, a rope belt and a hat with a jewel at the front and feathers poking up at the back. His appearance hips-down is unknown due to being obscured in his only available image, and his colouration is also unknown due to the image being uncoloured.




  • A Tenth Dimension counterpart of Capu Capu known as Evil Capu Capu was planned to appear on Twinsanity Island, fulfilling the same role as his good counterpart. He and his boat were scrapped entirely, same as Capu Capu himself.
  • Capu Capu is one of the cut characters from Crash Twinsanity that appear in the game's credits in the NTSC-J version of the game. He is voiced by Iijima Hajime, who also voices Dingodile and Walrus in the game.


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