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Bug Lite (まっクラいせき たんけんたい lit. Pitch-dark Archaeological Site Expedition Team in Japanese) is the twenty-fifth level and is the fifth and last level in the fifth warp room in Crash Bandicoot: Warped and its remake in the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

This level's name is a reference to the popular light beer brand "Bud Light".


Set in ancient Egypt at night time, Crash must make use of fireflies throughout the level to see his way to the crystal, on a path that is filled with various enemies such as crocodiles, mummies, and snakes.

Bug Lite is notable for having two gems, one is for collecting all the boxes along the main route, and the other is a multicolored gem route. In order to access the colored gem route, Crash must have previously obtained all the coloured gems in the game. The route starts on the blue gem platform which takes Crash to face a hallway laced with spears that shoot from the walls. The easiest way through here is to avoid the spotlights that trigger the darts by jumping over the holes in the floor, and carefully double jumping over the spears. The multicolored gem route is lit up, unlike most of the rest of the level.

Like Spaced Out in Cortex Strikes Back, each of the gem paths has a specific theme. The blue gem path focuses on using spotlight areas and coffin mummies. The green gem path focuses on using ground spikes and nitro crates at certain places. The purple gem path focuses on using scarab platforms and moving platforms to hinder Crash. The yellow gem path focuses on using spiked mummies to defeat Crash. The red gem path just lets Crash receive the gem with no obstacles, albeit there is an bottomless hole between the gem and the exit of the level.



Translation of Aku Aku Hints in the Japanese Version


Scan from an unofficial guide, showing this level was originally to have an iron checkpoint crate in the yellow gem path.

  • Originally, this level was going to have an iron checkpoint crate in the yellow gem path. This was most likely removed to prevent players who hadn't obtained all of the coloured gems from getting trapped on the gem route without having to quit the level.
  • This level has the second most crates in the game, beaten only by Future Frenzy.
  • Unlike the other Egyptian-themed levels in the game, the floor of the bonus round does not consist completely of iron crates.
  • The N. Sane Trilogy has a nitro crate out of bounds, which can only be broken through the Nitro Switch Crate in the level.