Brio mug

A mugshot of Nitrus Brio's face, as seen on Brio Tokens.

Brio Tokens are bonus tokens found in Crash Bandicoot and its remake in the N. Sane Trilogy bearing Doctor Nitrus Brio's face. Collecting all three of these tokens in a level will warp Crash to one of Brio's Bonus Rounds in the original game, or activate a platform near the third token which will take Crash to the Bonus Round in the remaster.

Brio's Bonus Rounds are the only type of Bonus Round not to give any reward for completion in the original game, instead existing to give the player extra lives. In the remaster, however, Brio Bonus Rounds (and every other type of Bonus Round) are mandatory to collect a level's gem. N. Brio's Bonus Rounds tend to contain many TNT Crates and ! Crate puzzles, though not as many as Cortex's. Once Crash makes it to the end of a Brio Bonus Round, Brio himself will disappear by throwing his potions onto the ground, causing a (non-damaging) explosion. Brio Tokens (and Bonus Rounds) can be found in the following levels:


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