A sketch of Capu Capu

Capu Capu[1] is a cut character from Crash Twinsanity. He owns an N. Sanity Island tour boat that can take Crash to the Iceberg Lab or N. Sanity Island. He is part of Papu Papu's tribe and looks similar to him, but he has a different hairstyle, a beard and a goatee. He also has some tribesmen at his service to row his boat. He is still the owner of the boat that Crash rides in the finished game, and is the one who says "Come in my boat furry man. I will take you to the other place", but this is only seen in subtitles. On the boat, a minigame would have occured where Crash has to see how many piranhas jumping from the water he can spin away. It would later get revealed that the all the piranhas would end up on a small island where Crunch and Fake Crash were stranded on, and chomp away at them as they run in terror.[2]
Full capu capu boat concept

Full concept art of Capu Capu's boat.


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