Bye Bye Blimps Demo Glitch

Bye Bye Blimps Demo Glitch

In Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, like its predecessor, if the player leaves the controller idle while on the title screen for enough time, the game will display demonstration videos of various levels. The game will cycle through the various levels that demos were created for if this process is repeated. In Crash 3, the third demo in the cycle is of Bye Bye Blimps. Normally, pressing a button on the controller during a demo will end the demo and the game will return to the title screen. However, in this demo, if the player is holding Button triangle while the demo is loading, then the player becomes in control of Coco. Even though the player is now in control, the word "DEMO" will still be shown at the top of the screen.

Once the player is in control of Coco, there are two options. The player can finish the level and then be sent to the fourth warp room. In this case, all of the fourth warp room levels will be playable and Crash will have the first three power-ups once he steps on a button. However, since Crash will only have 1 crystal, the electric fence guarding the fourth warp room will be there and Crash will be trapped on the inside.

The other option is to pause the game and go to the warp room instead of completing Bye Bye Blimps. In this case, a new game will start and Crash will have all 5 power-ups. Using the glitch in this way acts like a cheat to start a new game with all five special powers making the game easier to complete.

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